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Top 25 Atmos Energy Corporation Interview Questions
1. The energy sector can include a lot of red tape and regulations.Are you accustomed to waiting on logistics and policy during your projects?
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List of Atmos Energy Corporation Interview Questions
  1. The energy sector can include a lot of red tape and regulations.Are you accustomed to waiting on logistics and policy during your projects?
  2. The energy sector often sees changes in regulation and policy. How do you keep up to date on changes in our industry?
  3. At Atmos Energy Corporation we seek to hire individuals with related post-secondary education. Walk me through your formal education.
  4. At Atmos Energy Corporation we put a lot of emphasis on attention to detail which some people mistake for micromanagement. How do you feel about this?
  5. In which ways do you feel that Atmos Energy Corporation stands out from industry competitors?
  6. What are your thoughts on the stance environmentalists take against some of our practices in the energy industry?
  7. At Atmos Energy Corporation we put a strong focus on health and safety. What is your experience with health and safety in the energy industry?
  8. The energy sector has many competitors. Why do you want to work for Atmos Energy Corporation?
  9. Do you have any experience in SAP?
  10. At: company: we use a variety of robust internal software programs. Do you consider yourself tech savvy and a fast learner?
  11. At Atmos Energy Corporation we like to stay ahead of our industry competitors. In your opinion, what are we doing right?
  12. What accomplishment do you believe was the most difficult for you to achieve?
  13. When have you had to think quickly in response to sudden change?
  14. Describe your three greatest accomplishments to date.
  15. Tell me about your experiences giving presentations in front of large groups.
  16. What career path interests you the most in this company?
  17. What type of work environment do you dislike working in?
  18. How do you deal with uncomfortable situations?
  19. How many days were you absent from work last year?
  20. Do people see you as a trustworthy and honest individual?
  21. How can we motivate you on the job?
  22. How do you respond to feedback?
  23. Tell me when you have delegated tasks effectively.
  24. What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager?
  25. What are your salary expectations?
  26. What are your career goals?
  27. What would you do if a client asked you about a product or service and you were unsure of the answer?
  28. Looking at your resume, I see multiple gaps between employments, what were you doing during those gaps?
  29. Tell me about your experience with team building exercises.
  30. If you were the successful candidate, how much notice would you require to give your current employer?
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Atmos Energy Corporation Information
Atmos Energy Corporation is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has been in operation since 1906 and has yearly revenues of 3.89 Billion with approximately 4,720 employees. Atmos Energy Corporation is a publicly traded company, trading under the symbol ATO. Follow Atmos Energy Corporation on Twitter at @atmosenergy. Read about the company culture, corporate mission, and discover any job openings at Atmos Energy Corporation, by visiting their Career Page. If you need help finding more information about Atmos Energy Corporation, visit their Website.
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