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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have done a lot of community service in my four years of high school which involved communication, enthusiasm, and drive.
we had to sell so many phone by the end of the day and also sell so many modems so we divided the two teams one team doing phones the other modems , i sold the most phones.
Using the lets work together attitude me working the hardest. As after hours cleaning when the people responsible did not show up.
Two years ago in car detailing and it was busy day for us and we were just two pesons and I did help wi my friend in doing buff the cars and wash it for them too.
I always tray to help my team.
Earlier this morning, I was part of a 3 person team to serve the whole hospital in a timely manner.
Every day at my former company was a team effort and I was the organizer of floor plan procedures.
Every day, I am always running my shifts with lots of communication.
I went on a scavenger hunt and I had to work together with the others to figure out riddles to get to our next clue.
My old job we had to work as a team every day. As a kitchen hand, always having to ensure the kitchen is clean and the dishes are ready for the chefs as they need them. We all worked together to make sure the kitchen ran smoothly.