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Are you comfortable working with bio-hazardous materials?

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How to Answer: Are you comfortable working with bio-hazardous materials? For an American Red Cross Interview.

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    Are you comfortable working with bio-hazardous materials?

      Why the Interviewer Asks This Question

      Whether you are applying for a position as a manufacturing lab technician or a phlebotomist, you will likely be working in proximity to bloodborne pathogens. The interviewer wants to know that you are not only comfortable with this but also knowledgeable of sanitation and safety guidelines.

      How to Answer

      Explain your expertise in this area by noting any related experience, special certifications, and/or training that support your qualifications. Emphasize your commitment to following sanitation and safety protocols in an environment where blood is present. If you have experience drawing, packaging, processing, and/or distributing blood, be specific about the procedures you followed to meet regulatory standards.

      Isaiah's Answer

      "As an experienced phlebotomist, I have extensive experience handling and processing blood for research and testing purposes. As such, I have advanced knowledge of the appropriate procedures for safely drawing blood while simultaneously adhering to proper safety standards. Not only do I practice excellent quality control, but I also make sure I keep myself up-to-date on changing guidelines and new procedures."

      Isaiah's Answer

      "During my years in waste management, I was required to become certified in handling bio-hazardous materials on an annual basis since we were consistently exposed to it. In that time, I received HAZMAT certification to meet OSHA and EPA safety and sanitation standards. I also received my RCRA certification for treating, storing, and disposing of hazardous waste."