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Why should we not hire you?
The interviewer is hoping to hear that there is no reason to not hire you! Simply tell the interviewer that you would be a great employee, and confidently share that there is no reason to not hire you! You might wrap it up by sharing that you are customer focused, have a proven employment record, and you really love Aldi!

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we not hire you?
You should not hire me if you want to lose out on an honest hard working self motivated member of staff.
I am a friendly person and I love to have a chat with customers.
Because I am well organised, give 110% can lead from the front, I have great attention to detail, and I have great people skills.
If you don't want a successful business.
I cannot see a reason why.
External hires may not integrate well in a management position.
If you do not value hard work an dedication, then you should not hire me.
You have no reason to not hire me, I believe my qualities and characterisitcs would be an asset to the company.
Because I am an excellent worker and am very dependable. I would be a great asset to the aldi team.
You should hire me as I have years of retail and customer service and experience and good experience in a supermarket environment.
Because although I can work hard under pressure I can also work well in a team because I am a good at motivating others but I can also work well independently.
Well I think I have the right skills and abilities for this job so I would not recommend not hiring me.
YOU should not hire me if you intend on loosing a hard worker friendly honest reliable employee.
If you do not hire me the company will be losing out on a very enthusiastic, loyal and hardworking individual.
No reason at all you should I believe I am the best candidate for this job and willing to give it my all.
I will find it hard to leave dunnes stores. As I have mentioned previously im a loyal person.
You should only not hire me if you were not looking for a dedicated employee who would give 110% to make the company successful.
No reason not to hire me. Will always give 100 percent in all tasks given.
Because I will exceed your expectations with my hardworking ethic.
If you do not want to hire a hardworking, skilled and honest employee.
I believe that aldi will benefit having me on its team as I am very hard working and trustworthy individual.
If you not hire me I will apply to lidl and when I will get the job over there they would very happy to have me there doing the job 110%
I dont believe there is a reason not to. I am young, qualified, and looking to succeed.
I can be to talkative at time and it can annoy some people, most people take me the right way but some people just prefer a more quiet environment.
There is no reason why you should not hire me, I am extremely motivated and hard working - characteristics which fit your organisational culture extremely well.
I dont believe there is any reason for you not to hire me as I would make a great aldi employee.
I have had extensive experience in retail, as being a assistant manager I am very confidant that this role will suit me.
I would be an asset to the company, I am hard working dependable, a quick learner.
I can ho9nestly say I do0nt see any reason but that is down to my own confidents in my own ability.
Because you are afraid that I might not be able to handle the workload; which is not true.
Not hire me? I would not be here if I didnt think you hould hire me. If you give me the job I will prove to you that you made the right decision. I will be one of the hardest workers you have ever hired. I will nt let you down.
Because I am willing to go the extra mile for both our customers and my colleges.
If you dont like responsabal, hard work, hability peopol, then do not hire me.
There is no reason not to hire me, im determined to get this job, and I am willing to put 100% in to everything to assure I get it.
If you dont want a loyal employee, then you should not hire me.
If I am not an appropriate candidate for this job or have not got the skills required to take the company forward then you should not hire me.
I am a huge asset to any bsuiness as I am hard working and always on top of everything. At coles I receive feedback from customers and fellow workers that I am one of the best managers as I work fast I have great knowledge in everything and great team work.
I am very hard working and always give 100%. I have previous experience and a level one certificate in customer service skills. I believe these attributes would help me contribute to the store.
I think that I have the skill to work here. I want to show you that I the best candidate.
Difficult question. I cannot think of any reason why you should not hire me as I think I would fit in well with the company.
I do not see why not cause I believe I can shows my dedication, commitment and loyalty to your company.
I think I would be an asset to your company as I am a hard working and loyal individual.
You should hire me because I am highly motivated and will ensure profitability throughout my store.
I think you should hire me but if you want to know about my weakness, it is being helpful.
Because eventually I will be trying to take your job.
You should hire me as I will be a good asset to your team.
I can be pushy than it comes to meeting deadlines and keep store tidy and clean.
Not hiring you are missing out on a hard worker who is reliable and honest.
There is not a reason for you to not hire me.
Volunteer for coupel of week.
Because I am hardworking, dedicated, team player, people person, I have the ability to empathise. I enjoy being with people. I love to help people. I have experience with people from many different backgrounds.
Being only 21, you may look for someone with more experience and life experience. Someone with 20 years relevant industry experience may be more suited to the role. However, being only 21 with a stable job for the last 5 years, you can expect me to stay with your company for a longer period of time, without having to worry about retirement, injuries and becoming bored.
You should hire me because I am willing to make a contribution to the company by doing my job well.
You shouldnt not hire me, you should definately hire me and do it with full confidence in my future performance.
There is not reason to not hire me as far as I can tell our interview is going great and I feel like I have alot to offer this company.
I dont see why not I am looking for a challenging place like aldi.
There is no reason you should not hire me.
No reason not to hire me.
Why would you not hire me.
I am honest and very hard working and very trustworthy you should not hire me if you don't want that type of manager .
Why should you not hire me? The only reason I could think of is if im not what your looking for.
I am a hard worker, very efficient, punctual most of all I work well under pressure and in a team environment.
I can't see any reason to to hire me as I am a reliable person and will always be dedicated and try my best at everything I do.
I don't feel there is any reason I shouldn't be hired although I do have lack of experience but I know with training I could become a very good employee.
You should not hire me if you have a more suitable candidate for the position.
Why not? I am dependable I have all the qualifications for the position I'm a hard worker, team player, and so much more.
Well if you don't value hard work and dedication then you shouldn't hire me.
I am a reliable member of staff who is a quick learner and keen to learn more valuable skills.
There are no reasons for you not to hire me, there are many reasons why you should hire me.
As you can see by my application, I don't have retail experience. However, what I do have are excellent management and customer service skills. I am good at anything I turn my hand to. I am a very hard worker, and I like to succeed so I will not give up.
I am hard working, self motivated. Methodical, organised and I work well as part of a team and also on my own and use my initiative to get tasks completed. I am reliable, punctual, willing to learn new skills and flexible.
If I am unable to successfully fulfill my duties expected of me. Although I would hope to be able to do as I'm asked.
If you dont want to hire a person that's hardworking, trustworthy and reliable then dont hire me.
I'm very precise in my work which can sometimes cause friction in the workplace.
I am self motivated, strong work ethic and courteous so I don't know why you should not hire me.
You should hire me because I feel I could be an asset to the company.
I believe I have the relevant experience to contribute to the company success, such as problem solving skills, customer facing skills and also understand the retail business.
I have a 3 in a half years experience of cash handling and customer service. I am trilingual which come in handy. I don't back down from a challenge and never gets tired.
There is no reason to not hire me. I am positive, upbeat, I love work and the people I work with, I am easy going but hard working, and I enjoy helping others.
With my years of experience, I have learned to think for myself and my happy to share opinions on how I think things may be improved.
Because you will be missing out on a good opportunity.
There is no reason for me to not be hired in this position I feel I could be an asset. However there may be someone more qualified for the position.
If you don't hire me, you'll lose out on an academically qualified and hard working employee who puts in every effort to get the job done.
If Aldi is not looking for somebody that is hard working, trustworthy and competent then I am not the right candidate.
If you are not looking for somebody that is hard working, honest and likes to be challenged.
I don't have a lot of confidence but I am determined to help bring it out more within this job.
I am responsible, reliable and a hard worker and if thats not what you're looking for then thats why you shouldn't hire me.
Being honest no matter what the consequences are.