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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the other applicants?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

How to Answer

Interviewers want to hear about that one unique skill that sets you apart from the other candidates applying for this job. Think of your answer as your 'elevator pitch' or your qualifying statement. If you can't think of ways that you are unique, ask a few friends or family members what they feel sets you apart from other people. Their observations may help you understand how you are perceived.

Perhaps you already know what sets you apart! This skill could include any industry accolades, exceptional achievements, additional industry related training, a second language, or how involved you are in the community. Don't be afraid to brag about yourself a bit. In an interview, you are your most influential advocate.

Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the other applicants?
Answer example

"You should hire me because I'm qualified and passionate about your cause. I am excited about the idea of delivering value to your organization and will hustle for the opportunity to go above and beyond for your customers."

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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the other applicants?
Love a challenging role where I have a keen eye for detail, customer service, operations and sales.
I have 9 years of retail experience and enjoy working with people. I am and honest, trustworthy and reliable person who always gives my job 100% and feel that I would be an asset to the Aldi team.
Great experience working with the customers and with the team. I am a team player and I always want to achieve set goals.
I have extensive experience in customer service, I have a great work ethic, and a team player.
My maturity, my attention to detail and my organizatioal skills.
I am a diligent worker and easy person to be around.
I am very hard working, approachable, and I can use my own initiave and I am fexible.
I can not put down other candidates as I am not aware of their strengths not their weaknesses as they are not aware of mine also. However, I can say that I am a hard working individual. Albeit in an education establishment, family environment in regards to my daughter. Or in previous employment.
I am willing to learn and always give 100%
Because a have had plenty of experience on retail and most of my jobs that I had in the past have required to supervise others on daily basis.
Because I have had a previous experience while I was growing up at my parents shop and I had a course on marketing. Also I am willing to make it a career in customer services.
Because I am naturally a hardworker. I always give 100% and never stop or give in.
Experience in customer service, hard worker.
I take pride in been honest and reliable.
My past work experience and education had gear me to a position like this.
Because over the past ten years I have worked in the retail industry with, I know how challenging this role is, I my able to handle it well.
I believe my background in retail would make me an excellent candidate for this job as I have the right amount of experience to be able to use my previous positions as learning ladders while dealing with customers and work procedures such as health and safety training and stock take. While my experience is great I also take in new things and am a self starter.
I am patient, calm, organised and experienced. I have excellent leadership skills, and have worked and studied employee engagement.
I am haedworking never off eork flexable always try to do my best and push myself to do more.
I am hard working and will go out of my way to get my tasks done even if it means working on extra hours. And I am reliable.
I am a hard working, reliable and self motivated individual who will be agreat asset for the success of Aldi.
I dont feel like that, if somebody deserve this job and have more exeprience they have.
I am an enthusiastic and young individual with proven experience building and developing teams. I am experienced at training staff and possess a bachelors degree. I believe This will give me room to progress after I prove myself with results.
Although I have never held a management position by name, I think it is better that way because I can be trained to the standards of your company rather than trying to retrain someone to think in another way.
I have the experience and I know I will go the extra mile.
As I have relative experience and knowledge in the retail world.
I currently run my own business successfully. I can quickly adapt to any environment and I want to succeed.
I have studied retail in quite detail and I did a project on comparing supermarket brands and understanding their competitive edge in the UK. I have been looking for an opportunity to carry my academic experience and retail venture to a professional level.
I just generally feel like I already fir in well with the team as I am a regular customer in the shop.
My supervisory skills and willingness to learn a new skill.
Because of the 6 years experience I have. I work extremely hard with any task I take on. I dont want to think of this as just a job but as a career. I will devote my time and effort in order to ensure I exceed the expectations of my manager and ensure that he feels that he can rely on me to do my job to the absolute best of my ability.
Because I believe I can bring something different to this job role than anyone else.
My attitude, life experience and empathy for the customer.
I believe I already have the basis to work and progress in retail. I can adapt these skills accordingly to the Aldi way of doing things.
I have a track record in managing staff and have no former experience in retail which should be an advantage because I can be trained the aldi way of managing a retail store.
Aldi and I have lots in common, the biggest thing being that I firmly believe in giving customers good quality items at the lowest possible prices.
I am hard working, trustworthy, honest and customer orientated I feel that the job is suited for me.
I believe that the experience (both personal and professional) that I have accumulated in my life make me the perfect candidate for this role. My emphasis on customer service while ensuring a smooth, safe and efficient operation are exactly the blend of skills and attributes that I believe Aldi would like to see in this role.
I am better suited for this job because I see myself making a career with Aldi.
Because I know that I can do this job very well and that you will not be disappointed if you choose me for this job.
I am a hardworker, have a strong work ethic. I am enthusiastic, love a challenge and love to learn new skills. I have great people skills. I am organised and work well within a team.
As I am willing to work in a team to reach all my targets provided to me and take on as many challenges as possible.
My experience and my character. I am a perfectionist. I follow things through till the end. And I am not afraid to work.
I work with customers on a daily basis, I deal with all sorts of scenarios such as complaints, I am good with people and I understand the need to listen to what customers have to say. I am calm and collective, I can emphathise with people and resolve situaktions. I am extremely dedicated and hard working. I have good working ethics and I am conciencious. Above all I am enthusiastic and cheerful and would be an asset to your company.
I am hard working have ery little commiments outside workd so I can give this job my 110%
I am better suited because I have great work ethic, I always work hard and above and beyond even when it is not needed. I enjoy working with customers and giving exceptional customer service, I will also go out of my way to train myself about the products that aldi sells.
I have a lot of experience in cashiering and working with the public. I always have a good attitude regardless and I enjoy making work fun.
Because I am hard working with a friend bubbly personality, with having 3 kids I am use to being kept on my toes. I am use to being very busy and doing multiple tasks.
I am hard working and very approachable. I enjoy working in a busy environment and I have years of experience working in retail.
I am a hard working, honest and time conscious person. I believe I'd be a great asset to your company.
Feel very passionately about the values that Aldi has, believe that customers should be given quality goods for lowest prices.
I have experience with retail and I am good at interacting with customers.
Good work ethics on the mature side great people skills.
I believe retail is a part of my family history my grandparents have always owned and ran there own retail bussiness and my mother has always been a shop owner.
I am excited about this position and will work hard, be reliable. I enjoy a challenge.
I have plenty of experience in fast paced enviroments, in dealing with people, and I used to work a job for three years were I had to be really good at every aspect of running a store.
My strengths include excellent people skills, not afraid of hard work, reliable, approachable and honest with a friendly nature and always strives to achieve the highest standards in whatever tasks are undertaken. Good communication skills and a willingness to learn new things. I am able use my own initiative as well as to work quickly and efficiently and have an eye for attention to detail.
I dont know about the calibre of the other candidates, so I cant compare myself to them. What I do know however, it that I have the right attitude towards work. I am willling to work hard and not to give up. I found this job of my own choice, I wont actually be gaining anything from this job, jobcentre advised me against taking this job. So belive that I will be better suited to this job more than other applicants because im willing to give up more and put in more effort to make sure I get and keep this job, its a ompetative job market, and ive got my eyes set on my goal. I am honest, im open and im focused.
I have many years experience. I have a can do it attitude. Iam a positive person.
My history of dealin with customers and presentataion.
I have extensive training and experience in customer service and managment.
I am a positive team member and I love a challenge. I have years of experience.
I have more desire and drive in my heart than any other.
I love what I do, I love my team and I love the people. I go above and beyond and give it my all, if you need something done in just the person.
I am dependable im always on time I never missed a day in my past jobs as well as a team player beacuse I enjoy working with others.
My extensive customer service and money handling experience. I have my RSA so I can sell alcohol and I am hard working employee.
I feel better suited because of the experience I have. I know what it takes to make a grocery store run efficiently as well as maintaining outstanding customer service skills!
Yes, because I am mature and reliable with lots of experience.
I know l will work hard be on time. I am free to work any hours and have no child responsibilities. I want to see how much l can impress you.
Experenced in life, ran own business. Eager to do better.
Because I would be hard worker honestand reliablevery flexibl.
I am a very tasked worker, and have great customer service.
I will 100% to the company, ALDI
Beacause I have years of experience.
I don feel can be better from otherone but I want to try.
I am a hard working student who is keen to work and will try my best to do well.
As I am hardworking and always do my best too ensure that the working day runs smoothly and efficiently.
I am very reliable and mature. I know how to make a customers experience the best and ensure they will be back.
First and foremost I believe my skill set match with the requirements needed for this role, and I also bring my resourcefulness, self-motivation and problem solving skills to add value to this organization.
I have previously worked in an environment with food and customer service.
Customer service retail experience hardworking dedicated person.
I always put in 110% in everything I do, I work well independently and with others equally as much.
I am very enutsiatic person, who is really hardworking, and constantly searchign and tryign to do my best in situations I amin. Always searhcing and seeing how I can help..
I am not afraid of hardwork and enjoy a challenge.
I feel like I have the knowledge that would suit the job very well. I feel that I have good leadership qualities and that shows on special buy nights. I am a quick learner and feel you need to be a quick learner to be able to be a shift leader.
I have good experience in a demanding role in a retail company, I work well in a team and im dedicated.
I feel I would be better suited because im enthusiastic and eager to learn. I am very professional and keep calm extremely well under pressure. I am intelligent and confident, and im determined to succeed.
Because I can relate to the company logo and I already have experience with the general public.
I bring a depth of experience in working with a wide variety of people in a range of settings. From this I feel I have developed excellent communication skills whether I am training a group, developing rapport with co-workers, reporting to funders etc. As I have worked within the voluntary sector I am also well adapted to long hours, unusual work patterns and working across a range of geographical areas. So I am adaptable and dynamic and thrive in a changing situation be it staff or location.
I have great customer service and I can deal in stressful and demanding situations.
I hope I will get job . I have confidence and I am hard worker.
I have plenty of experience and am willing and keen to learn on the job. I'm hard working and keen to progress.
My experience with the general public goes along way.
Hard working self motivated and can develop my team organized and a great work ethic.
Because I have lots of experience and I have excellent customer service skills.
I can't comment on other applicants I just know that I'm hard working honest trustworthy and highly driven.
I feel as though I have the right skills to benefit the company. Had experience in similuar job roles from stocking to customer service. I'm loyal and can uphold the company standards.
I am great with customer service, dealing with stressful and demanding situations.
Because I am self driving, hardworking, punctual, honest, a good teem player and can adapt to the sitution.
Because I feel I have the right skills to benefit this company , and I'm very hard working I never scare of hard work, and also I'm loyal and punctual and my main goal is to satisfy customers needs.
Because I enjoy a challaenge, I am very hard working, I like having something to do always i'm not afraid of hard work. I am friendly and enjoy providing excellent customer service, i'm always punctual, and loyal, and flexible.
Because I can do the job I like busy environment and hard work.
I am dedicated to great service and have a passion for what I do.

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