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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
The interviewer wants to hear that you enjoy being a part of a team and that you contribute to the success of the team. Start off by sharing the last time you contributed to a team effort. Perhaps it was a large project at work. Maybe it was on a basketball team. Or, you might have led a Girl Scout troop. All of these make great examples! Discuss how you personally made efforts to contribute to the team, and be sure to mention how successful the team was!

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User-Submitted Answers

When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
I have done a lot of community service in my four years of high school which involved communication, enthusiasm, and drive.
We had to sell so many phone by the end of the day and also sell so many modems so we divided the two teams one team doing phones the other modems, I sold the most phones.
Playing in NCAA's Elite 8, my team had to stick together through a lot of tough times and rough patches, I encouraged and challenged my teammates to be the best they could be to make our team strong mentally and physically.
One week ago I was the project manager for a house reverb.
While I was working at frys the supervisor team had to make a decision on who will take customers and who will be giving out passwords.
When I worked in Bentalls we had to do displays and moving shelves so I left what I was doing and went to help them.
At topman just before christmas we had our biggest delivery. I was in charge of it. I had delegate roles and make sure we were on track to complete it on time according to the door to floor company target. It was the quickest we ever did a delivery and we had every item processed and on the shop floor before opening time.
I am always working as a team at my current job as a dental nurse, assisting them demotivated allowing him to do his job efficiently.
A few weeks ago I had to promote my school with other students, we had to give a talk on why other students should choose our school.
I was in a team of five, where we were taking a research and we needed to finish at a certain time. As a leader I distributed responsibilities and we were able to finish by the set date.
I contribute to a team effort every shift. Most of the time in a leadership role, but also in a support role.
Last Monday when there was a shop order and I had to take it in with my colleagues and watch the shop floor for customers.
Olympic torch relay - 2 staff down and much busier than expected. organised staff as efficiently as possible, tried to lessen the impact on customers and staff by working incredibly hard whilst keeping moral high amongst the team and customer service high.
In my time at University I was apart of a make up and costume society. I was apart of the commitee under the role of Publicity Officer, as this was a brand new society, I had to build it from the ground up gaining new members and working with others on the commitee.
I am currently on a team for class. We 3 major projects due strategy, accounting and masters project.
I take my daughter to play groups were the mums all chip in to help with snacks and look after the children.
Everyday at work is a team effort! Theres only 3 of us that work at my job all together, so we have to work as a team to stock products and prepare foods for the customers, as well as keep the store clean.
In my work placement and I was having to help out with looking after the children and helping when they was having their lunch.
Working for a tolling company to achieve a high demand of data processing to be done in a KPI criteria. Tried to keep everyone motivated and happy while continuing to work hard and offer my assistance and experience where necessary.
The last time was when we moved house and my Grampy and I were ludging furniture around and trying to build ikea furniture, I was the nail finder and the wood finder while my grandparents banged it togethet.
I have done a lot of community work in four years of high schools going to elderly homes things like that witch involved communication enthusiasm and drive.
The cashiers were understaffed. And being a cashier as my first position in Sears, I volunteered my time to help the cashiers out when they needed it.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was last week. I was loading an export container with a work colleague. Something I do on a daily basis.
Contribute to a team effort daily in my current role I take on the role of doing the desk checks and sorting the shared mailbox to ensure everyone has an even and controllable work load to get thought the day. I also danced in Blackpool ballroom last week as part of a team and we did very well.
Finishing the store every night. I ensure that it is not a team of individuals performing individual tasks, I ensure its a team effort.
I work as part of a team everyday. At the end of the day we all have are different tasks to complete before leaving the store for the day and if someone gets behind we all help each other out.
I contribute all the time, most recently however was when Missy (a co-worker) and I had to help a long line of customers during our rush hour while also having to bake, and prepare for the next day.
Jazz weekend in the bar, 9 staff and everyone knew there roles behind the bar and it worked like a dream. It was so busy a plan was needed and it worked.
On a daily basis serving customers requires a team effort as there a several jobs that need completing at once.
My last team effort was with my previous employer we worked in a tight knit team in the factory making sure to keep up with demands and everyone working as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Using the lets work together attitude me working the hardest. As after hours cleaning when the people responsible did not show up.
In my job I have to be a team player has I do what ever my staff do to help them out.
Cleaning the restaurant, I was the opps leader and I not only assisted but also deligated tasks.
Regularly as it is my job to do so in the bar as a bar manager and a bar man.
Currently, we are low on employees at Malibu so I have offered to take longer shifts and pick up others.
I was responsible for leading a team opening a new bar organizing all aspects including decor stock entertainment etc.
Stocking out a grocery truck with my crew we were short handed. I was in charge and lead the way.
Well I acutally I was a leader for this group for this church program. And basically I had to help with their life of faith. ANd just see how they were doing in general. SO everyday I would just try to check up on them and see how they were.
Always at work, I enjoy working in a team and get a lot of satisfaction from it.
At Golden Corral being a trainer to new employees.
In my current role at next,I took part in group sessions regarding health and safety on a new site.
I went on a scavenger hunt and I had to work together with the others to figure out riddles to get to our next clue.
I play right back for my football team and am captian.
At target when we did a big mark down of the store, my role was to put discount stickers on all the home wear items that were discounted. If each person did there section then the whole store would get done quickly.
I am the captain of a dodgeball team, and our grand final is this Thursday night. We won our semi-final on thursday night at 18 points to 3. But I work weekly in a team, and I hold a fairly important role. Team captain in dodgeball, umpire in hockey.
Lab work, helping with experiment.
In Arvato where I helped, train new people.
I was part of the team that trained our source team in India I was in charge of the quality control.
Two year ago, was volunteer in ealing hospital.
Champollion software sales at Diebold. I was very successfull at it.
I work in a team every day, if the till is busy then I jump on, if theres something on the floor I pick it up.
Recently my manager had to go for a full day meeting and on his way out gave me a pile of urgent work and asked me to ask everybody to help get it done that day. I looked through and split the work and quickly called a meting. I suggested that we all quickly thought of our strengths and then took a pile which we could then do quickly. Thankfully this worked out perfect and we all finished the work on time.
Organiser in team building.
Earlier this morning, I was part of a 3 person team to serve the whole hospital in a timely manner.
Every day, I am always running my shifts with lots of communication.
At work, a new manager held the OHS meeting. I assisted in co-hosting the meeting, and ensuring it ran smoothly and to the time deadline. I kept the conversations concise and recorded relevant information.
One mounth ago, quickly and properly replenishment of stock.
I volunteered for a body and soul festival and my role was to give exceptional customer service to the people attending the event from the moment they walked in to the moment they left. I also helped my co-workers to set up and pack up at the start and the end of the day.
My old job we had to work as a team every day. As a kitchen hand, always having to ensure the kitchen is clean and the dishes are ready for the chefs as they need them. We all worked together to make sure the kitchen ran smoothly.
At work. My role is to take orders in first lane, cash out all orders, and wash dishes. Without my co-workers I would have no one to make the food, bag the food, and hand the food to the customer, making sure all their need are met. Visversa.
When there was delivery at my parents store and I helped in packing the goods on the shelves.
A few months was volunteers week. We organised a Fun Day. My role was to recruit new volunteers and tell people about the different kinds of volunteer roles available and the rewards that are gained form volunteering.
During the redundancy phase at Sanofi (current employer) we (the shift management) helped our staff with interview and job search I spent a lot of time writing CVs for our workers.
We created and presented a promotional campagin for a product. My role was researcher, so my responsiblity was to find all the information required by the other members of the group to use and further develop the camplaign.
Now for example, we are having a up selling competition and I I hold a team meeting everytime I work to get the employees involved and excited.
Working at a club in the gaming team.
Just yesterday, took all staff members out to bowling and dinner for 2 staff members birthday.
In a team of 20+ to clear out and strip a church building ready for refurbishment I was in charge of a 5 man team removing and soring the pews.
On a mc to get job completed on time my role was packing.
In my current job all the team members work as a team. My role has been many things from checkin, pre-check, mat cutting, filleting, fitting, shadowbox and QC
Off loading container of milk with co worker.
In my current work in the hospitality industry. My last role is Gaming/Bar Attendant and we work as a team each shift to get the job done.
I always tray to help my team.
Everyday I contribute to team work my role is to work with my team to achieve the end result.
In mornings at Sapol one person is responsible for entering new arrest files for court the same morning. Often I help that person if there are too many for that person to enter on time.
One day over the week-end it was really busy on retail, so I ran for my staff. I was getting the food for them so they could serve on the tills. It was team work and the queues went down quicker.
Last week. We were condensing the Christmas candy. I was putting items next to each other that were similar.
Every day at my former company was a team effort and I was the organizer of floor plan procedures.
When I worked at MacDonald's, I worked as a crew member. This meant that I had to communicate with fellow workers in order to prepare, cook and serve food for customers.
I lead a team of 16 admin supports and 42 remote home-visitors and oversee every aspect of the job.
I am currently contributing to a team by keeping our percentages of interviews up at the level required in order to have a survey that results can be drawn from. My role is to get as many houses recruited as possible into the survey.
Hands on in restocking one of our venues with new furniture.
I helped a fellow student clean a resident and make beds.
We constantly work in a team on the garden department . The work is very heavy and it takes two people to lift many of the products safely . We also use Wilkie stacker trucks, one person has to use the stacking machine and two people need to safety spot to make sure no one gets injured. I am usually using the machinery.
Team work is daily in fmcg, from ordering stock to checking stock in goods in and checkouts or sales functons.
In my last job we all worked as a team, my role was to provide customer service.
Two years ago in car detailing and it was busy day for us and we were just two pesons and I did help wi my friend in doing buff the cars and wash it for them too.
Whilst scouting in Japan, there was a group who were required to make dinner for 40 plus people. We each assigned roles, mine was food preparation and handing out the correct proportion to people. All of us managed to complete this task in the time frame.
As myself and my partner are both stay at home parents we work as a team every day, weather its bathing the kids, making dinner, ect everything we do is as a team.
The last time that I have contributed to a team effort was when I was in HHA, a student club for us Hmong kids, we were trying to fundraise for our club by hosting a flag football event. And my role was to help clean up the garbages that were left behind out on the fields.
I worked for a charity to raise money for children.
In my current role we would take on large wedding cakes for travellers with multi tiers the largest being 38 tiers. We needed to work as a team in order to complete this task in a week in order to keep the product fresh. As part of the team my role was ordering in the supplies and making sure the decorators had all appropriate equipment. I hard to be organised and efficient in order to achieve this.
Being a very hectic and busy day at the Post Office we all worked together and as a part of a team to make to the day go very smoothly, we were able to help each other out if needed.
Expecting staff to work like myself. Some people struggle physically, whilst others do not have the mental capacity to cope with more than what is expected of them.
When I was in school I was in a program called TRIZ and we had to come up with a concept and my role was researcher.
I haven't been a team leader before but if I was given the opportunity I would give it my best effort.
Recently we moved a section of the store from the ground to the top. I helped with the manual work and then took the lead in the remerchandising on the top floor.
Last Week, We had a Science Project. So I invite my team-mate to my house after we completed I was the last one going over every detail and so everything would work as we planned.
On Sunday when on my Christian ministry. Our congregation is divided into group and we are given territory. As a team we work to speak to as many householders in that territory as possible. I might do rural paths, steps etc where it may be harder for older ones or those with prams.
When we converted the seasonal section from Christmas to Valentines day and I coordinated the process as well worked on the floor myself.
I was a member of a fire brigade in my home town before coming to ireland. We competed in a water ball competition. My roll was point man. Aiming the nozzle to guide the flow to push the ball.
A few months ago when I trained a new starters, Imanaged them.
I worked for a non-profit organization and lead a team of volunteers to run a course for educating senior citizens in the use of computer and internet.
Giving out to the needy and my role was the CEO of my team.
At my last job, I had worked in the product assembly area for ice cream. This area had three people working in it that all had different roles in the product assembly. My role as the crew trainer and supervisor was to ensure that the product was being made correctly and given to the customer according to the standards.