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How often are you late for your responsibilities, such as school or work?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

How to Answer

The interviewer needs to know that they can count on you to be at work at your assigned time every day. Assure the interviewer that you are a punctual person, and you are always a couple of minutes early when arriving at work. Be sure to mention that you plan for traffic, and if you live somewhere with snow, be sure to say that you watch the weather ensuring you leave enough time to clean off your car and drive a little more cautiously when necessary. If you have children, be sure to mention that you have backup plans in place for childcare should something fall through with your typical plans.

How often are you late for your responsibilities, such as school or work?
Answer example

"I was raised by the old adage that if you are not 10 minutes early, you are late! I always give myself ample time to make up for traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. Rest assured, if you hired me, you would be bringing on a very responsible team member."

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How often are you late for your responsibilities, such as school or work?
I am rarely late for anything as I am a very organized person.
I never late. I am always on time as lateness is very unprofessional and rude.
Rarely and usually can explain valid reason. having completed 2 degrees and numerous training courses I work well to deadlines.
I am compulsively on time. I hate being late for anything.
I pride my self on beefing on time always.
I pride my self on beefing on time always.
I am always on time for my responsibilities.
When I was going to high school I was only late when I would rarely miss the buss.
My lateness tends to me being just in time. Other than that I'm Normally early.
I am never late. Time is precious and you have to use it wisely.
Never, I dislike being late and it shows a bad example as well.
Occasionally I may be 5 minutes late for work. I always call to inform my employer that I am potentially going to be late, well in advance of my shift.
I am never late for work. I will always arrive on time, whether 6am in the morning, or 1 in the afternoon.
Never, I prefer to arrive early to work in order to give myself the best start to the work day.
Never, I always like to be at work at least an hour earlier than needed incase anything extra needs doing before opening.
I'm mostly submit school work on time. But if I have multiple assignments, I have to prioritize.
Not that often but if I am its mainly because I have to catch a bus.
I feel that punctuality is very important and I always try to arrive early to ensure that I am ready for the day ahead.
Work I always ensure that I am there in a timely manner. If for some reason I was running late eg traffic accident, illness I would advise the appropriate person.
I never been late or lazy for my responsibilities.
Never im always on time or before.
Very rarely, and only if there is a legitamate reason, and I inform wherever I am going that I am going to be late if that is the case.
I always strive to be early or on time with my responsibilities.
Rarely late as I prefer to set off earlier than necessary to avoid delays.
I am a very good time keeper and arrive early to start work promptly.
I am never late, I always prefer being 15 mins early.
I am never late. I plan things ahead and I am organised. I recently had to sell my car so I had to start using public transport. My current place of work is 5 miles away so I had to plan my route in advance in order to continue to go to work in a timely manor.
I am never late for my responsibilities. I pride myself on being time oriented.
I always try do everything on time.
Well my punctuality and attendance at college is 99%- this is only because there was a doctors appointment.
I am never late for my responsibilities.
I pride myself on my punctuality. It is very rare for me to be late.
Never late as I consider tardiness unprofessional.
Next to never, unless something unavoidable happens.
As a manager I was never late for a shift. As an 18 year old crew member I was late for a few 5:00 am starts. Never been late for an umpiring commitment. And on occasion I slept for a little while longer before school depending on how my night of sleep went, because I find extra sleep at times can make you more productive then being tired in class.
Never late, always punctual and reliable.
I neven been late either at school or work.
Almost never.. I am always early, so I am never late.
Its actually something I am very paranoid about. I always set my alarm hours and hours before I need to be up, and always make sure I am early for anythign I have to do by 20 minutes incase I ever get held up.
Never late. I am always on time.
Not at all unless if its an emergency but otherwise I'm never late.
Being late is not in my makeup. I have only ever been late for work a few times in my working life due to transport malfunctions. I always try to allow adequate time for unforeseen circumstances.
Yes, I know some basics such as Grandessa is and Aldis brand which is a quality product that is less expensive than name beands.
Dont recall ever been lat e very puntual.
Always strive not to be late. I like to give myself time to arrive early and give myself time to be composed and not stressed when l start work.
Never, unless it is extremely threatening I always try my best to on time.
It is very rare I am late for any type of activities. I try to leave early enough to be at my destination 15 minutes early.
As infrequently as possible. Unplanned things happen but you try to plan for contingencies.
Very rare and only am if there is unusual traffic problems on the way but I would always call and advise colleagues.
I really like to be early to events. It not only gives me time to adjust, but a few extra minutes of calm down-time before you head into something new is always good.
Never. I will leave with 30mins to spare just in case I break down or get a puncture.
I am never late or if I am it must be an unforeseen circumstance as I believe punctuality is very important.
Never because it is a bad example, and if you show that your late other co workers will start to think that it is okay to arrive late, and that's when standards begin to drop.
Never, I always leave with extra time just incase.
Aldi was awarded grocer of the year award and the company logo is spend a little live a lot and the company is based in germany.
Never late its a bad example to show.
Ive never been late for anything.
Not often, if ever. Better to be too early then late.
Never, being late I see is a bad example, if you show you are late other people will think its ok to be late, and that's when standards drop. Timing is key and important.

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