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How would you handle an irate customer that has screamed at you for three minutes straight?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

How to Answer

Begin by telling the interviewer that thankfully the majority of customers are pleasant to work with, and the rude customer situations are typically few and far between. Next, say to the interviewer that you understand customer service means always having a smile on your face, cheerful attitude, and pleasant demeanor but you too have your limitations. Show that you can be assertive when needed while remaining professional.

How would you handle an irate customer that has screamed at you for three minutes straight?
Answer example

"If a customer screamed at me, I would hope that management or security would step in and ask them to leave. I am all for customer resolution; however, I do not accept abusive behavior. If possible, I would respectfully walk away from the situation. It's important to remain composed and professional at all times."

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How would you handle an irate customer that has screamed at you for three minutes straight?
Listen, apologise, solve the problem and thank customer.
Call in the manager and let them deal with an upset customer.
Try to keep a calm level attitude and if unable to rectify the situation refer the customer to management.
I will remain calm, when the customer is finished screaming I will do my best to help them in a polite manner if I cant I will call the manager right away.
I will apologize that customer and make sure the same will not repeat in future.
I would try to keep a calm attitude but if I was not able to rectify the situation refer the customer to management.
Remain calm, I'd listen to what they are upset about making sure I know what the problem is, symphasise with them but not as to patronize them, apologise for any inconveniences, ask if they would wish to see the manager if unable to help them to the best of my abilities.
I would politely apologize for the inconvenience and refer her to my manager.
Listen calmly and sympathetically. Offer to assist with his complaint.
Be polite and ask if they would like to speak to a supervisor.
I would stay calm, try and calm the customer down. Apologise if I did something, or ensure them whatever the problem may be, we can fix it.
Be polite and the customer to calm down then apologies to other customers.
I will wait till there done and find out what the situation is.
Apolgise, the customer is always right try to listen to what they are saying and help them, if I cannot then fetch a manager to help.
I would apologize for anything I have done and ask a manager for assistance. I would be respectful of the customer and try and understand why they are angry and see what I can do to possibly fix it.
I would apologize for the incovinience and explain nice and politely not to raise their voice.
I would do my best to calm them down. I would listen to what they were saying and do my best to arrive at a solution that ensures both parties are happy (aldi and customer)
I would stay calm and tell them that it is unacceptable for them to talk like that to anyone and then if they carry on ask them to leave.
Let them finish and then try to find out exactly what the problem is.
I will be quiet and apologize to the customers and asked if there is anything I need to do to assist them in the shop.
Use open ended questions and find out what they need to satisfy them within reason.
With patience and nods of the head. Let them get it of their chest, assess the situation and move forward from there.
Listen and promise the problem will be dealt with.
Address issues slowly and in a proper matter, without shouting.
I would apologise to them for what ever it is that has made them angry and I would ask them to lower their voice so that we can work out a solution to the problem together.
Try my best to care them down and help them the best way possible.
I would stay calm and be patient with them and still try by very best to help them in any way I can.
I would remain calm and collected. I would identify the issue and offer reasonable solutions, apologising only if we have done something wrong.
I would thank the customer for there business they do with us. Then I would summary the issue they have brought to my attention to confirm I understand them correclty then calmly explain the correction to the issue.
I would try and take them to an isolated area listen to their problem and when they have stopped shouting try and resolve the issue.
I would listen quietly and apologize to the customer for their trouble. I would try to resolve their issue or provide an alternative.
I would remove them from the current environment. Take them in to my office and try and resolve the issue. I would sit them down if I could, and try and dicuss their situation and to understand their frustration. I would offer alternatives or come to an agreement that best suits the customer, and my business needs.
Speak to them calming and try to rectify the issue.
I just act camly, respectful and try to solve his or her problem.
Remain calm and wait until they have finished screaming then apologize for the problem before trying to resolve it.
Try to calm them down and solve what made them so angry.
I would calmly explain that I cant help them if they are yelling at me, try to explain the situation to them as best I can, and if that doesnt prevail I would call a manager over for help.
Politely ask them to stop shouting at me and try to calm the person down preferably out of earshot of other customers.
I am very calm and dealing with the likes of that all my life so I woudl be able to deal with it and I bet that customer would leave happy.
I would try to calm him down and try to help him if he let me.
I would listen to them patiently and talk when I think they have let out their steam as I understand there has been something that has not gone right and hence the outburst.
I would wait until they have vented, it is not advisable to interrupt an angry customer. Once they have vented I always advise that I have taken the information and will follow it up or pass it to the relevant person to deal with the complaint. Most of the time I would rectify the customer problem myself . First contact resolution is always better for the customer and the company.
I would let them speak and just listen and apologise.
Keep calm and in control of the situation . Try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
I would listen and promice to do whatever I could to help them.
I would remain calm, and try to rectify the situation as fast as I can.
I would stay calm, just listen and call for a manager.
I would keep calm and listen to them and let them have there say then try and resolve the issue.
Very calmly, not easily intimidated but do like the customers to go away happy.
Let them let off steam then talk calmly back to them.
I would calm the customer down so we can get to the bottom of the problem and sort the issues out.
I would try and diffuse the situation and get a supervisor.
I would remain calm and continue to listen to the customers issue and agree with their point of view, even if you may disagree. Take time to resolve it.
I would apologize for whatever they are upset about, I would then follow by offering them to speak to a manager so they can resolve the problem.
I would try to find out why the customer is angry, try to calm them down and apologise. Also try to find the best possible solution to help them.
Wait till they finish screaming at me try and sort the problem out with a smile.
I would try to calm them down and make them happy.
I would remain calm and speak to customer calmly.
Listen to the customer and try and calm the situation down to the best of my ability.
It would depend on why the customer was screaming at me as to my course of action. I would try and calm the situation down and find out how I could assist the customer. If I was unable to assist the customer then I would approach my Team Leader or Manager to assist in the matter.
Keep calm and talk to them in a friendly manner whilst calling for a manager.
I would stay calm smile and then let them know I will try to solve there issue if they acturally speak to me.
I would emphathise with the customer. I would advise that I understand their frustration and I would find out what they are upset about and resolve what ever it is they're angry about. I would calm the situation down by being calm, listening and resolving.
Calmly ask the customer to lower their voice and ask kindly if they would like to speak to my manager if I cannot assist them. I would apologise for being unable to assist with what they needed in a manner that pleased them and strive to do better.
Dont take it personal, listen and find a solution.
Calmly try to diffuse the situation and figure out whatever it is they need.
Remain calm and listen to the customer, resolve the issue to the best of my abilities.
I would do my best to defuse the situation in a calm manner. If the customer is still not happy, then I would my line manager.
Stay calm and listen to their problem. If things go out of hand get the manager to sort the customer out.
I would stop my task and listen to them. When they had calmed down I would try to find out why they were irate and then help them.
I would find out what made them irate and calmly find a solution.
First, listen to what they have to say, and then speaking in a calm and not raised voice, I would ask them to explain any specific information that I would require to investigate an issue further. Showing the customer I have an interest in wanting to help them usually calms them down somewhat. Then reflect the issue they are experiencing to make sure and acknowledge you are at an understanding if appropriate. Solve the problem if possible. If not possible, record the customers information, and get someone that can solve the problem to speak to the customer at a future time. Follow up to make sure the problem has been solved.
Identify the real problem,Empathize/sympathize, apologize, Address the problem and fix it.
Do not respond till they have finished shouting and calmly ask them to talk in private.
Ask them to calm down and offer to get them a manager to talk to.
I would ask if they would like to speak with my manager.
I would keep calm. Listen to what they have to say, then ask what they would like me to do to resolve the issue.
I would be apologizing profusely if they were that angry, and would hope a coworker would be there to support me.
Not much you can do but keep calm. Do not yell back and try to find the reason for the aggression and find a suitable solution. I might need to call on management help. Hopefully it would never get to 3 minutes.
Quietly ask them to calm down and tell them you can only deal with their problem if they agree to stay calm.
Lisen into the problem and try to solve it there and then and if not call the duty manager.
Try to keep cool and attempt to defuse the situation, possibly get someone else to take over.
Ask them the question what can I do to make you happy? If they genuinely want a resolution rather than just to scream they will answer you. It will let them know you are after the same thing and that you understand them.
I would keep my composure making sure that the customer was satisfied with the outcome of the discussion.
I would try to calm them down and ask what they would like me to do to help resolve the problem.
Try to understand what it is they want to happen, treat they respectfully and patently, show them that they have my full attention and that im tryingmy best to resolve their issue.
Let them get it all out, then hopefully be able to answer their query in a professional manner, if the abuse kept up I would polietly ask them to leave the store and we can continue when they calm down and can talk civially about the matter.
I will do get my supervisor that's on duty.
I would keep listening to what they had to say and when they have calmed down, tell them I understand you dont feel happy about something and invite them to talk with manager to sort it for them.
I will try to calm down the customer on a professional maner.
Listen to what they are trying to say.
Listen then apologise resolve with a positive.
Remain calm listen to the what the customer is complaining about sympathise and apologise try to offer a solution.
I would let the customer vent her anger, and remain calm. I would try to get an understanding of what had upset them so much. Apologise even if it was not mine or the stores fault. Then try to resolve their problem.
I would stay calm and try to talk to them without shouting and calm them down and help them to resolve the problem.
I would probably at first, want to react back. But then, try to understand their perspective, a and apologize, and try to help them.
There are always going to be irate customers, over time i've learnt that being patient, attentive and helpful helps calm irate customers down and open to resolution of their grievances.
I believe being able to stay calm and not bite back is the best for everyone. An irate customer will calm down eventually. After the customer has calmed I would make a quick assessment of why the customer was irate and take it from there.
I would try to answer any questions the customer has the best way I can to insure they are happy, and if they had a problem with the product we sell explain policy of the double back garantee we have at aldi.
I would try to tell the customer to calm down before we proceed any further so that I may understand their issue more clearly.
Calmly ask the customer to please lower their voice so that you can try to resolve their issue.
I would try to assist them with their inquiry and if this didn't work I would get a manager.
I would stay calm and politely help the customer with their problem, if I can't I would ask them if they would like to speak to the manager.
I would try to offer them a solution to whatever the problem was, whilst also making it clear that they need to calm down as there are other people around them. I would talk calmly yet sternly to try to get to a solution.
Breath slowly, deeply and position myself away from others so they would be likely to follow. Then ask continuosly for the person to lower their voice until they do. Go through fats and be clear that their shouting is inappropriate no matter the issue.
I would keep calm to not upset the customer even more, let them have their say and try to resolve the situation.
According to me should be calm and listen to customer.
Stay calm and if the customer can't calm down at all, I would tell them I would get a manager for them to address their concerns.
I would remain calm and very politely ask them to calm down whilst I listened to there problem, once we had got to the point to discuss whatever had gotten them upset I would then try and resolve the issue.
Ask if there is anything I can help with.
I would ask them to calm down and explain the situation to them, if they are still irate then I would call the manager for them.
Ask the person to please come down and help the best way I can.
1. I listened carefully to what the customer had to say.2. I apologised and empathised with their situation.3. I confirmed my understanding of their concern.4. I took responsibility to resolve the issue.5. I offered a solution (plus alternatives if possible).6. I confirmed the customer was happy with this.7. I thanked the customer for raising the issue with me.8. I took immediate action to resolve the situation.9. I remained calm throughout the whole process.10. (If appropriate) the customer wrote in to my supervisor congratulating me on my efficiency.
Ive dealt with thousands of irate customers all that needs to be done is listen to then and always remember the customer is alway right and try solve the issue calmy.
I would ask them to keep their voice down and would try resolve the issue with them calmy, if this was not possible I would call on the manager.
Listen into the problem, see if it can be resolved there and then if not call the duty manager.
Try and keep calm and sort out the situation, be polite, ask manager if the situation can't be solved.
Keep calm and try to solve the problem.
I would calm them down and try to resolve the problem.
I would listen and then refer them to the manager is they still want to complain.
I would remain calm and continue towards an acceptable resolution.

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