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How well do you handle customer complaints?
Addressing customer complaints is an essential part of customer service, and the interviewer wants to hear that you are okay talking through a customer's complaint. Start off by telling the interviewer that you do not mind addressing customer complaints, and you recognize that most customers have good intentions when coming forth with a complaint. Tell the interviewer that you take time to listen to everything the customer has to say first to ensure you truly understand what they are upset about. Next, share that you make eye contact with the customer and sincerely apologize to them. Finally, be sure to mention that you offer to correct any mistakes that were made or take the appropriate action to rectify the situation.

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User-Submitted Answers

How well do you handle customer complaints?
Very well. I think it is really important to always listen and help the customer out as much as possible.
Keep calm and talk polite and try solve the matter.
Very well I love turing a complaining customer into a happy one.
Listen to what the complaint is and try to resolve it always being polite and calm.
Very well, its very important to listen and help the customer.
I try and sort them out and solve problems as best as I can, I always try and have a no problem attitude, if a customer has a complaint then it's our duty to try and make it right.
I feel that the customer should always leave the store feeling happy with the outcome of the particular complaint.
I would say very well. Asking customers how I can best resolve the situation to their needs always works. The customer would be satisfied will remain loyal and recommend turn a positive into a negative.
With Calm voice and do the best I can to settle the complaint.
I like to listen to what the customer has to say and go from there every person is different.
Very well I have to listen to the customer and see what I can do for the customer.
Very well I just emphasize with the customer and deal with it efficiently always try for a replacement product over a full refund.
Always ensure the customer is priority and try and sort any situations to the best of my ability.
Listen to their complaints, apologize for misharps and then try to get the problem solved if I can, if not I report to the approporiate authority.
As I am a very empatehtic person, I understand peoples needs and wants easily and can put myself in their shoes. I make sure I listen to the customers complaint intently, empathise and make sure the problem is rectified immediately.
Very I apologies and if the situation gets out of hand I would walk away and get the manager.
I definitely take customer complaints as a top priority. Why are they complaining and it is resolvable? You have to keep the customers happy to keep them coming back!
As discreetly as l can. Always keeping calm and rational. Not getting into arguments with customers.
I handle and deal with complaints by listening first and doing my best to ensure the customer is happy before they leave the store and there complaint has been dealt with promptly.
Pretty well. I apologize profoundly, and fix the issue.
I have to deal with these in my current role and they are not always easy but I find a lot of the time the key is to remain calm, investigate the problem from start to finish and to view the complaint from all parties, if you put yourself in a customers position it is sometimes easier to understand why they are upset and then you can come up with an answer or solution.
Very well. The key is to always listen and be interested.
I am very good when comes to handling customer complaints. Golden rule is to listen, apologise for inconvenience, solve the problem, thank customer.
I have no problem with that, just listen and try to solve the problem.
I can handle customer complaints well as the customer is always right.
Find out what the complaint is and evaluate if it is valid. Then make it right with the customer so they will come back. Thus, this puts out a good word for the company.
I always make sure the complaints go straight to the manager and I let the customers know that as well. I am very good about being understanding and empathizing.
I always ensure the customer is happy when they leave the store.
Very well, I listen courtesy, resolve immediately where possible and try to secure that customer as an advocate.
Effectively. I listen to the customer and make sure I have a clear understanding of what their complaint is about. I then investigate to see if the complaint has merit and then work to resolve the issue.
I keep my calm and always strategise ways to make the customer leave the store happy.
Talk to them politely and always ask manager help or personel whos incharge on that day.
It is important to stay calm and work out a solution that would make the customer leave feeling happy.
Vey well im a very approachable person and can find a compremise in most situations.
I think I handle it well with lots of patience where I listen them out completely and then answer giving them the resolution they have been looking for.
I take time to listen and understand the problem first so I know how to address it properly making the customer feel important so their happy and leaving the store in a timely manner.
I approach the situation being attentive to the complaint and responding to the customer with respect.
I stay calm and resolve the complaint the very best I can.
Highly well, follow set proceedures and listen to the customers concerns.
I try to be calm, considerate and try to solve their problems.
I will able customer complaints will tell to sorry for that, thias in next time we will not give you chance fior complaint.
I am a very calm person and never fold under pressure. I think remaining calm and courteous and sympathetic calms most problems down.
I will listen to them and assist them.
Very well as I am used to dealing with customer complaints.
The customer should be treated with respect regardless of whether the complaint is justified or not.
Hear what they have to say and help them out the best way possible.
I can handle customers very well because I am very understanding with the issues they have and try to fix the complaint.
I would listen to what they have to say, then decide and ask would they like to speak with a manager.
Fairly well, I would base my outcome on all the information they provide and hopefully resolve it with them leaving happy.
Very well all ways apologise to the customer and listeto them.
I throughly listen to what they have to say and make sure a manager can help fix the problem.
I have as calm and methodical approach to solving customer issues, I gather all relevant information and statements before making a decision. I enjoy the challenge of being able to provide information and the rationale behind a problem and then resolving the issue to both the customer and company's satisfaction.
The customer always comes first always listen and make them feel valued .
Working in a call centre environment has given me plenty experience with complaints. I have learnt the best way is to stay focused and actively liaten to the query trying to empathise with the customer.
I am able to handle criticism very well and can try to help the customer without getting angered.
In the past ive had customers verballyabuse, threaten and even push me where I have not reacted and act professionally where they calm down and apologise where the issue has then being resolved.
Quite well I believe. I try not to take personally. I look at the complaint and see how it can be solved, if in my work durastrictions, If that fails to resolve the issue, then there is usually upper management and company policies to work with.
Very well. I always listen first then analyze and solve any complains.
I am very good at handling complaints. I listen throughly without interruptions, answer any questions and follow up with the complaint and apologize to the customer. I have a strong belief that the customer is always right.
Very well I would endeavour to find a solution to their complaint.
I m good listener so I m sure I can handle complaints and try to solve that too.
Through experience of my previous job, I handled customer complaints fairly well considering it was a demanding and stressful environment. You have to be able to solve the problem based upon the customers needs- calmly and collected.
Well I think, if a customer had a complaints as in there meat was of ect I would apologize for their inconvenience, offer a refund and let them know that this sort of bad product is unacceptable and will not happen again.
I handle customer complaints extremely well so I can leave them in content by rectifying their problem they were issuing.
Very well, I have been dealing with customer complaints for over 25 years. I want first contact resolution when dealing with complaints. If I can deal with it without passing it on to other colleagues I will.
Each customer is important to me and Aldi, therefore I would take it very serious. I would listen to the customer and see if the complaints made are right.
I'd say from experience, I have handled customer complaints quite well. When a customer makes a complaint, I always try within my best to help and if I can not help that customer, I'd reach for management for help.
I will listen to their complaints and apologize that they feel that way.
I easily execute problems to the best of my ability offering all possible solutions with ease.
I listen to the complaint and deal with it professionally and appropriately.
Quite well always try to sympathise with the customer always try to find a solution to make the customer happy and always apologise.
By addressing the complaint, overcoming and moving on to a solution.
Very well. They are the reason the business exisits so it is important to keep them coming back.
Very well, Own the problem don't pass it on. Sort it there and then if you can if not pass it own but follow up and respond back to the customer.
The most important thing is to listen, where possible give the customer what he wants unless it goes against company policy.
I listen and acknowledge the complaint. I check facts and look for how the customer feels the problem would be solved.
First of all, I listen to the customer and why he/she is upset or not not satisfied. Then I will take care of the customer to assure that he/she is pleased with the service we provided as a store.
I handle them well and always with understanding and a smile. It's important to be courteous to any customer.
I feel I handle customer complaints well. Because with complaints we can grow and become better at our jobs by learning what we can do to better ourselves.
Firstly calm ask about what exactly happened, make the customer feel special and very important, solve the problem, be sure that I leave customer happy.
I am very keen on listening to customer complaints and their feedback. I try to resolve their issues quickly, and apologize for their trouble.
Very professionally by staying very calm, keeping the customer happy and resolving their problem.
Very well, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
Get all the details/facts of the complains and analyse it first and have a deep breath.
I handle complaints to the best of my ability.