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Do you prefer working in a team environment or alone?
Aldi is very much a team environment. Start off by telling the interviewer that you prefer the team environment, and you are great at working alone too! If you had to choose one over the other, you would pick a team environment.

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User-Submitted Answers

Do you prefer working in a team environment or alone?
I dont mind I have worked as both in the past.
Either I can adapt to either siutaions, I can give orders and am happy to take them, working alone means I would have to prioritize and work faster.
I prefer to work in a team environment, I work better with people and will always help as much as I can, but also can work alone.
I like been a member of a team I also like leading a team if everyone does what there supposed to do life is much easier for everyone in the team.
If I had to choose, I would prefer a team environment. However I can adapt to either.
Team. All things cannot be done alone.
I like both but if I had to choose I would say alone, I like to be focused on what I am doing and get it done as efficiently as possible.
I would much rather work in a team but I can work on my own initiative.
I prefer working alone if I am confident I have the ability to meet the time scale of the job. However I enjoy working as a team as it is scientificily proven workers achieve so much more in groups than on their own.
Definitely in a team! Everyone brings certain traits and qualities to the team, and I like seeing what they are and adding my own to the team!
I can work as individual I can work without reassurance but working as a team so much more can be archived together.
Work really well in a team but can work alone if needed.
I work well independantly as well as on a team. I like both.
I honestly do not mind. I like working with people as this creates a nice working environment, however I do enjoy working on my own in order for me to get my work done.
I prefer working with the team as you can achieve more when more people are involved.
Team. I prefer to work with people. It must be so boring to work alone. I thrive in a team environment.
Its equally good as each other, some tasks is a team work.
I do really enjoy working more so in a team but there are obviously times when you have to complete work on your own.
I dont really have a preference I have no issue with either but being in a team can be fun motivating each other.
Team work is good especially if there are just a few people to reach a positive outcome.
I can work in a team or by myslef and any off them is fine.
In a team environment getting everyone working for each other and boosting moral.
I like teamwork the best, I think. More opinions and povs.
I am happy to work in both scenarios. I am an independent worker but like to be with colleagues in a similar role so we can help each other when needed.
I enjoy working in a team, although I am more than capable of working alone.
As a shift manager for my current employer I work well in both scenarios.
I like working in a team environment but can also work alone if needed.
I like working in a team I am confident working alone.
In a team, I think that a job is done to a higher standard as all of you work together to get the best result.
I prefer working in a team environment aut can work alone if needed.
I like working in a team, but can work very well on my own...
Both, ideally. I am a strong independent worker, but I value time spent working in a team.
I prefer being a part of a strongly communicative team. It fosters learning and efficiency as well as camaraderie and belief in common goals.
In a team for the most part. You can keep an eye out for each other. Some jobs are best done on your own still though.
I can work in both effectivley.
You can always get more out of a team.
I enjoy working within a team. My previous experience I have had to be autonomous and team orientated. I found in those roles that by being autonomous that you were contributing to the team outcomes.
I like working in all environments, sometimes it will be necessary to work alone, however working as a team is of high importance and can lead to good results.
I work really well in a team but work just as well alone. So both.
I prefer working in a team environment and alone in certain situations it calls for interpersonal relationships and intrapersonal relationshops.
It depends on the situation as I am perfectly at ease with both. Generally speaking I am perfectly adept at working alone and getting the job done, but I am also happy leading from within a team, getting stuck in and working in partnership with everyone to complete work.
I enjoy working as part of a team within a busy role, I feel help and support from colleagues ensures a smooth workflow.
I really enjoy both. I enjoy working alone because I feel like I can get things done as fast as I can; I do not have to worry about working around anyone. I also enjoy working as a team because we can all help each other out while focusing on multiple tasks, which can be very helpful when attending to customers.
I enjoy working with a team of people.
I enjoy working in both a team environment, and on my own. I predominantly prioritize tasks and then delegate them to various team members to ensure work loads are distributed evenly and completed in a timely and efficient manner.
I prefer working in a team or alone as well .
I prefer working in a team environment as more can be achieved in a days work if everyone works well in a team. Working in a team also allows you to receive and give great advice to your coworkers and by doing this you are able to improve your work ethic further.
I enjoy working in a team, but where everybody has their own role and task to complete.
I am happy to work alone or as part of a team.
Both though working in a team is fun at times.
I am versatile, I can work in a team and be independent. Which as manager and employee you need to be able to adapt to both situations.
In a team because you learn faster with cooperation from your colleagues and build a good working relationship.
I enjoy working in a team environment, although I am also capable of working alone.
I would prefer to work in a team environment.
Enjoys both - I like to be part of a team but can work on my own initiative.
I am able to work in both environments, and there are roles in which I believe working alone is perferable. However, I thrive in a team environment, as ive always been taught growing up that sharing a task gets it done quicker and that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I am an exellent team player, I have good communicaqtion skills and im good at doing exactly what im told,
Like been part of a team and working together.
I enjoy both I love supporting others and helping them meet their potential so that together we can offer the ultimate customer experience.
A team environment. As you feel like your apart of something and that you are doing it all together.
Team! Lead but still part of the team.
I prefer to be in a team.
I can work well with a team and I am also self motivated to keep pace when working alone.
I can work well in both situations.
Either am quite happy to one or the other or both.
I can work individually but I enjoy to socialize and mix with people so I would prefer to work in a team.
Both! I enjoy my own company and I also love have having other people around me. I am prepared to work solo or as a team to get the job done.
I enjoy working as a team but I am great inpendent worker as well.
I capable of both I work very well on my own but I am a great team player and work wel in a group.
I believe in team work, but in saying that I work well alone aswell.
I have no preference in the matter. I can adequately perform under either circumstance. I often emerge as a natural leader to my workmates as I have a high capcity for learning and helping others learn also. In an individual capacity I can easily structure my obligations to fit specific time frames and have high levels of motivation to do the best job I can possibly do.
I enjoy working in a team but I can also work on my own.
In a team enviroment you can get lots of ideas and can brainstorming and challenge each other .
It depends on the environment different types of work are best done as a team, especially in a store where the staff all need to know what has been done, what needs to be done a lack of team work can lead to loss in productivity.
I prefer a team environment but I'm content working alone.
I enjoy working in both a team and on my own.
I am very driven and focussed when completing tasks and meeting targets which requires me to work alone, however I do enjoy working in a team as I value other peoples input and ideas.
Team environments are amazing! I dont mind working alone but having teamwork makes the dream work.
I love been part of a team but I am happy to work on my own and can show good use of my own initiative.
I prefer working in a team but I can work just as good alone.
I am a team player but in cases such as sales I have worked alone with grat success.
I have no problem working both. I'm a great team player and I can work alone as well.
I think working as a team can be very effective due to everyone having new and bright ideas, I work just as well alone . I have no preference I can do both.
I enjoy working in a team but can also work alone.
I don't mind working both I am a great team player and I can also work alone.
I can work really well within a team and develop a great relationship with my co workers but I am capable of working independently if needed.
I love to work in a team and alone. Some tasks require team work other don't. If it's a one man job it would be sensible to have one person doing it.
I dont have a preference, I adapt well into both environments.
If I had to choose, I prefer a team dynamic, as i'm a people person. I am used to working on my own. Although I manage a team in my current role, we do work late nights and weekends occasionally which means working alone. I prefer being surrounded with my team, but I can just get on with work when i'm alone easily.
Both It sole depends on the task that needs to be done. I can work independently to get jobs done but also enjoy brainstorming and collaborating with my colleagues.
I love working with others as you can share tips and experience with the other members of staff and you can learn of those more experienced than yourself.
I can work in a team and I can work alone I dont have a preference.
I prefer working with team for numerous reasons.
I enjoy working in a team environment where everyone can get involved and give ideas. I think you can learn more working with others.
Team environment as well alone using my own initiative.
Team environment gets things done more efficiently however at times working alone can be as constructive. But I prefer a team environment.
I generally work well in any environment.
I working in a team environment because it is more interactive and there is always room for sharing ideas.
I thrive working with a team. When you have a team it motivates you and also you can work together tobget thing done.
I work very well with others but am also capable of working alone.
Work very well with others but also very capable alone.
Team environment. It makes the job more fun and enjoyable and I love getting to know new people well.
I can work in either. I like working on my own however I like to manage a team and appreciate the comraderies'.