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Why do you think you will like working at Aldi?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you are excited about working at Aldi. Aldi is all about saving the shopper money. Tell the interviewer that you look forward to helping families save money. Recognize that you would be helping create an environment where friends and families come to shop together. Be mindful that you would be hosting a place where families will start their weekly dinners together. Be excited to share that you would get to be a part of something great by being an employee at Aldi!

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Why do you think you will like working at Aldi?
I believe I would enjoy working at aldi, because I like working with lots of different members of the pubic.
It seems a very nice enviroment to work in.
I think that the brand is very honest, espically in this climate people want to feel comfortable parting with there money and Aldi gives affordable and quality products throughout the store and when the products you know are selling quality you feel happy in yourself.
Ive heard from ex employees that its a great store to work in as long as you work hard.
Its fast moving and I know that I will never stop.
Working as part of a team, meeting targets and giving the best I can to represent the company well.
They seem to care about their employees and customers.
I like to be busy, I constantly like to be doing something and I understand the role entails you to be constantly on the go, I like to physically and mentally doing somethibng constantly.
I think I will like the quick pace and busy atmosphere, as well as my coworkers working hard alongside me, too!
Because I love working in his type of industry and I would love to work in the most popular retail store.
Because I like a challenge and I believe working at aldi I would be set many challenges.
I enjoy working with the public very much and the store products excite me.
BECAUSE I ENJOY a chalenge I AM VERY HARD WORKING NOT AFRAID OF HARD WORK . I always like something to do . Iam friendly and enjoy providing excellent customer service.
Friendly employees. Great environment and workplace.
Aldi have a very approachable culture and encourage staff to perform at their best.
I think I will get on with the team well and this opportunity does not come around everyday companies are willing to offer this with full training and I am excited to get started learn new skills and exercise my existing skills. Aldi is a very weak known and respectable company with fantastic core values and I would like to be apart of it.
The team aspect and the work ethic aspect. It also seems like the days are packed with tasks which would be a welcome challenge.
Aldi stands for respect, open communication and I want to be part of your tenured staff.
I will enjoy working in a team, helping customers and always being busy.
As stated before Aldi is a food retailer who is constantly growing and evolving. They can only get bigger and better.
Because aldi is a family business that wants to bring high quality produce at affordable prices.
Great brand with great quality products. Company cares about their employees and customers.
I like improving my skills and learning new things.
Yes. It seems there are lots of different aspects to running a supermarket at there are to running a restaurant. I love being able to juggle of the aspects. I like working in teams and leading them.
It will keep me tested and trying to be the best store around.
Because I will have an opportunity to learn and grow with a company.
Because it will be a challenge with new things to be learnt and you can progress further.
Because I like a challange and I like to keep busy.
Fast paced hard work responsibility showing initiative and sharp thinking.
I think it is an unusual job and am looking for this.
Everyone is friendly and the lines move quickly. I like working in those kinds of environments.
I have hard that you look after your staff and its a go invirament.
Based on research, aldi is known as a market leader in the supermarket industry, promoting green and having long serving staff.
I think I will like working at Aldi because I love to be around people!
Because aldi are very professional and give excellent training and encourage great staff moral and pay very attractive salaries.
Being a cashier was always my favorite part of jobs. I liked talking to others and trying to race myself.
I enjoy being nice to people, and making them happy. I feel I will be able to conrtribute a lot, which will make me feel fulfilled.
I would love working at aldi, it seems like a great, customer focused place to work.
Your company is know for having quality food, have heard all goood about company.
Aldi is a main player in the supermarket sector it would be great to get involved with staff and customers to help Aldo progress.
I like to work in a fast paced environment where I will face constant challenges and can progress my career.
I thrive in a fast paced high pressure environment. I like to be busy at all times throughout my shift.
I like the fact that Aldi strive for customer satisfaction and have good environmental ethics.
I thrive working in a busy customer based position.
Having worked in retail for fifteen years I enjoy the challenge of a fast paced working environment and want to work for a company that is leading the field in retail.
As I said a while ago. Aldi is very prestigious company in which I believe that a lot of people wanted to work here as aldi serve and provide the best quality in affordable way.
Aldi will be a new and exciting adventure for me although have never shopped at an Aldi store I have heard they are excellent to work for.
I will enjoy the opportunity to develop relationships with both the customers and other employees.
Firstly, I have spoken to many Aldi employees and they all love their job. And secondly, I like fast paced, diverse working environments and I believe this role would provide me with that.
AlDi is a great company that give great customer service. I enjoy working with people and giving a great customer experience.
I like to be busy and I like a challenge. I like the way Aldi stores are run.
Because I like a challenge I like to be on my feet and working hard, it looks like a good and profetional place to work and everyone cares about making the store the best it can be.
A new experience and an environment I would like to work in.
I have been there going on 3 years and I have loved working there. I love the company and the work place. And I see myself being with the company for a while that is why I am looking into the shift manager position.
I believe Aldi is the place that will give me a great opportunity to learn new skills.
Because I am a regular customer of Aldi. Visit twice a week to buy all my groceries which are good in quality and price. The people have very good customer service standard.
Every day will bring new challenges and new opportunities for myself and the rest of the staff to shine.
I work hard. Aldi likes hard workers, and pays them well. I like money.
It is hard work and challenging.
I am interested in this role.
I really like what Aldi is working towards in that everything they do is for the benefit of the customer and the environment that is created for the workforce - based on hardwork, giving and then being rewarded. A team environment where people work together to achieve the outcome.
I like a challenge and aldi I believe would offer this.
Because Aldi is the best bar none. Best service best products, best prices.
Its a fast paced environment and a fast growing business where there could be plenty of opportunities to climb the ladder.
Two things, I like be kept busy and enjoy versatility and particularly enjoy customer care. I think out of all the super markets that Aldi offer these within their roles.
The challenge, team work, ethics, responsibility.
I think I will like it because it seems like a challenging role, and for the fact that its such a huge company, I know I wont be doing the same thing every day.
I am looking forward to the training regime that is offered at the beginning of my employment. I am always looking to further progress myself individually, and career wise. I feel that this will give me a great opportunity for the future, perhaps allowing myself to progress within your company. I am looking forward to creating a close-nit, highly efficient team to work with. Those who I can trust and motivate, to achieve results, whilst maintaining a level of friendship.
Because Aldi for me have big history!
I will like working at Aldi because it is a fast paced environment allowing me to be able to push my work ethic further and improve my customer service skills.
Yes, I would enjoy it. I have a very strong work ethic, I am eager to learn and be the best I can be. Aldis represents that and I want to as well.
It seems like a fast paced job, you are always either serving someone or getting something done. I like to keep myself busy.
I enjoy customer service. I love solving problems and organizing. I also enjoy making people happy. Theres nothing like a satisfied smile across a customers face that lets you know you did a great job.
Beacause aldi offers equal opportunity for anyone working with them.. Aldi employs people from a wide variety of background.
I shop at Aldi every week, the staff are so friendly and helpful that I want to be part of the team.
I shop there every week and the staff are so friendly and helpful that I want to be part of the team.
I shop there and the staff are all so happy to help. My friends say I should work there as I am like an Aldi advert. Always saying how great Aldi is.
Looks like a happy work place employees do not leave once employed.
Because the general impression ive gained from friends and family is that alid treat their staff as an investment or a resource rather than as something disposable. Aldi reward their top performing staff, retain good staff and also promote staff up the ranks, and as im looking at working at aldi long term, all of these points make woking at aldi attractive to me.
Aldi looks like a well respected place to work and I feel like I can grow with in this company.
As this is a fast paced environment s will be more challenging.
The work ethic is right up my street I like to work hard and hate being idol.
Friendly atmosphere good reputation.
I enjoy working with customers and fast paced environment.
I will like working in aldi because it is a busy company and that will keep me busy ,
Because I have a lot to offer.
Something different each day, work life balance and I like the thought of cashier I thoroghly enjoyed it in the past and think this role would be great for me.
Bc I will have the chance to utilize my customer service skills while offering customer healthier eating for a lower price.
It is a popular store, with a varity of products to sell.
They are a new fresh supermarket with fresh produce and lower prices to accomodate all customers I would find it stimulating and challenging.
It is a very challenging and rewarding environment.
I love fast paced team environments, being given challenges and working with customers.
Its a great philosophy understand the goal and its stratgey.
I love that there's a bagging station and products are very affordable.
I think it would be very satisfying knowing I am a part of providing people with the best products at the lowest prices.
The people. I love people and being able to help and assist anyone I can. Everything about it just seems right for me.
I like a fast pace job and I enjoy working with others. I have always worked with customers directly and I enjoy being able to help them and put smiles on their faces.
Get to do different things everyday instead of being in one dept.
A modern work enviroment, that will complement my pre exsiting skills whilst allowing me to gain futher skills and experience.
Its a fast paced ' busy' job will keep me on my feet and as a mother of 3 that is something I am used too.
Aldi is very structured and efficient. Great team and management structure. Small team more like a family.

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