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What is your favorite item to purchase at Aldi because of its low price compared to competitors?
Does the low priced coconut oil make you happy? Do you like the money you save each week buying eggs at Aldi? Perhaps it's the savings on gourmet cheeses. Whatever your favorite item to save on is, now is the time to share it!

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your favorite item to purchase at Aldi because of its low price compared to competitors?
Food in general, It taste nice and is usually half the price compared to other stores.
I have never shopped at Aldi.
The fruit and vegetables. They're more fresh and almost completely all australian.
Any of the products Aldi sell as all the products I have purchased in the past form Aldi have been of the highest quality and are always reasonably priced.
I buy a lot of coffee from aldi, and also the fruit and veg are cheap... Oh and eggs.
My favourite item is the pot noodles because its good value for what you get for it.
Groceries because its value for money.
I love pecan nuts and they are at a great price at just over 1.50. In other grocery stores they can be anything from 2.50 to 5.00!
The fruit and veg is extremely low compared to competitors.
Washing powder and liquid, its the equivalent or better then other leading brands. We dont buy it that often because it lasts us a fairly long time. My clothes and plates come up sparkling.
Bread, the chicken boxes and milk and also the food for my little boy.
I like to purchase toilet rolls because they are cheaper and softer.
The chocolate, I love cheap chocolate and a aldi I found many that I enjoyed.
There are a number of items including salmon, chicken breast and soya milk.
Products such as cheese chocolates wine and snack foods.
I like the drinks. They taste great for all the family and they are much cheaper than other stores.
Produce, it is so fresh and the savings are great!
Peppercorn sauce its lovely great taste cheaper price.
The batteries. I know! Such a random answer. But my first visit to the store was actually just out of curiosity, and I saw a pack of batteries, and the price was unbelievable.
Cheese as not only is it better priced its locally sourced and tastes great...
Always find the fruit and vegetables, normally whatever the super six is that week are always the best value and quality around.
The twice weekly non food promotions constantly have me looking for an aldi leaflet every week. The diy tools are usually my indulgence. Regularly the 1ltr low fat milk and the 1ltr smoothie are on my list as they are well priced and good quality. The super six fruit and veg offer is a regular shopping item of mine also.
I find the meat extremely good value and very tasty.
The Lasagna its amazing and I could not make a batch at home for that low price.
I recently purchased a slow rice cooker. I found it was a lot cheaper than any other competitors.
Chocolate...I love the great range of products that you have at Aldi. I can buy between 2-3 bars from Aldi for what id pay for 1 bar from another supermarket. I love the chocolate and hazelnut bar you do.
There are so many great products at Aldi which are so much cheaper than other supermarkets. I love the great value at Aldi and how much you can save compared to other supermarkets. Take for instance your chocolate and hazelnut bar I can buy between 2-3 bars in Aldi for the price of 1 in another supermarket.
Chocolate...I love the chocolate bar with the hazelnuts in and I can buy 2-3 bars from Aldi for what id pay for 1 in another supermarket.
I find that the fruit and veg at Aldi is very good because although it is priced lower than many other supermarkets it is still very fresh and tastes good.
Meat and poultry usually, the price is too cheap to ignore.
Food overall. Great quality and value for money is way ahead of competitors.
The item I always like buying at aldi whenever I get to go to the shop is honey, I think is of a very good quality and excellent price.
Thats a tough question, theres so much in aldi thats my favorite. I love the chocolate spread, the curly fries, the meat is of a high quality and delicious. All the products are amazing and of high quality.
Any of the fruit and veg. I am a sporty person and consider myself to have a good diet. So eating fresh fruit and veg everyday is important to me. I find the value great with the super six offer that you do.
My favorite item to purchase from aldi would have too be the four cheese tortellini. You just cant beat the price and they taste amazing.
Orange juice - tastes nicer and cheaper to other leading supermarkets.
Groceries in general as I average price per basket is much lower than say Coles or Woolworths. More value for money.
I think everything is generally better priced at aldi store but if I were to pick one item it would be its various appliances.
Pizzas not just because of the low prices but because they taste just as nice.
Confectionary and chocolate. I do like to treat myslef every now and then, and those 1$ block are so good and are cheap compared to the $4-$5 blocks at coles or woolies.
I love the lacura skin care range and its excellent quality that you would usually spend well over $20 let alone $8
All products are of good quality and value for price.
I enjoy the energy drinks as its half price compared to the energy drinks at Coles.
Cookies and trail mix. But the most important purchase for me is the milk. Walmart sell the milk at 3.55. Aldi has the milk at 2.52. I need to by 3 gallon per week because my kids and my husband drink a lot of milk.
The nacho cheese tortillas. I am addicted to them and the pastries.
I love many different type of cheeses, mostly swiss, mozzarella, provolone, and brie. However, when looking at the price of those type of cheeses in other stores, they are quite expensive. At Aldi, I am able to purchase not just one, but more cheeses compared to what I can buy in other stores.
Fresh produce, because it is so fresh and savings are great.
My favorite item to buy from Aldi is the drum stick chicken pieces because its already cooked so I can instantly eat it without preparation and that it comes in different flavors so I have a variety to choose from.
Ground beef, ground turkey and frozen chicken breast.
Fresh fruit and vegetables. It is the best quality for the best price.
Warburtons bread is my favourite item to purchase at Adli because it is 49p cheaper that at Morrisons.
Warburtons bread because I know it is 50p cheaper than Morrisons.
My favourite item to purchase at Aldi that is milk and snacks. It's not only because of low price but it's also because of the quality and the taste better as well.
Fresh meat, I find it to be very good quality and substantially cheaper than rival supermarkets.
Meet because you get a lot more value at aldi then anywhere else and there prices and great for the value witch is outstanding.
I would love to purchase grocery and house hold items.
I love purchasing the fruits, it's freshness and price compare to no other.
My favourite item from the Aldi stores is either the pain au chocolate's or the fruit available. Considering the really low price on the fruit and other goods, they are much higher quality in comparison to supermarkets like Morrisons.
Produce, because it is fresh and the savings are great.
The french ham. It is extremely tasty, and you get twice as much at Aldi for a similar price to other supermarkets.
Oh, Since I didnt buy anything in the last 3 years, (because here is no ALDI) I dont know. But I remember, I loved buy meat in ALdi.
At the moment it is the Ocean Rise Flavoured Salmon, it s more that 50% cheaper to other supermarkets.
With so many to choose from id say Chocolate digestives. It not only tastes great but it's cheaper compared to every other brand I've tried.
The fresh fruit and vegetables at Aldi are my favourite item. They offer great quality and value compared to those of competitors.
I like the snack noodle because I feel it has a better quality and price.
There is so many to choose! from the fruit and veg to the frozen, dairy and ready meals all of top quality and at a fantastic price.
Produce, usually bananas and green peppers.
Cook in the bag chicken. Low price, easy to cook and delicious.
My favorite item is multivitamins juice drink, it pack with full goodies not only the price is affordable but also the quality is great.
There are several items. Most of all Avocados.
Raw meats are often dear, but I find the breakfast meat products, such as sausages and rashers are very cheap even compared to other shop brands let alone the expensive branded products.
Mince meat €4 for one pound of mince is great.
There are far too many to mention as I like Aldi as a grocer and with the ranges of foods becoming larger it is now possible to do all of your shopping at the store.