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Tell me about your experience working in retail?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

The interviewer wants to learn more about your background and experience.

If you don't have any experience, it's okay! Tell the interviewer that you do not have any experience in the industry, and you look forward to making the transition and learning everything there is to know!

If you have experience, start off by giving the interviewer a high-level overview of your experience by sharing where you have worked, your job title, and how long you were employed there. Add a sentence or two about what your job duties were in each role as well. Be sure to mention that you really enjoy this industry, and you look forward to continuing to work in retail industry roles.

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Tell me about your experience working in retail?
I once worked in a shop as a volunteer it is my only experience in retail but I learnt quite alot.
Ive had vast experience in retail. I've experince what its like taking Thousands of pounds a day and all that comes with it, with the hard working hours, constantly on the go, orgarnising- pushing sales, smashing target, to scrapping to make 1000 a day when maximising sales were key and serivce had to be expectional. Ive done all sorts managering teams/shopfloor/store, stock taking, delvieries, merchandising/ paper work/ cash handling.
I've had many experiences in the past in retail, I'm currently working for a clothes store, and I have worked in convenience stores which were challenging but the customers made the job rewarding.
I've been working in the retail sector for some time now and to-date I've learn't that no two days are the same. The Particular sector that I'm evolved in at the moment is seeing some big changes with regards to peoples circumstances and attitudes. However I like the challenge and I can't ever see myself working in any other sector other than retail as I like to work with people and to get a job completed in a timely and proficient manner.
I have work in clubs and bar for many year I love to meet different types of people. You learn so much.
I have learned a lot I study every position and make sure I know how to do it.
I have worked in clothing and fast food retail. I have an understanding of for a business to work you need to control factors like controling labor depending on daily hourly sales targets.
I have years of experience in the food industry which requires the sale of product to a consumer.
I worked in retail when I was 16 part time in school. I was a stock assistant and my duty was to rotate stock, put out new stock.
Whilst working at Argos my role was to work as part of a team in a friendly atlmospherev.
Ive had almost 6 years working in retail and working with people. Its my passion. I really love working with other people.
I have worked in retail or customer service nearly all of my working like. Beginning in Pharmacy also working in food stores.
I worked at bowlplex and it taught me a lot about handling customers.
I love working in retail worked in super value as shop assistant and butcher deli assistant and shop floor. I also worked in Dunnes stores drapery department working in stores and shop floor I also worked in retail in Moore and Wilson WELLINGTON Newzealand WORKING on checkouts produce and deli counter and pre packed meat department Also WORKED IN SPAR DOING SAME AS ABOVE AND MORE
My experience working in retail was rewarding because I had a direct input into why customers came back time and again for their groceries etc.
Before my existing role I worked as a travel agent selling holidays face to face customers. I loved this role as it was challenging as you never knew who your next customer was going to be, I achieved targets and had very happy customers the only reason I moved on was I felt it was the next step in my career.
I have worked for bhs for a year but have worked with the general public for 25 years.
Customer service is the most important when working in retail.
I worked only for about 3 years in it and loved it but never could get into the right company until now.
I have experince since I was a child working in reatail because my mother has owned a retail store my whole life.
Have worked from ordering to stocking to quality assurance in the food industry.
I have over twenty years in retail industry. Route sales ; Home Improvement; Wal_marts and Grocery. Directing a Territory merchandising team sets and resets. Training store personel on my clients products.
I had a similar experience with retail, fundraising, it was a little hard. But I would always push myself, and see how everyone is different.
I have a lot of customer service experience which I believe I could bring to this position.
Initially selling to retail with a book wholesaler, after seeing how well books sold I set up my own successful business retailing at markets, hospital multi national companies and in the last 9 years retailing online.
I worked at pets at home for two years as a sales assistant and at alpha retail in the airport for two years. During that time I have performed stock takes, taken deliveries, counted tills, ordered stock, given great customer service, worked a variety of different hours, been in a fast paced environment, worked as part of a team and on my own, checked prices and reduced stock, memorised training techniques, been on various training courses and answered telephones.
I have more than four years experience in retail which has enabled me to work with registers, refunds desk, stock take and recovery.
I worked as Crew member in mc donalds for over a year and I love dealing with customers specially when they leave the store with a satisfied mood and smile.
In my experience in retail, I have worked for supermarket and grocery store which were challenging but customers made it rewarding.
I have operated tills, stocked shelves, rotating stock. I have opened out and closed shop. I have cleaned and in my present job I use a hand-held and build and move pallets.
I have experience in working in retail with the general public and have good customer service skills.
I have had experience in food retail, helping customers within the store, stacking shelves and keeping my area tidy and I have also had experience in clothing retail meeting and greeting customers on shop floor, till work, managing money and helping customers in store.
I have recently been a landlady of my own public house along with working in a busy hair salon selling and promotion products to clients.
I have extensive restaurant management experience, which IS retail in a sense. We track inventories, and shipments, and mark up our products the same way a retail company does.
I worked three years at McDonalds, the last year as an overnight manager. I would pull extra hours from my own time to get jobs that needed to be done properly done. I dealt with disgruntled customers, intoxicated customers, stoned customers and learnt and adapted to keep them as happy as possible in my services to them. As an overnight manager I was the highest authority in the store serving at times up to 30 people that were intoxicated with anything from 2 to 7 crew, and worked with them as a team to get everything we needed to get done, done.
The nearest have done retail is working in KFC this involved cash handling and customer service.
Worjed on the online ordering deask.
I worked as a casual at Big W after school and during the weekends. This involved all different types of work including the cash registers, stock refilling and general cleaning duties.
I have mainly a background in administration, however these positions were customer service focused. These position required me to be the fort point of contact for.
I have worked as a customer assistant, supervisor, duty manager, and now currently store manager of a Budgens convenience store.
Worked at foodland for 2 1/2 years running checkouts. Enjoyed this and learnt a lot.
My experience consisted of overseeing my coworkers, listening, inspiring, and connecting to customers, handling the promotional sales, personally interacting with customers through lingerie fittings and answering any other general questions of the public.
My main experience is within the food and beverage industry but involved in depth product knowledge and constant retailing items and up selling to customers, along with providing the best customer service possible, not to mention my many other transferable skills and knowledge.
Not from a retail background but my latest role involved mainly customer care, taking customer orders, recommending products and solving queries.
I like retail because I can interaptive whit customer.
I worked for JC Penney for 7 months, but I ended up quitting because I did not have transportation anymore and I was not making enough money to fix my car. While working for JC Penney I learned how to stock shelves, run a cash register, keep the store as clean as possible, and provide excellent customer service.
Facilitating in listening to what customers want.
I have previously worked at a hospital serving food to patients.
I have worked 7 years in retail and have found it to be an amazing experience and huge learning process.
Working at Hungry Jacks for the last 5 years has given me an excellent opportunity to develop and hone various skills I have acquired. I am comfortable dealing with people from various backgrounds, and have experienced confrontation with irate customers countless times. I believe this experience will give me an edge in your company.
A motivated and enthusiastic retail assistant with over five years experience in the hardware business.
11 years in coop trained in morrisons previously worked in scottish power.
I have enjoyed working in a retail environment, with the challenges it creates. I love talking to customers and choosing products that will meet their requirements. I also enjoy the challenges of learning new products and the fast pace of putting stock out and making sure the store always looks clean and tidy.
I have no previous experience working in retail, but I am willing to learn.
I have been running my own retail businesses for over 8 years.
Worked at a local general store. Stock checking, cash handling and providing excellent customer service.
We owned our own supermarkets in South Africa. We did everything that was required to make the customer happy.
I worked in retail as a student for many years .
I have never worked in retail, but I know with the proper training I will receive this will teach me all I need to know on how to work in a retail environment.
I must say it is a rollercoaster of experiences. No matter if the customer seems to be coming off as rude or not, I always remain to stay the friendliest and calmly ask questions and talk with the customer to solve problems. The goal is to make keep the customer happy to insure they continue coming to the store.
Most retail jobs are most times the need to work under pressure especially during peak times like christmas. It is essential to meet the needs of customers who are waiting for your services.
I have worked in Customer Service at restaurants for 30 years and the Airlines for over 17 years.
I help in stocking cash management.
I got 2 years in a retail.
I used to work at Netto Supermarket. I really enjoy customer service.
I have 5 years experience working in a supermarket, and over 10 years customer service.
My experience has been great I enjoy serving and meeting new people and I do the best I can to be helpful, fast and reliable with each service.
Working at coast in a target based environment.
I have worked in hospitality since the age of 15yrs followed this up with my degree, continued working in this area whilst at university I love providing an excellent experience for customers. I currently work in a very busy restaurant company but feel I need to use my knowledge and experience in a company that can provide both more challenges and monetary rewards for the efforts and enthusiasm and commitment that I give so greely.
Have worked as a merchandiser at Woolworths cole and Iga working closely with managers staff and customers also doing planner gram displays and general stocking of shelves and facing up stock.
Have worked as a merchandiser at Woolworths cole and Iga working closely with managers staff and customers also doing planner gram displays and general stocking of shelves and facing up stock.
Have worked as a merchandiser at Woolworths cole and Iga working closely with managers staff and customers also doing planner gram displays and general stocking of shelves and facing up stock.
I have worked in retail for 8 years, I enjoy the fast paced industry as you are always busy, always learning something new. I enjoy the customer service side and being able to help someone out or just put a smile on their face with a friendly smile while I serve them.
I worked at a bakery and produce stand for a few years. I was cashier I had responsibilities of greeting customers and helping them ring up there things and maintained a clean work environment.
Customer facing, hierarchy reporting and co operation. Food, hygiene and safety, training people are key (10 in a boat 3+ 5 avg and 2back), hiring and wtd.
Very challenging but enjoyed it alot due to me being a challenging person,
I really enjoy working in retail I find it rewarding helping others.
I got more than 3 years experience in retail as customer service assistant, front end organizer, cashier and shift supervisor which helped me getting better in helping people and professional growth.
Over five years as a retail assistant at supermarket.
I have experienced working as an assistant in both an auto parts shop and high end clothes shop.
I have no experience would love to learn.
I have worked in 3 outlets, the co-op, the mace and aboyne bakery. this involved till work, stock taking, stock rotation, stacking shelves and customer care.
I work at a Auto parts store where we would work directlly with the customer in helping them find the correct parts they need.
Good experience got on well as team worker, interacted with customers.
I worked in a petrol station which also sold sweets drinks car accessories ect then Kwik Save wines and spirits department and in later years a wallpaper diy shop there were only two members of staff so we covered every aspect of the job.
It was many years ago at World 4 Kids, I worked on cashier, service desk and on the floor. I enjoyed cashier the most and wished that the store did not close so I could gain more experience in the industry.
Its always a day to day challeges, and reached the goals every day we learn some thing new.
I was working as a customer service officer and a manager at a service station. My daily routine was to provide.
I used to work at morrisons. Serving customers.
Unfortunately have just left college and this would be my first job.
I have worked for sports direct for almost four years now and thoroughly enjoyed it. It began as a job to keep me financially afloat whilst at university, which I ended up enjoying and staying for a number of years. I am ready for the next step within retail and believe I would be a useful asset to any retail team. I believe that given the right support and training, the opportunities for growth and success are endless.
I enjoy working with people and multi tasking. From setting displays, to proccessing refunds and recommending customer the best prodict for their needs!
I enjoyed a lot and I loved to work in retail.
My previous experience worked in retail was fantastic.
I have always provided excellent customer service and tried to please the customers so they will keep coming back.
I have never worked in retail but was a cashier in a bank for 10 years.
I have worked in retail for some years now. All my experience as been all pretty much positive. ive worked with cashiering as well as stocking . I am a people person, I get along well with everyone and will do what I can to make a customer satisfied .
I was a checkout girl on first leaving school and enjoyed the interaction with customers, no two days were ever the same.
I enjoyed the interactions between myself and the customers many become regulars because of my out going and cheerful attitude.
Ever changing dynamic market which has many facets to it, such as delivery, click and collect via internet, customer service price are ever important.
Mostly been in a boutique retail experience. The benefit is quality, knowlegable service to the customer. Another benefit is your work is varied, eg sales and purchasing. So when you take the two and understandings and move to a more corporate company, you gain a bigger picture.

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