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What makes our stores unique compared to other food markets?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

Start off by telling the interviewer that you need to have a quarter to get a shopping cart at Aldi! Aldi is unique in a variety of ways. You might also share:

- Compared to other grocery stores in the United States, the stores are much smaller.
- You need to bring your own shopping bags, or take cardboard from the aisles to use.
- There are typically only 1-2 checkout lanes open on an average day.
- The store is only open during busy shopping hours to keep its labor costs down.

Be prepared to list 3-4 things that make Aldi unique!

View user-submitted Answers

What makes our stores unique compared to other food markets?
They have a hole different range of food that other supermarkets dont have there quite cheap also.
Best product at best price, turn around at checkouts are fast, Competent and friendly staff, weekly specials, supports Irish food products and have won awards.
Aldi has the same basic layout in all their stores, It offers cheaper prices, better staff wages, Special buys wice weekly and offers more of a variety in foreign foods.
I honestly like the pay rate and the way the store is set out.
Own brands, memebers of staff work extra hard as they have to multi task, cheaper product, simple.
Aldi has revolutionised the retail sector in Ireland. Your stores all have the same general outline, and goods don't get swaped around. Your employees are paid above that of their counterparts in other grocery chains because they are expected to do more. Aldi does not advertise extensively like other stores. All of this means Aldi can pass on incredible savings to their customers.
I am very impress that by the business model to prevent missing carts by entering a quarter for use.
Simply but effective, the food is delicious and is presented well.
The ability to supply quality product at a cheaper price point.
Extremely low prices for the quality of the food you offer.
I think at aldi the deals are very good and with other markets its hard for them to compare to you.
Cheaper more efficient customer satisfaction based.
Aldi provides high quality at have the cost of its competitors as well as delivering excellent customer service in a demanding retail environment.
The layout does not change every few weeks so the customer is not confused as to where the products are. The prices are affordable for more people therefore more customers frequent the stores.
I believe nobody else can offer the quality verses price any better and this is why Aldi win the awards they do today.
Quick efficient service and great value for money.
Efficient and friendly service combined with great value for money.
No price tags, only signs.. A few choices on most trucks.
Shopping carts are returned. Customers use boxes or bring their own bags which helps the environment. Fast checkout.
Instead of bagging your groceries, you simply have them boxed!
No frills all stores laid out exactly the same special offer items every week checkouts have much longer belts and are therefore much faster.
No bagging; Quarters in carts. Merchandising in stacks as apposed to gondolas.
Fantastic low price, great quality. Not too much choice of same lines, easy parking, not much fancy pakaging.
The layouts are kept simple and you dont move things around as much which is less confusing for customers. The till service is always quick and efficient which makes a big difference for a lot of people when shopping, no one likes a queue.
There are many unique things that aldi does that other grocers do not. From the environmentally friendly refrigeration to the bagless check outs.
The fact that their design, and whole function is unique. Other stores are the same as all the other stores. Aldi is completely different in their design, and it works.
Care about your customers, employees and suppliers.
Aldi does not compromise quality over price.
Quality/Price and speed of checkout.
Staff efficiency, price and range.
Aldi operate on everyday low prices unlike other supermarkets that operate on buy one take one offers.
A lot of the Aldi stores seem to be easy to get to no need for a car they seem close to houses.
This store is a store that I shop at, it cares about its customers.
Its unique because aldi sells a wide range of products compared to other supermarkets.
Ithas everything that any home would want or need and more. Also affordable.
Aldi experience, great value for money and excellent customer service.
The special items that come and go through stock. For instance occasionally I have seen you stock guitar effects pedals, and snow gear.
Everything you need is at Aldi.
Value for money and no buy 2 get 1 free gimicks.
The simplified layouts and clear labelling of produce.
Aldi is the biggest growing company in the world who offer very high quality food for low prices.
Strong focus on high quality products at a low price.
The low prices and the friendly staff.
Dedication to customer service.
Friendly and helpful staff low prices.
Good quallity of products.
Rates are cheaper than other, staff is very generous. Itom presentation is good.
They have won a lot of awards compared to other supermarkets and love to make customers and staff feel comfortable.
Limited items, low prices.
Aldi is the leading discount chain store that puts their customer first. They focus on quality, not quantity, by providing customers with own brand products to ensure they get more for less.
Not far from hause, low priaces.
Low competitive prices, for high quality products, and seasonal products for sale.
Aldi is made unique as they have their own twist on many products, they also have lower prices giving them an edge.
Aldi is made unique as they have their own twist on many products, they also have lower prices giving them an edge.
Cheapness, special buys, stock, quality, double guarantee.
Aldi offers high quality product at cost efficient prices!
A varied range of good quality products at a discount price, somewhich you wouldn't find in other food markets, packaging is used for display purposes instore.
It is unique as it is privately owned by 2 brothers.
Its new in wa. So people may get many things in lower price and in good quality as aldi has in rest of australia.
Good quality products, competitive prices.
Evident its geared towards all social circles, students, households, assylum seekers and price discount is very visible.
Competitive Prices and great Quality. Products are sourced locally as best where you can.
The aldi store I have been in always aims to please. Associates are always with a smile and very friendly, the store is clean and well organized that's not something you can say about a lot of grocery stores.
Good quality food for the lowest cost, bringing your own bag, renting carts, having top brands for the lowest price.
They deliver quality products at the lowest price.
That Aldi can supply high quality products at cheaper price point.
High standard quality food at a low reasonable price.
By having high quality products at a cheaper price point.
1400 grocery and household products compared to over 20000 in other food markets, smaller store footprint, products are exclusive to Aldi, no free shopping bags, coin return shopping trollies, packaging doubles as displays, battery recycling with planet ark.
Aldi offers great quality at the best price, fair and honest product offers and an efficient business processes.
Aldi has awesome prices that I know customers love to come and shop here because their prices beat larger grocery stores sale prices. And not only that Aldi have low prices but the products quality are just as good as larger grocery stores.
Aldi pride themselves on top quality product and customer service at the keenest prices.
Aldi's low prices and unique brands. You can buy all your groceries plus a dryer or washing machine, lawn mower plus many more items all in the one store. And I always find that all Aldi stores have a ample car parking.
Aldi brands are made of the same or even higher quality than normal brands and are backed my guarantees . Low cheap prices compared to other supermarkets .
The with rate of the staff amazes me, I don't see as much passion for work at places such as tesco or morrisons.
The way the stock is presented on mini pallets which makes the task of restocking fast and efficient, the way the store is layed out and finally the value for money.
They are great value, no nonsense and make shopping quick and easy.
Basic store layout, big shop floor space for customers to move around, Sell bursts of unusual items.
I think what it unique is the team work and the dedication towards the environment and the employees. You always provide a challenge and goal, and you don't give up until you reach that goal. I do know that you won the supermarket of the year award for two years in a row which makes you stands out among your competitors.
Aldi is about 90% private labeled so you wont see all the name brands like at say Walmart or Korger and the prices are amazingly low compared to others. Aldi requires a quarter deposit for their carts to insure that all the carts are put back where they go so there is no need to hire someone for that job.
Variety of products, consistent quality and a pleasant easy shopping experience.
You are responsible with your bag and you have to rent your cart.
The ever changing stock new things in often gives customers the best opportunity to purchase many things at excellent prices.
Excellent customer service and a wide variety of produce.
Aldi cares for their customers and wants to give people value for money.
The fact that you know you are getting quality groceries at much lower prices than other stores. I think that some of the supermarkets have too much choice that baffles the customer, surely if you have faith in the products that you are selling there is no need to sell hundreds of the same item but different brands.
We sell only own brand produce and stock only 1500 different products making our store easier to navigate.

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