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All Children's Hospital Interview

30 Questions and Answers by Darby Faubion
Darby Faubion has been a Nurse and Allied Health Educator for over twenty years. She has clinical experience in several specialty areas including pediatrics, medical-surgical, critical care, and hospice.

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All Children's Hospital likes to recognize employees for their hard work and contributions. Have you ever received an award or recognition for a job well done?

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All Children's Hospital Interview Questions

  1. 1.

    All Children's Hospital likes to recognize employees for their hard work and contributions. Have you ever received an award or recognition for a job well done?

      While previously receiving an award or recognition is not a requirement for employment at All Children's Hospital, Inc., having received such could be an indicator to the interviewer about the type of work ethic you have. Employers do not put names in a hat to pick who to give recognition to. Those privileges are earned by dedication and hard work. Those are qualities any employer is looking for. Any recognition you have earned is worth mentioning now, but remember to be humble with your answer.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "At my last place of employment, I was honored to be chosen as employee of the month. I was so shocked because my co-workers nominated me and then voted for me to receive the award. I nominated someone else and later found out that the person I nominated nominated me!"

      Darby's Answer #2

      "I love the fact that All Children's Hospital, Inc. recognizes the efforts of its employees. Anytime someone can feel appreciated it seems to make them want to give even more effort to do a job well. I received an award for outstanding character at one of my previous places of employment. It was such an honor because at the end of the day I always want to know that I have done my job with honesty and integrity."

  2. 2.

    All Children's Hospital values experience and expertise and tries to offer compensation based upon experience. What are your thoughts regarding people in the same position having different salaries based on experience?

      Most employers do offer higher salary incentives to get more seasoned employees. This is not meant to devalue a person's knowledge or experience, but rather paying for more experience. It is important to note that the interviewer is not saying you will definitely make less than someone with more experience. Many times this question is to see how you respond and how badly you want a position. If an employee is willing to put in the work and earn the pay increase, employers often see them as someone worth investing in. This is a good time to ask what the beginning salary is and discuss options that are negotiable such as benefits and paid time off.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "I understand that years of experience are often rewarded with higher earning. I feel, given the chance to demonstrate my knowledge and skills, you will find that I am capable of doing the job as well as some of the more experienced employees. Having said that, I will not turn down an offer of employment because of a difference in pay based on my present lack of experience. With that in mind, what benefits are available for someone coming on board with your company with my resume?"

      Darby's Answer #2

      "Having worked in management before, I appreciate the fact that All Children's Hospital, Inc. likes to acknowledge those with more experience by offering a salary based on that experience. While I feel that my skills and knowledge are comparable to some of your more experienced staff, I understand that I may start a lower salary and am willing to work and prove that I can be a valued employee."

  3. 3.

    All Children's Hospital puts forth our best effort to help break barriers that interfere with patient care. Can you think of anything that may create a barrier to us being able to provide patient care to our pediatric patients, and how would you resolve the issue?

      Anything that delays the implementation of a plan of care can be a barrier. This question gives you an opportunity to show the interviewer your problem solving skills. Share your thoughts on resolving barriers to care.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "One of the most common barriers to care is the lack of patient or caregivers. Many times I have seen patients or their responsible party refuse care because they do not understand the treatment plan. I believe taking a little extra time to explain what care needs to be provided helps to alleviate anxiety for the patient/caregiver and allows the healthcare provider to complete their job effectively."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "I think that prioritizing what job needs to be done first and taking the time explain any treatment or procedure to the patient and/or caregiver will prevent delays as the plan of care is being implemented. Sometimes a simple bedside conversation can make things run much more smoothly."

  4. 4.

    One unfortunate thing that pediatric health care providers have to deal with from time to time is a child abuse case. Have you ever had to work with any cases of abuse?

      Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the United States each year and these are some of the most difficult cases for any healthcare provider. Many facilities have specific staff that handle these special cases. If you have experience with these cases, you could be an integral part of this team of specialists. Remember to show compassion when you answer this question.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "The number of children who experience abuse is so alarming. I have never worked with childhood abuse cases, but have some experience working elderly abuse cases. No matter who is abused or by home, it is such a sad tragedy."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "I have not worked the medical side of abuse cases, but I used to work at junior high school and was aware of some cases of suspected abuse while there. When those cases were brought to our attention, we had to refer them to administration who notified family services."

  5. 5.

    What do you think is a good practice for a healthcare provider to help get assigned work done in a timely manner, but with as little stress as possible?

      A day in the life of a healthcare provider can be very hectic. The interviewer wants to know how you approach these busy days and accomplish the things you need to get done. Share your thoughts.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "I think we all have different approaches to getting our jobs done. One habit I believe everyone should develop is prioritization. I like to look at all of the assignments I have for the day and, if possible, work on the ones that take the least amount of time. That way, I can complete the smaller jobs and then focus on the ones that take more time."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "Each day can bring different things. I have made a practice of reviewing all of my daily assignments and making a 'to do' list. I try to take the most serious cases and work those, then work the less critical ones."

  6. 6.

    At All Children's Hospital we strive to attract and retain a highly skilled, talented, and diverse workforce. What are your thoughts on diversity in the workplace and can you share a personal experience with diversity in the workplace?

      When going to work for a company as large as Mercy Health Systems, diversity among peers and clients should be expected. Some people are intimidated when faced with learning new cultures and beliefs, but in the healthcare industry, it is crucial to provide effective care. The interviewer wants to know that you are open to meeting and learning about new people and becoming an integral part of the team. Be positive with your response.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "The largest diverse group I worked with was probably when I did my clinical rotation at University Medical Center. I was afforded the opportunity to meet people from different cultures, religions, and professional backgrounds. It gave me an eye-opening experience of how many wonderful people there are!"

      Darby's Answer #2

      "I think diversity in the healthcare industry is essential. People from all over the world now call our country their home. I believe learning about and showing an appreciation for people from different walks of life only makes us stronger as we build upon the common bond of caring for others."

  7. 7.

    Has there ever been a time that you felt like you should have chosen a career that is not healthcare related?

      We all have days that we feel like we could have or should have done things differently. Whether it's a minor decision like a paint color or a major decision like a career choice. It's normal to wonder what things would be like if we had chosen a different path. The interviewer is not asking this question to disqualify you based on a 'yes' answer. Share your thoughts with the interviewer, honestly. If you have ever wondered if you made the right decision, share what made you stay in healthcare. There is no wrong answer.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "There have been times that I wondered what it would be like to be a teacher or a a research specialist. For me, those were just fleeting thoughts and nothing that I really wanted to pursue. I have always had a passion for patient care. At the end of the day, I can't imagine myself ever doing anything else as a career."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "Several years ago I had an experience at work that left me questioning my career choice for a while. An accident that occurred outside the hospital resulted in several patients being brought into our facility for care. There were several fatalities, including children. That incident took an emotional toll on several of us who worked that case. I took a little time and also saw the bereavement counselor at work to help me work through the emotions from that incident. I realize now that those emotions were natural and part of me questioning if I was in the right place was misplaced guilt for not being able to do more. Despite the emotional experience of that day, I really can't think of anything I would rather do other than be a healthcare provider."

  8. 8.

    All Children's Hospital values education and tries to accommodate employees who are seeking to further their education by offering flexible schedules as much as possible. If you could further your education, what specialty or sub-specialty would you choose?

      Many employers offer employer-sponsored education opportunities. Those who do not offer tuition assistance may offer flexible scheduling to accommodate an employee who is seeking higher education. Sharing your thoughts regarding any specialty/sub-specialty that you would like to learn about gives the interviewer an opportunity to know you and to see if there are any opportunities within All Children's Hospital, Inc. that may help meet your educational goals.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "Pediatrics has always been my heart and I am happy anywhere I can work with children. If I did have to choose a sub-specialty in pediatrics, it would definitely be cardiology. The heart fascinates me and being able to learn more about it while caring pediatric patients would be a dream come true for me!"

      Darby's Answer #2

      "I would definitely saw that endocrinology would be my first choice for a specialty area. If I could study pediatric endocrinology, that would be awesome. I have never questioned my decision to work in pediatrics, but being able to focus in on one specific area of study would be a great opportunity."

  9. 9.

    When you were in school preparing for your career, what was the most difficult subject for you to grasp?

      Your answer to this question is not going to give you a 'pass' or 'fail' on your interview. The interviewer is getting to know what you feel are your strengths and weaknesses. Don't be shy about sharing something you may have struggled with. Be sure to share how you overcame that weakness to become successful in the class.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "Without a doubt, college math was my most dreaded subject! I honestly think I have a mental block about math. I did pass the class with a 3.0 average, but it was not easy! I hired a tutor and spent extra time studying. In the end, it was worth it."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "In the beginning, psychology was difficult for me. It took me a while to separate my personal feelings from what I was being taught in some of the classes. I had to take some time and change my way of thinking so that I could understand where certain theories came from and why and then I was able to begin to grasp the course more clearly. Now I love psychology and enjoy studying it."

  10. 10.

    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

      Employers realize that there is life outside of work. Getting to know employees/potential employees and what interests them gives employers an opportunity to develop a relationship with them. Share what you like. Have you been to a destination you'd like to return to? Is there somewhere you've always dreamed of going? This is also an opportunity for you to get to know the employer. Ask questions to show your interest in building a relationship.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "Without a doubt, I would go to Italy! I have always wanted to travel and Italy will be one of the first places I go to once I have time to go and really experience it! Have you ever been to another country?"

      Darby's Answer #2

      "When I was younger, I went on a mission trip to Brazil. I have always wanted to return and spend time with the missionaries who are still there. I came back with such an appreciation for the opportunities and conveniences that we have here. What about you? Have you ever traveled abroad?"

  11. 11.

    All Children's Hospital offers well-child care as part of our pediatric care clinic. Part of well-child care is giving age appropriate immunizations. Have you ever been responsible for doing well-child evaluations and giving immunizations?

      Well-child care includes routine hearing and vision screenings, and immunizations. While not all pediatric healthcare providers offer well-child care, those who do must hire or train employees in the proper education regarding and administration of immunizations. Any experience you in this area or a willingness to be trained in well-child care could be a plus for you with the interviewer.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "Yes, I do have experience working with KidMed programs. I used to work in a local health unit and was responsible for well-child screenings and for providing immunizations. The fact that All Children's Hospital, Inc. offers well-child care is one of the things that attracted me to your facility."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "Until now, I have only worked pediatric critical care. Knowing that All Children's Hospital, Inc. offers well-child care is one of the things that attracted me to your facility. I realize I may have to have some training to work in the well-child area and am willing to participate in whatever training is necessary."

  12. 12.

    Here at All Children's Hospital we want to go the extra mile to help make hospital stays as comfortable as possible for children. Do you have any ideas of ways that could make a patient's stay more pleasant or comfortable?

      Being sick and/or hospitalized can be a frightening experience, especially for children. All Children's Hospital, Inc. realizes that anxiety can impede treatment and healing times and seeks to find team members who are willing to put forth the necessary effort to make children feel as comfortable as possible. If you have any ideas to help create this kind of atmosphere, share it.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "I think it is such a great thing that All Children's Hospital, Inc. wants to make children more comfortable. My experience working with children has been that children love to create things and have those things displayed. One idea of something fun would be to give pediatric patients a blank ceiling tile, allow them to paint it, and then display it along the ceiling in place of a previously blank one. With this idea, the child's art becomes a permanent part of the pediatric facility and can be enjoyed by patients and family now and in the future."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "I would love to see an activity room where children who are not contagious can meet and greet one another. I feel like when children see that others are going through something and being brave, they become brave themselves. An activity area would also give parents of the children an opportunity to develop a support system."

  13. 13.

    Do you have any previous experience working with pediatric patients?

      As a pediatric care facility, All Children's Hospital, Inc. values the expertise of those with pediatric experience. However, do not let a lack of pediatric experience be a deterrent to applying for employment here. Often times employers like to hire less experienced workers and train them. If you have pediatric experience, share it. If you do not, tell the interviewer why you are interested in this specialty area.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "I have worked with pediatric patients previously, but not in a specialty facility. I have always wanted to concentrate on pediatrics as a specialty which is why I chose to apply at All Children's Hospital, Inc.. I'd love to see what employment positions you have that would be a fit with my education and experience."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "I worked in a pediatrician's office for two years and loved it. I have wanted to make a move in my career where I can learn more skills and have more hands-on experience but stay within the pediatric realm of care."

  14. 14.

    When you meet new people, what are some things you would like for them to know/recognize about your personality?

      Personality and character are two things that are closely related. For instance, someone with an honest character or good work ethic will tend to be more open about his or her beliefs as well as personal and professional expectations. The interviewer is looking for ques as to what character you may bring to the table, so to speak. It is important to remember, body language speaks volume and eye contact is a big indicator of your self-esteem, and your self-esteem is reflected outwardly in your personality. Be confident when you answer and make eye contact with the interviewer.

      Darby's Answer #1

      "I would describe my personality as approachable, light-hearted, and positive. I like to give more than I take and pride myself on being part of a team. I always put effort into making sure that people who meet me quickly see those qualities in me and continue to see me as that type of person."

      Darby's Answer #2

      "I am a very-easy going person and love to laugh and joke. Although I know there are times to be serious and focused, I still feel like we can have a good attitude and approachable personality. I would hope that people who meet me recognize that qualities in my personality."

  15. 15.

    All Children's Hospital has volunteers who work in many areas of our facility. Have you ever been a volunteer in any healthcare setting, and if so, what was your favorite part of being a volunteer?

      Pediatric patients, when possible, like to be engaged. With this in mind, many pediatric facilities such as All Children's Hospital, Inc. recruit volunteers to participate in different activities with children and their families. While volunteering is not likely to be a requirement for employment with :company,: a willingness to give of yourself without expecting compensation tells the interviewer that you are active and willing to go the extra mile when needed. Share any experience or thoughts you have.

      Darby's Answer

      "I think utilizing volunteers with pediatric patients is a great idea. I loved volunteering with children. Some of the simplest things like coloring or working puzzles seemed to put a smile on their faces."