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Top 20 Assured Guaranty Ltd. Interview Questions

Question 1 of 20
How would you gain your team's trust?
Question 2 of 20
Describe a situation in which your work was criticized.
Question 3 of 20
How do you keep yourself up to date on recent technology and or news regarding this industry and profession?
Question 4 of 20
What hours are you custom to working?
Question 5 of 20
How would your former employer describe you?
Question 6 of 20
In what ways would you like to get more out of your personal and professional, work/life balance?

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Question 7 of 20
When being assigned a new project, what steps do you take personally, to learn the objective behind the new program?
Question 8 of 20
If you could learn any new skill that would better your job/career, what would it be?
Question 9 of 20
What has to happen for you to be motivated to work on a project? For example, is there a level of passion/interest required?
Question 10 of 20
What was your typical work week like at your current or previous job?
Question 11 of 20
When applying for jobs, why did you choose Assured Guaranty Ltd.?
Question 12 of 20
What continuous steps do you take to improve your experience and value of yourself?
Question 13 of 20
Describe the most difficult scheduling problem you have faced.
Question 14 of 20
Everyone has made some poor decisions or has done something that just did not turn out right. Has this happened to you? What happened?
Question 15 of 20
Describe the project or situation which best demonstrates your analytical abilities. What was your role?
Question 16 of 20
What part of working at Assured Guaranty Ltd., do you believe you will dislike the most?
Question 17 of 20
Why did you decide to apply at Assured Guaranty Ltd.?
Question 18 of 20
How do you expect to make a difference at Assured Guaranty Ltd.?
Question 19 of 20
Why do you think you will like working at Assured Guaranty Ltd.?
Question 20 of 20
Why should we hire you?

About Assured Guaranty Ltd.

Assured Guaranty Ltd. (AGL) is a holding company that provides, through its operating subsidiaries, credit protection products to the public finance, infrastructure and structured finance markets in the United States, as well as internationally. AGL operates in four segments: financial guaranty direct, financial guaranty reinsurance, mortgage guaranty and other. The Company primarily conducts its business, through subsidiaries located in the United States, Europe and Bermuda. AGL?s principal operating subsidiaries include Assured Guaranty Corp. (AGC), Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. (AGM), and Assured Guaranty Re Ltd. (AG Re). On July 1, 2009, the Company acquired Financial Security Assurance Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiaries from Dexia Holdings, Inc.

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