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Have you noticed our employees give excellent customer service, will you be able to do the same?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

Yes, they do! Start off by telling the interviewer that you know Aldi employees have great customer service, and you look forward to providing great customer service as well.

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Have you noticed our employees give excellent customer service, will you be able to do the same?
I definitely believe I would able to... One of my favorite parts of my last job were axtually the customers.
I have always worked with people and believe I have the ability to give excellent customer service.
I have. Every week my mother and I shop at Aldi and there has never been an occasion where your employes have failed to provide excellent customer service. They are always available to answer any queries or questions. If I should be successful I feel I would be more than capable of meeting your high standards of customer service. I have vast experience in dealing with the public and have been complemented on several occasions for my excellent communication skills and helpful nature.
I'm very impressed with Aldi employees and the store managers as I once had a complaint of some very though meat and I have to say that the way my situation was handled was very very impressive indeed. I would continue this type of customer service as it means that the customer will more than likely eventually spend more money within the store.
Of course, I always do my best to keep customers happy.
Yes, and I have won awards in previous emplolyement for excellent customer service.
I have noticed that, they never serve you without a smile and a greeting, and its become my seond nature from my job to do the same, customers expect no less and neither should they.
Yes, whenever I am in Aldi everyone is always very polite and I think I would be able to do the same because I have good manors and I am confident around people.
Yes all staff offer great customer service. This is very important as it attracts customers to use the store again. I always offer excellent customer service and I am willing to go the extra mile to please.
In most cases yes. I certainly would be able to achieve the same if not more.
Yes I have noticed. Whilst at Sainsbury we go through training called making the customers matter which helps. Enable you to go the extra mile for a customer.
Of course I will do my best I am very friendly person.
Yes I have notices this, they are really speedy with their hands and I will always give it my all and I have excellent hand I co origination.
YES I do believe ied be able to give excellent customer service this was favourite part of my last job.
All employees give excellent customer service because of their commitment to Aldi. I believe I would be able to do the same.
I have noticed that all checkout staff seem to be very friendly and I love to work in this environment when everyone is happy you can tell by the atmosphere and the way people work this then gets passed on by excellent customer service to the customer.
Dunnes Stores take pride in customer service. I believe the importance of customer service is paramount to how a store progresses and interacts with its local community.
Yes I have, I believe I will be able to do the same, like I said, I have a lot of experience with working with customers and I really enjoy it too. I believe I have good interacting skills and I think I would offer good customer service to customers at Aldi.
Yes I will be,I am efficient friendy and attitude to the customers.
Yes, of course. My employment background is all customer service focused.
Yes I always notice the employees are very helpfull and always happy to help. I would be able to do the same as I enjoy making other people happy.
Your employees are always smiling very friendly and willing to help when needed. Yes I have several accommodations for giving excellent customer service at past employers.
All employees at my local store are so friendly and very helpful. Work really well as a team which is exactly the environment I wish to work in.
I did and they seem to be able to give great customer service.
Yes of course. Morrisons has extremely high expectations for the customer service for all memebers of staff to abide by. As previously stated I feel I work well with people and I have a natural ability to converse and help anybody.
~customer service is something I feel extremely passionate about and I have no doubt I can do the same.
Yes I will be able to give excellent customer service as I believe it is one of the most important things for a supermarket. You can have the best value products but without good customer service customers will not continue to return to your store.
The customer service I recieve at Aldi is great it keeps me coming back. I believe that customer service is the most important thing for a supermarket because you can have the lowest prices around but customers wont come back if staff are rude or dont make the customer feel appreciated. I would definitely be able to offer excellent customer service.
I have a lot of experience when it comes to customer service and therefore I feel that I will be able to excel in this area of the job.
Most certainly. I have a passion for customer service - putting the customer first and making their daily food shop as quick, easy and convenient as possible.
Yes. I will be providing the best customer service.
Of course, I always aim for excellence while doing my job and as assistant manager I will endeavour to assist my manager to encourage the team to achieve the best.
Yes, one time I came in here and bought fudgesicles, went out to the car and opened the box to eat one and they were all melted and refrozen in the wrappers. I went back in to show an employee this and he promptly got me another box, opened it to make sure they were good, and gave me it. I would definately be able to do the same. Working at walgreens, I often did things like that for customers.
Yes. I am patient, a good listener and keen to help.
Ill be able to bring other ideas and maybe improve for the benefit of the company.
Yes, excelent customer service is very important to achieve and provide our customers on a daily basis making sure that each customer had plesant and memorable visit so they would like to comeback to our store and suggest us to their neighbours, friend ect.
Most definitely. I treat all of my customers how I would like to be treated myself, in a friendly, efficient, welcoming manner.
Yes the staff operating the cash registers are always welcoming and I believe I can offer the same service having worked in hospitality.
I have worked with in the customer service industry for 17 years, I have first rate knowledge of excellent customer service . I love to work with the public.
I strongly believe in excellent customer service and I honestly think I will be able to give that.
Yes I believe that I have had enough experience with customers to provide great customer service.
Yes I will be able to give excellent customer service.
Yes I have noticed, and from working in the customer care industry I am well aware of doing the same and I am confident to do the same.
Yes I have and with my history of dealing with customers on a daily basis I have no doubt I will do the same.
I will provide customer service to the best of my ability.
I will of course as in my work to date customer service has been vital and also because aldi give excellent training.
I have not come so often, but I am confident I can offer excellent service.
Of course, ive had three years of serving customers, dealing with complaints, and delivering pizzas to customers and dealing with cash.
Yes as I come from a retail background Coles is always being customer focused and they have been trying to enhance their customer experience within my 10 years period with Coles. There has been the living service and now they have enhance customers service with 4g.
Sure for me is very important to have a great customer service.
Some locations are better than others. It depends on the time of day. I will be able to provide excellent customer consistently throughout the day.
I have excellent people skills so yes is the answer.
Yes I have noticed, yes, good customer service is the key to ensuring return visits and purchase.
Yes, customer service is one of my very best attributes and has been at every job I have had.
Of course, customers are the most important factor of the organisation and giving them what they want and need is paramount.
Yes I think I could do the same as I am very friendly.
I always treat people exactly the same way as I would like to be. I will always go above and beyond to help or assist someone with something and I aim to give the customer a polite and positive experience.
Yes I will defiantly do the same. I want to treat the customers how I would like to be treated.
Yes, I love working around people and meeting new faces. Customer service is key.
I feel that I get along with customers great and have a good interacting with the customers by going by the 10 foot role and asking them how are they and if they are finding everything okay and if not bringing them to the product that they couldnt find instead of telling them where it is.
Yes, that is extremely important in any business and one of my philosophies.
Yes I feel I would be able to deliver excellent customer service.
Yes I will be able to do this.
They are very go, go, go. They work quickly and efficiently. Keeps me happy to have quick service. I find people interesting, and I strive to deliver the best experience I can.
I havent as we dont have a store in Alnwick but I am sure that the customer service is excellent and yes I would thrive to be just as good.
Yes I have noticed The level of customer service and will put in a great amount of effort to give the same.
Yes. I am a people person. I enjoy interacting with different types of people, so this helps me go above the normal duties.
Yes, I always pride myself on great customer service and in previous positions have always given 110%. I am excited how Aldi does implement the training program to assist new staff to learn new skills and work towards providing the level of service that Aldi expects.
I believe in fantastic customer service. It is very important to any business.
Sure can, I did so in the past at foodland. Aldi will recieve my great customer service.
Yes, I believe in going above and beyond the expectations of customers leaving them with a memorable, pleasant experience.
I have, and I would not only be able to match that but also surpass it with ease. Excellent customer service is what I thrive on and providing that constantly and consistently not only makes myself happy but most importantly makes the customer happy and want to keep returning to the store.
Without a doubt, I pride myself on always working to the best of my ability and I particularly enjoy helping others and seeing them go away happy.
Employees here at aldi always give great customer service. Great customer service is what brings the customers back.
I have noticed that your staff is very well trained and polite to the costumers. I think that I would be able to fit right in with your team.
Yes, I am confident that I will provide the same.
I have noticed, and I will make sure that I always do the same.
Yes I am confident that I can.
I have some pretty amazing customer service skills myself.
Employees are often extremely helpful and always look as if they are busy, I am sure without a doubt I would be able to offer the same if not better as I am driven to work hard in whatever job opportunity I am able to acquire.
I have noticed this. This is one reason I chose Aldi as my place of employment. A good work place is something everyone notices, including customers.
I believe my customer service skills are what set me apart from my fellow candidates. I am always thoughtful, polite and go beyond my job expectations on a daily basis.
Yes and I know this is because of the good pay which willl motive us all.
Yes. I m will able to do the same.
Yes, I have always been offered excellent customer service whenever I have been in store. I will be dedicated to retaining the high standard of customer service.
Customer Service is key to any retail experience and I would gladly uphold this service.
Yes, the employees are always welcoming and helpful. I will definitely do the same, as I know excellent customer service is paramount.
Yes, all of Aldi staff are really friendly and helpful. I think I would fit in well.
Why do you want to work at Aldi.
Yes. I enjoy helping people.
Yes I have noticed and I can.
Yes, I give of my best always.
Yes. They are always very helpful and courteous. I have a lot of experience in customer service and pride myself on giving excellent customer service.
Yes, I have dealt with customers as an executive assistant for sterling real estate handling tenant issues and finding solutions to their needs. I am very personable and willing to answer all their questions and concerns.
Absolutely customer service is one of my main attributes simply because I love working with people.
Absolutely. The customer is number one and if he or she leaves without a smile on their face and a feel of satisfaction then I have failed.
I will do same by working and building a good relationship with my colleagues, do my good well and assist where ever the need be.
At Target, we are trained heavily on providing great guest service to all of our guests. With this training, I am confident I will be able to provide a great experience to every guest, every time!
Yes I have 30 years experience in Customer service and have excellent guest focus by always guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.
Yes I have and I will do the same.
Of course indeed sure I will do the same.

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