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Aldi Interview Questions and Answers
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What do you know about Aldi?
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I know that Aldi is a fast growing company which emphasizes on efficiency and quality. Having exclusive brands is an example.
Global German founded company in 1913. Opened up your first stores in Ireland in 1999. 4,000 stores worldwide. You have won 10 awards for your Irish own brands across your meats and dairy produce. Known for your efficiency and excellent dicount prices. Unique business model, providing efficiency, cutting down unessecary costs on operations so you can provide customers the highest quality products at the lowest prices.
Aldi is one of the worlds largest privately companies.
I know its short for the Albrecht discount, and they sell around 1,400 different products that get stocked by the employees daily. I know they sell high quality products at low prices, and they save time and therefore money by having the cart return system that they have. Moreover, I know they save on energy and are very green!
Aldi opened its first store nearly 100 years ago in Germany and has since expanded to 8000 worldwide. 90 stores are currently in Ireland. Aldi is leading in staff wages and believes in paying their staff more for hard work.
I know that you sell mostly your own brands, special buys thurdays and sundays, all stores are laid out the same, with a specific order, breakfast stuff first, customers pack away from the tills, three bar codes on all products, codes need to be learnt for the fresh produce.
I know that it is a german supermarket that sells groceries and other things.
Discount supermarket based from Germany.
It a grocery store that sell food of quality and a good price.
I know that it is a fast growing retail store that brings quality products to consumers for a fair price.