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How can I trust you not to steal?
This one should be easy! Share with the interviewer that you have never stolen before and have a proven work record with a great reputation. Be sure to mention that you respect others and that you wouldn't steal from them.

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User-Submitted Answers

How can I trust you not to steal?
I am all about working hard to get what I want. There is no point in stealing when you have the capacity to use your efforts and hard work to buy something instead of stealing something.
I am a very honest and trust worthy person.
I was involved in the boy scouts of Ireland since I was seven years old, one of our motto's was to be trustworthy and truthful to which I live by and teach to my children.
I believe in integrity and doing the right thing at all times,
Very well. I'm very tolerant and understanding so I know I can meet their needs.
I have never stolen anything in my life and would not start now. Why steal and risk employment and a criminal record.
Because im honest and hardworking.
Say something about you.
If I'm working to earn money to buy things I dont see the point in stealing.
I am a honest andtrustwrth person.
Yes absolutely! I learned from a young age that stealing is wrong. If you want something you have to work for it. What is easily got quickly loses it's value, but if you work hard for it you will appreciate it all the more.
I am a very honest and hard working individual that would like to earn money the right way.
Any of my past employers will ensure you of my honesty.
I would not commit an act to damage a company.
I have never stolen, I am very trustworthy.
I am a very honest person, I have proof of my past employers trusting me enough to cash up my own till, giving me employee of the month.
I could never steal. My conscience would never let me live that down.
Because I am a honest and reliable person and with my personality you can see that.
I would never steal from an employer. My job is too important to me. I have never stolen anything as l find it morally wrong and can only hurt a business.
U cant but I can give you my word never steal nothing.
I am honest I have to convictions and can get police clearance if needed.
I have hand on heart never stole in my life I am too honest to do this and I believe in working for things that we want or need and there is no need to steal for it.
I am honest and trustworthy person and my reference will show this.
Stealing is wrong and it has never happened to me before and will never happen.
I was taught at an early age not to steal. I have a Christian moral and value system.
I have never done that and I am not going to start.
I come from a business family back round and every job I have been in I handle cash.
You only have my word. You can ask my former employer. This is not the type of person I am.
You can contact my previous bosses and they will assure you I am not like that.
Because I am honest and as a previous business owner who did experience this happen to me I can not tolerate stealing.
It is not in my character. I always do what is right even when no one is around. I have high integrity. Jesus knows me.
I was brought up in a hosehold where you didnt take anything that didnt belong to you, if you want something you work for it.
I have worked for myself or 30 years and have had customers and the odd member of staff stealing from me, they have no right to and I would not dream of doing it to anyone else it really anoys me.
I have no criminal record, and do not steal at all.
It is against my morals and it is not how I was raised by my parents.
I am a trust worthy person who works for a living.
I was not raised like that and im a very loyal person.
I have never stolen in my life and been trusted in many jobs at many levels with significant amounts of cash.
I believe that even the children knows that stealing is bad.
All my previous job experiences have never stole or even attempted to, not even accepted tips when offered.
I have never stolen anything. I would not put my livelihood at risk.
I would never steal or geperdise my livlyhood good relationships are built on trust.
I am honest, you can contact my previous employers. I was brought up with biblical values, one being not to steal.
I am an honest person, have never stolen anything and I do not intend to.
I have dedicated myself to this store for the past 3 years and only want whats best for the store and would not jepurize that to steal. I feel I have proved myself the past 3 years.
I want to work at Aldi a long time, and work my way up the chain. It is pretty easy to get caught cheating, and if someone was to start, they would keep going, and slowly get more confident. They will be caught, and my Uncle stole when he was in his youth, and it caught up with him ten years later. I have no interest in going to Jail.
I would have a criminal record.
I have never in my life urge of compunction.
I am very trustworthy and value my position.
You can check on the camera.
I never have sealed and never would.. I have a clean record.
I am here to join other employers to work hard and earn what I work for.
I have never stolen anything.
I an a very trust worthy person you can ask anyone that.
I had many jobs were there are large amounts of cash were being handled and I have never thought to steal it. I never have intentions of stealing money or goods.
Something I would never think of doing.
Check my history and police check - I am an honest person. Having a job with regular hours to help my family financially is more valuable to me than trying to steal one product or a handful of cash!
I am a mature adult I have no need to steal.
I respect the companies I work for and have no criminal record.
I am a trustworthy person and I would consider Aldi store as my own.
I believe stealing is wrong and it only brings bad karma.
I am a very honest person and my references and background check should back up my integrity.
I hold a personal licence if I lost that I would lose my career and social standing not worth it.
I am an honest person - I have no interest in taking something that isn't mine.
I have a strong moral code and know that to steal is wrong and could have an impact on my current and future employment.
I am an honest person and I do not have a track record of stealing. I have never stolen anything in my life, and im open to security procedures and checks and so on.
Stealing isn't in my nature, if I work for a great company like Aldi and am not going to jeopardise my job.
Ask the customer how you can assist them. Customers are top priority.
Through self employment an indivual I traiend to look after a permier store stole 35k from myself, mentally it made me feel numb inside and I detest theft.
I believe in hardworking, what you work you will gain, and I m honest to my work.
It has always been instilled into me that you dont steal.
Because that would be gross misconduct and I would not risk my career or familes future for the sake of some beans.
Well, l would never steal and it is Los my job to make sure other people do not steal.
I have never stole anything in my life I also like to work for my money and earn it.
I don't believe in stealing and I have no stealing record.
I find stealing terrible. If I wanted something, I'd wait until I had the right amount of money to buy it- I have no reason to steal. I am a trustworthy individual and wouldn't do anything such as stealing from the shop.
I have learnt from a young age that stealing is wrong. If you want something you have to work for it.
I am a very trustworthy reliable person who takes their job very seriously.
I am an honest person and pride myself a job well done and being ethical in business practices.
I was always taught not to steal and I'm not that kind of person. Everything I do, I want to work hard for it, for myself.
I never steal anything. I believe, that what I do, it will comes back to me.
I am a very loyal honest and trustworthy person and I do not do things like that.
I have a good honest reputation. My employment history proves this.
I take prid in my job and value my reputation and integrity too much to steal from the company I work for. This would also be a terrible example to set to other employees who are all part of the same team that I work for.
From a young age I was taught right from wrong and stealing is wrong and I would never do it.
I'm very honest and have never given anybody reason to not trust me. I have had many roles where I've been trusted with keys and money without any problems.
As a manager trust is vital across all aspects of a business and developing that trust starts and ends with me as that manager. I would expect the staff I manage and support to feel the same. Without trust, a job becomes unbearable.
I am an honest hard working young person who has nothing to gain from stealing and everything to lose.
I am a honest person. I trust my Co workers and expect the same from them.
I'm a very honest and trustworthy person and I wouldn't bite the hand that feeds.
I have a degree in law. If in the future I wanted to practise law, anything criminal against my name will disallow me to do so. Also I do not have that mentality to want to steal. It's not in my nature.
I'm not that type of person to steal, stealing is wrong.
My word is my bond . I feel if a man can't be trusted he isn't much of a man. If I give you my word it's as good as a contract.
I can bring my references from my last job, where I worked last 8 years.
I've worked for over 12 years in retail, with products of all types and never felt a need to steal, or take what's not mine.
Because I'm not a thief and I'm very trust worthy.
I have never stolen anything from anybody and never would do.
I have never taken anything that wasn't mine. I don't feel the need to take from other people.