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What do you know about Aldi?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

How to Answer

As with any job interview, we recommend that you visit the company's website before arriving at the meeting to learn a few critical things about the company such as its history, mission, vision, and current events.

Start off by sharing that you know Aldi is all about saving families money. You might share that Aldi uses quarters to keep carts neatly in front of the store saving labor costs. You might share that Aldi does not offer shopping bags for free to save costs. You might share that Aldi is only open during favorite shopping hours to keep labor costs down. You might share that Aldi has terrific quality in-season produce offered at low prices featuring their 'Pick of the Week' options. Be prepared to list off 5-6 facts that you know about Aldi when the interviewer asks!

What do you know about Aldi?
Answer example

"I know that Aldi was first started in Germany by two brothers, in the 1940's. It is now one of the largest discount supermarkets, boasting over 10,000 locations across various countries. What I appreciate most about Aldi are the cost-saving efforts your organization takes to pass the savings along to your loyal customers. I look forward to joining such a socially conscious organization."

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What do you know about Aldi?
I know that Aldi tries its best to be able to keep prices low for its customers, while still offering top quality products.
It is a big food chain store.
I shop in Aldi every week so know their products and know they are a good company to work for with great opportunites.
I have shopped and know that it pays well but expectations are high. There is advancement if you are willing to work hard.
I know they are a sustainable company, one who supports many charities.
They focus on simplicity, consistency and responsibility.
One of the biggest retailers in the country with great brand. Company who cares about their employees and their customers.
I know that this is the best grocery store one of the few stores that has affordable prices.
Opened 1914 by anna albrecht in essen germany. 1948, sons took over expanded 4 locations. 1954, first self service store opened, first for germany. 1962, albrecht discounts shortened to Aldi 1967, more than 200 stores 1976, Aldi debut in souther Iowa 1990, Aldi opened its first store in Great Britain 1999, first store in Ireland 2001, Autralia 2005, Slovenia 2008, Hungary, Connecticut, Florida 2010, texas 2011, Georgia Future plans for growth are to expand within american states and open more stores Aldi promotes from within and has year long training for all executives.
It was foundered in 1913 -14 by a Anna albrecht in 1948 her two son took over the business 1962 albrecht discount was shortened to Aldi first store was opened in Sydney in 2001 theo was kidnapped in 1971 for 17 days a ransom of 7 million mark about 3 million dollars was paid the bother had a fallout over whether to sell cigarettes over 5000 store world wide Karl died a age 94 and theo died aged 88
Family business that originated in Germany and has been in UK for approx 25 years.
I know that Aldi is renowned for providing excellent customer service and product quality in each and every store while focusing on keeping costs competitive. From an employee point of view I am fully aware of just how wonderfully they are cared for, the benefits they receive and the ongoing development they are provided in order to help the grow as employees and develop their careers, but also continually provide customers with the service Aldi is renowned for providing.
Aldi operate on everyday low prices and products are always fresh.
I know Aldi is a leading global food chain store that is based in Germany in 1913 and was taken over by the albrecht brothers from their mother and now has over 9,000 stores worldwide.
That you guys are its own brand and that you guys are always the place to go when in need of food shopping.
Its a global discount supermarket with over 9000 stores in 18 different countries, with an annual turnover of 50billion Euros, Originated in Germany.
Operating 50 years started in Germany 7000 stores started In Aus 2001 400 stores here now.
Good value for money good brands clean and tidy stores well lay out.
A large corporate store that offers standard store brand products and sales on brand name products.
Owned by brothers, over 9000 stores in 18 countries, originates from mothers store in 1913
It was started in 1930s by 2 brothers in Germany, the shop was given to them by their father.
I know that it is a fast growing company which emphasises on its effiency and quality. Having exclusive brands is an example.
It is a grocery store that offers quality produce at lower prices.
It is a growing store with low prices.
Started by a German gentleman who died recently. Aldi stands for his family name of AL and the DI stands for discount.
First store opened in 1913 as a family discount supermarket, nearly 10000 in 8 countries, 50bn euro estimated turnover.
ALDI is a competitor to Coles and Woolworths. You market yourselves excellently well, by only choosing to sell products of the highest quality at the lowest prices. You are focused on being as efficient as possible, which fits in nicely with my own personal core values. You are opening stores periodically throughout SA and Australia, and are firmly showing your competitiveness with the two super brands.
Aldi is the fastest growing discount retailer in the uk. It believes in quality, non branded products at a fair price. It pays staff well, and expects hard work from them.
Its a fast growing chain.
I know that Aldi's carts, customers would have to insert a quarter in the cart and you'll get it back by putting your own cart away, and this helps keep Aldi's prices low because then Aldi wont spend time retrieving carts. Also, I know that Aldi only sells the most common purchased grocery items, which are of high-quality brands.
Aldi is a big supermarket brand which competes on low cost and good food quality.
I know it is a german company and has recently won best supermarket by which 2 years in a row.
That its been in the uk form 1990 and there are over 1300 stores that you have won best wichs aeord and meany more goold and siver and that aldi come form too sons that take over ther mums store in amricer.
Aldi is store of Germoney very fast serving.
Its been voted fresh produce, floral retailer and international retailer of the year in 2015
Good quality, low priced food and drink, sometimes sells bargains such as alrm clocks or trainers.
It is a German supermarket chain that is also called Lidl that is highly regarded in all the countries in which it operates. It pays above average wages and expects delivery from all its employees in return. Employees are happy to be associated with the chain.
German retail group, over 9000 stores worldwide, supports local suppliers in the countries they operate in, mostly sell grocery but also have various hardware goods.
One of the biggest privately owned businesses based in Germany.
Formed in 1946,9000 stores in 18 countries, founded by Karl and theo albrecht, turnover 50billion Matthew Barnes uk ceo.
They originated in Germany good rates of pay have 40% of the food market.
Leading global discount supermarket with stores in 18 countries, founded in 1946 by Karl and Theo Albrecht they took over their fathers store in Essen, subsequently split into two part Aldi Nud/Sud due to a dispute over selling cigarattes.
It a good place to work and it is a winner in retail.
It was founded in 1946 by aldi nord and aldi sud.
Aldi is very convenient for every one .
Aldi is a market leader in excellent quality at affordable prices. The company has won awards from various organisations such as Which? and has a market share of about 10%
Aldi is extremely cheap compared to other retailers and is fast becoming one the best retailers.
I know it's a German company, and the sister company to Lidl, as their co-founders are brothers. Both have had great global success.
I know that Aldi is primarily a grocery store in Germany, but there are also a lot of Aldi stores in the United States. I know that your prices are considerably lower than that of other grocery stores because you keep your stores small to avoid large electric and rent bills, you do not accept credit card payments because they cost too much to process, and you allow customers to use their own grocery bags or purchase reusable ones.
Aldi originally opened its doors in Germany in 1914 and in the united states in 1976 in southeastern iowa. With over 1300 stores in the united states.
That the food is very good and there are a lot of great deals here at aldi.
All I know is Aldi products come from Germany.
I know its a German store founded in 1913. In 1954 was celebrated for its 50th store opening in Germany. Australia opened its first store in Jan 2001. Aldi wants to sell the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. It sells fruit and veg, dairy, meats, dry goods, clothing, furniture, electronics and is constantly growing with more than 300 stores across Australia.
Give the best prices so people can afford great food and great customer service.
Aldi is a successful supermarket in the retail industry and has in recent years become a worthy competitor for the big 4. Offering customers own brand produce at a lower cost.
It is the one of the most challenging retail company which is growing very fast.
Aldi is a europican company and a biggest large chain in the country .Its abig competitor to other retail companies.
Aldi is a leading global discount supermarket chain . It was founded in 1913 in Germany . There's almost 10,000 stores in 18 countries .
I know its the biggest discount supermarket with over 9000 stores worldwide, its net worth is 50 billion euros, it started in Germany and now trades in 18 countries.
Aldi is a growing company who pride themselves on offering first class customer service and great value products. Aldi'sbusoness focuses on grocery shopping which is a vital service to the local area and provide a viable alternative to supermarket chains.
My favorite food at aldi is the icecream.
It was tarted in 1946 by two brothers, they have their own brand food and high quility.
Aldi is one of the best and the most successful company in which they provide the cheap and good quality products.
Aldi was founded in germany by two brothers taking over the family business from their mother just after world war 2 it is based on low prices low cost and smaller choice of each product so stores can be kept small and therefore less expensive to build and run also products are to a large extent on pallets so easy to replenish and this also cuts costs.
Growing competitor in supermarket now challenging larger stores.
Aldi has the best prices around. Great products for great prices. Over 100 stores in the Republic of ireland.
Aldi was founded and spread in 1964 by two German brothers, but was oridginally a small shop owned by there mother in 1913 in Essen.
Based in Germany and growing rapidly I know aldi prides itself on a simple, green environment with low prices for their products. The have outstanding customer service who have an extremely high work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.
It is an expanding food retailer and is leading the way in the UK with its profit and good working environment.
Headquarters. In Germany. 1300 stores in 32 states. Related to trader Joes.
I know that you are dedicated to keeping prices low and providing the best deals for your customers. I know that your the fastest growing supermarket in the uk at the moment and are putting serious pressure on the so called "big four" and I know that one of the ways that you keep your prices low is by getting the best out your employees, and rewarding them for their hard work.
Aldi sells all kind of staff, like food, beverage, household items.
I know they pay wokrers well as they are all commited, I know the biggest competitor is lidl I know they joined uk in 1990 I know 85% of their directors are recruited within store.
It is a discount supermarket that offers value for money.
Started in germany by two brothers the other owns lidl stores.
That Aldi is a company that was founded in Germany by the Albrecht brothers. It started as the Albrecht KG. Since 1962 the company was split into two separate Companies named Aldi North and Aldi South. Aldi expanded into the USA in 1976
This is a big foot chain story.
I know it was owned by two brothers in Germany who eventually split the business into two, The name come from the first two letters of there last name Al, and then the first two letters of the German word for discount, which was stil di, put together making Aldi. They moved into the Australian market early after the turn of the Century, and for the most part they have there own products.
Aldi is a privately owned company with 9000 stores in more then 18 countries. The company was founded in 1946 by the albrecht brothers, theo aornd karl, who had inherited their mothers store. Its mission statement is high quality for a low price.
Aldi has around 10000 stores worldwide and is hoping to open more in America.
Market leader quality products.
Aldi are a german grocer who pride themselves in offering the best prices available for the consumer.
Aldi came to the UK in 1990. They are the one of the worlds fastest growing retailers. Who offer lots of opportunity to further your career. The staff work very hard but are paid very well.
Started in 1913 by the Albrecht brothers mother she opened a store thats where KARL AND Theo Albrecht learned there retail trade. After the world war 2 both Theo and kARL Albrecht returned from the war they went back working in retail with there mother . In 1949 Theo and Karl Albrecht opened there first Aldi IN Germany Aldi has 7.2 percent of the retail market in ireland over 100 stores in Ireland Aldi HAS OVER 10,000 stores world wide Germany remains its core market Aldi makes 75 BILLION profits per annum Aldi have COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH EFFICIENCY
Aldi is a grocery store that help people to save money and yet a good quality.
I know that it is a german company that is known for it's outstanding value and quality.
One if the fastest grown s m in the country.
In 1914 Anna albrecht opened a store in Germany. In 1948 her sons took the business and opened in four locations. They opened there first self service store in Germany. Also stands for albrecht discount.
I know that they are nearly 15 years old and provide challenging pricing for the competitors. They donate to charities including the homeless and are careful who they source their products from.
They believe in hard work and customer service.
Aldi came to the Uk in 1990. They are one of the worlds fastest growing retailers.They offer opportunity to further your career and they pay well. The food is great at low prices..
German company was established and 1913 with 600 outlets, another 400 planned in 2022.
Great special offers each week.
I know that Aldi owns over 1400 stores in 32 states. They are the leading cost efficient grocer while still maintaing high satisfaction.
That it was founded in Germany and offers great product with low prices. Slogan switch save celebrate.
A successful german discount supermarket expanding rapidly in the uk.
Good shop well lay out easy to find your shopping.
I know they are expanding rapidly world wide, the core values are simplicity, consistency and responsibility. They pride themselves on offering the best products for value for money.
Aldi is a German company and was founded in 1914 in Essen and opened the first self service store in1954 They came to Australia in 2001
Aldi is one of the leading supermarkets. Profiting from lower priced products than supermarkets such as Sainsburys and Tesco. There products are affordable to the average shopper and therefore are showing more customer awareness than ever before.
Not much they are a discounted store are high on customer care.
Privately owned business.
German shop, very good quality, winner 2015 of WHICH
I know Aldi I s a private owned company founded in 1946 by the albrecht brothers in Essen, Germany. It is a company which started with one store and expanded globally.
It's a great company founded on integrity, customer satisfaction and a need to provide quality service at very low prices.
The company was founded by two brothers. They fell out over selling cigarettes in their shop so the business was split in two, Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. Aldi Sud services Ireland since 1999 and has been growing ever since.
German company, operates in 18 countries has 9000 stores and turnover of 50 Billion. Aldi Sud operates in Ireland. Constantly expanding into new markets.
Its an international company with a good reputation and very low prices.
I have always enjoyed here for shopping, Inotice here is very good staff, good services.
I know it was founded in 1913, and there two sons took it over and after having 300th store decided they needed to re name, the name comes form the two brothers name.
Its is a expanding company with good job securiuty.
The fastest growing super market chain in Britain after arriving in 1990 and use the strap line spend a little save a lot.
I have been a weekly shopper at various Aldi locations in the last 10 years. I know the company originated in Germany and was started by 2 brothers. I know that Having guests pay for their shopping carts and bags are some of the ways Aldi can keep their prices so low.
Aldi first opened in Australia in 2001 and is a German company. There are more that 350 stores Australia wide and carries over 1350 core range products. Not supplying plastic bags is fantastic for the environment and eliminates overheads which keeps the prices down.
German, privately owned company that has stores throughout Europe.
It first opened in Australia in 2001. It has 400+ stores nationwide and 7000+ internationally. Majority of ALDI's products are sources from Australian suppliers. ALDI provides customers with the highest quality and the lowest prices. It has won the Canstar Blue award 4 times in the last 5 years.
It was founded in Germany in 1913 and when the 300th store opened it was called Aldi from the family name. It has won many awards such as great taste award, international wine challenge and retailer of the year. They are sponsoring Team GB in Rio next year too.
I know that it much cheaper than the other retailers.
Discount supermarket based from Germany.
It a grocery store that sell food of quality and a good price.
I know that it is a fast growing retail store that brings quality products to consumers for a fair price.
I know that you sell mostly your own brands, special buys thurdays and sundays, all stores are laid out the same, with a specific order, breakfast stuff first, customers pack away from the tills, three bar codes on all products, codes need to be learnt for the fresh produce.
I know that it is a german supermarket that sells groceries and other things.
Aldi opened its first store nearly 100 years ago in Germany and has since expanded to 8000 worldwide. 90 stores are currently in Ireland. Aldi is leading in staff wages and believes in paying their staff more for hard work.
I know that Aldi is a fast growing company which emphasizes on efficiency and quality. Having exclusive brands is an example.
Global German founded company in 1913. Opened up your first stores in Ireland in 1999. 4,000 stores worldwide. You have won 10 awards for your Irish own brands across your meats and dairy produce. Known for your efficiency and excellent dicount prices. Unique business model, providing efficiency, cutting down unessecary costs on operations so you can provide customers the highest quality products at the lowest prices.
Aldi is one of the worlds largest privately companies.
I know its short for the Albrecht discount, and they sell around 1,400 different products that get stocked by the employees daily. I know they sell high quality products at low prices, and they save time and therefore money by having the cart return system that they have. Moreover, I know they save on energy and are very green!

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