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How would your former employer describe you?

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    How would your former employer describe you?

      How to Answer

      You may be carefree and fun-loving with your friends on the weekends, but at work, you are focused and professional. The interviewer is interested in your personality and how you will fit with the team. As you prepare for this question, picture a few scenarios that have occurred in your current or previous position.

      One example that you may use is if you are encouraging and motivating to your co-workers when they are having a bad day. If you are struggling to think of examples, try thinking about the qualities you enjoy in a co-worker, like their flexibility, positive attitude, or their ability to lead by example, and if they are appropriately fitting for yourself, use them as your own examples.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "My last manager and I had a close relationship. She appreciated all of my efforts when it came to working overtime and taking my work home when required. I believe she would describe me as unique, reliable and energetic."

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      "My former employer maybe describes me as an available hard-worker because he appreciated all of my efforts when he assigned me some extra work or if I could help my colleagues for difficults requests. I think he would describe me as energetic, attentive to details and reliable."

      Lauren's Answer

      This is a great response! You are establishing individualized skills that can set you apart from other candidates. I assisted with minor grammatical edits.

      "My former employer would describe me as a hard-working, reliable employee. I was often asked to take on additional assignments and assist colleagues with difficult requests. My manager heavily relied on me because I had consistent energy, attentiveness, and dependability within our department."

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