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Amazon has 14 Leadership Principles. Name 3 of them and how you embody those principles.

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    Amazon has 14 Leadership Principles. Name 3 of them and how you embody those principles.

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      Amazon's leadership principles are the pillars on which Amazon stands. They visit these principles when they approach problems and tackle new ideas.

      The principles briefly are:

      1. Customer Obsession - Leaders start with the customers
      2. Ownership - Leaders are owners
      3. Invent & Simplify - Leaders expect innovation
      4. Are Right, A Lot - Leaders are right, a lot
      5. Learn & Be Curious - Leaders never stop learning
      6. Hire & Develop the Best - Leaders raise the bar
      7. Insist on the Highest Standards - Leaders have relentless standards
      8. Think Big - Leaders create bold direction
      9. Bias for Action - Leaders know that speed matters
      10. Frugality - Leaders accomplish more with less
      11. Earn Trust - Leaders treat others respectfully
      12. Deep Dive - Leaders stay connected to the details
      13. Have Backbone - Leaders respectfully challenge decisions
      14. Deliver Results - Leaders deliver, despite setbacks

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I have read through Amazon's leadership principles, and the ones that resonated with me most were earning trust, having a backbone, and delivering results. I wholeheartedly agree that a good leader will treat others respectfully, despite a difference of opinion. I am sure to see setbacks as challenges versus roadblocks. Lastly, I am unafraid to challenge a decision, respectfully, if I feel passionate about it."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I was pleased to see that Amazon has such solid leadership principles and so well laid out. Three that stood out to me the most were customer obsession, ownership, and frugality. As a former business owner, I understand the importance of working with tight resources, even if they are not. This practice can encourage a lot of creativity. Customers are everything, so being obsessed with earning their trust will always work out in your favor. Lastly, I agree that a leader should act like an owner in every single way. Long-term thinking is important, as is jumping in wherever needed rather than acting as though it's not your job. Leaders are never above a task."

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      "I was pleased to explore Amazon's 14 leadership principles. The three most related to me are Customer Obsession, Ownership, and Learn & Be Curious. Being customer-obsessed, I believe customers are the most important for the success of any company. Other than that, leaders should have Ownership. I have done so many different tasks within the different departments of the company. I believe ownership plays a vital role in learning and developing yourself. In the end, leaders are always learning new things and are curious about innovations. That's the crucial step to be successful."

      Rachelle's Answer

      This is a good start! I did notice that the part about how you embody these principles is generally missing. It seems you pivoted into giving more of an overall lesson (i.e., in the end, leaders are always learning...). Try to keep your response personal to you and your experiences. I have created a starter for you below.

      "I was pleased to explore Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles. The three most related to me are Customer Obsession, Ownership, and Learn & Be Curious. I believe customers are the most important factor in any company's success. (Describe how you exude Customer Obsession. You could include a brief story of a time when you showed this trait). When it comes to Ownership, I have shown this trait during various tasks within different departments of my company... (such as? Remember, an interviewer wants to hear measurable results and actions). I commit to continual learning, and I am curious about innovations. For instance, I...(discuss how you have displayed learning and curiosity over the recent few months)."

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