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How do you manage your time?

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    How do you manage your time?

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      Without a calendar, a planner, and a to-do list, you would be running around the office with your head spinning! These tools are necessary to stay organized and focused on today's busy work environment. Give examples of some of the ways you manage your time using tools or methods that have proven to help you be more successful in your job. You could even tell them you schedule a five-minute 'sanity' break every two hours to help refresh your mind and keep you moving steadily ahead. Show off your flexibility by showing how you factor in changes into your schedule, traffic or last-minute meetings!

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I manage my time by ensuring my calendar is always up to date and that I check in with my team often, to ensure we are all running on time with our projects. Staying organized also means keeping my office and files organized, and not allowing my desktop to get too cluttered. I also use a variety of productivity apps such as Trello and Google Docs."

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      "I manage my free time and business time with PC programs and smartphone notes. At work, Excel and PC notes, are beneficial because I can administrate job's tasks, procedures of customers caring, and any requests of Team Leader or colleagues. These tools give me the chance to redefine my sets in such a way that I can be ready for last-minute work commitments."

      Lauren's Answer

      This is a great response. You are demonstrating organization in your personal and professional life. Being resourceful and reliable are great traits every Hiring Manager is looking for. I suggest adding language around some of your core strengths.

      "I consider myself a punctual, organized, and reliable individual. I utilize resources and applications to help me time manage my personal and professional lives. At work, I use Excel and PC Notes to manage my administrative duties, procedures of customer care, and requests made by Team Leaders and colleagues. I have created a great system to prioritize my day, which allows me to be ready for unforeseen or last-minute tasks and commitments."

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