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Do you need a job at Aldi or just working for fun?
If you are working at Aldi just for fun, that's great! Tell this to the interviewer, and be sure to mention that you look forward to working hard for such a great company! If you are seeking a job because you need the income, tell the interviewer that you are seeking the income, but working at Aldi would be fun. So, it's a win-win!

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User-Submitted Answers

Do you need a job at Aldi or just working for fun?
I need a job at aldi. I am a student and I am looking to begin driving so need the money to save up for a car and to pay for my driving lessons, I also need to pay off my holiday I have booked. However I do enjoy working and without a job I think I would get bored.
I definitely need a job at aldis.
A little bit of both, I enjoy working in a fast paced environment meeting new and helping customers, I am also beginning to venture into the adult world of responsibility, and having a stable job is the best route for me to take.
I would like a job at Aldi because I am passionate about working and I never like staying still.
I most certainly need a job at aldi! I want to be the best person I can be and I feel Aldi can help me achieve this goal. Working for Aldi would give me steady employment that would allow me to become independent.
I need a job at aldi.
I think it would be a great to work in Aldi to gain experience and have fun.
I would like a job that is challenging and rewarding, not just a job but a career. Fun in the workplace creates engagement and engaged employees are more productive and less costly.
I dont work for fun. I work to support my son and myself to give him the life he deserves.
I would love a job at Aldi, I think it would be a great challenge and rewarding.
I desperately need a job, I have never been fully unemployed before, and have a family to support. I am on a very low income and need to pay all my bills off.
I would love to work at aldi part time until I could find an apprenticeship but that takes months.
There are things that I do need the job to be able to do for example driving lessons and to help my mum with the rent and to pay my phone bill but it would also be nice to have something to het up for in throttning so a little bit of both.
I am not just looking for another pay check im looking for a company that can help me as an individual grow in the retail industry hopefully in trainee manager to begin with im prepared to work hard .
Aldi employ only the best and I believe I can contribute to that ethos.
I have a job already so I do not need it as such, but I want it a lot.
I need a job and Aldi seems good team fun so they both work hand in hand.
Fun at work is very important to create great atmosphere between coworker which impacts better service to cutomers.
I need a job and of course sometimes you could have fun in the place.
I think seeing work as fun and not a necessary task is crucial to motivate me. I achieve my best results when I consider what I do as fun, I love setting competitions to motivate my staff.
Job must be fun, in my understanding if you dont enjoy what you do in life then you need to to do some changes.
I need a job at Aldi as I believe it would be a great place to learn and progress further in a Store Manager position.
I think nearly everyone needs a job and aldi is an ideal candidate for an employer.
I have a family to support and looking for the forever job that has room for advancement.
Yes I need the opertunity to show them what I can offer.
I need a job at Aldi. I am going to be going to college and I have bills already that need to be paid.
I am lookiung to find a job which I can enough miney to fund travel and uni.
I believe Aldi offers some fantastic benefits to its employees, and also a very stable place of employment.
At stage in my life where I wish to do a job I enjoy.
I need to work because I have a family and I expect to grow in this company.
I am looking for a permanent career that will help me grow but also for something that I can be proud to be a part of.
Both,In need of a career and believe aldi to be a challenging and progressive career that I would thoroughly enjoy.
Currently I am looking to advance and gain more experience. I chose to look for a job at Aldi as I heard that it is a fun environment to work in with good manangement.
I would love to get a job at Aldi because it is a great company to work for and it has grown a lot and it give stability.
Aldi is a fantastic company and I would be honoured to work for you at this moment I. Time it would be ideal if I found a job.
I need it for a first time job.
I would like to work at aldi.
I need a job. You need money to live, and I am the only one supporting me.
I need the position at Aldi to further my career and build my career into the position I want to be in.
Both, I have a part time job on the farm where I live which I can do the hours that suit but that means that I dont get to interact with anyone, I want the Aldi job to allow me to get off the farm and meet new people.
I want a career with aldi.
Everyone needs a job, although it is important to enjoy what you do and make it rewarding.
I need a job at aldi to help further my career and gain some vital experience.
I want to be part of aldi.
Yes just a job not for fun.
No . I would to improve my career about retail for my future.
I need a job. I believe Aldi is a fit for me, Aldi has a sustainability/ recycling initiative- which is a topic close to my heart. And Aldi has avenues for advancement within the organisation.
I am looking to get back into the workforce, knowing more about Aldi and how they train, develop and reward their employees makes me feel that working for Aldi is so much more than a job.
I am looking to get back into the workforce, but looking at how Aldi trains, develops and rewards their employees, working for Aldi seems more than a job.
I would like to carry on my career looking forward, I believe Aldi is the best way for me to do that.
Require part time employment.
I would love a job at aldi, I like the sound of the challenge.
I need a job at Aldi because I love the affordable products and I am diligently seeking a friendly environment to exude my excellent customer service skills. I also am seeking to work at Aldi because of the opportunity for growth and advancement in the future.
I am looking for a challenge and a change of career.
I was recently made redundant after continuous work for 25 years, I have decided I want to continue my career in a customer based role as it is one of my strong points.
Working here at Aldis is a need. I have a family I have to provide for.
Unfortunately everyone needs a job to pay the bills. However, I like to go to work and enjoy the time I am there with the people I work with.
I need need this job here beacuse it will help me through college and paying my billing and such.
Customer service is my priority.
I NEED a job. My girlfriend and I are having a baby and I am ready to provide for my family.
Both, I am a person who always makes the best of situations.
I need a job where I can expand my career in a bigger and better company, so yes I do need a job at Aldi.
I need a job as I am 19 years old and need to provide for myself and my younger siblings. The experience I can gain is also something that could prove to be invaluable.
Both, I enjoy working and keeping myself busy but I am also saving to buy a house.
I am looking for an opportunity to further progress my career. I see ALDI as the way forward for myself, and believe in conjunction with your training program and opportunities for advancement I will be able to advance within your company.
I need serious a job at Aldi.
I do need a job, however I find fun in being busy which I believe Aldi can offer me.
I need a job at Aldi as I feel that it will help further my retail experience.
I do need a job, but I find fun in working. I would much rather have a job I enjoy.
Definitely need a job at Aldi.
I need a job. I want to make a difference.
I need a job for stability and I want to work for Aldi because of the environment. Customer service is excellent the shelves are always organized and in superb shape. Aldis is a place to grow with and represent.
Both I do need a job simply because I have responsibilities but I would be working for fun because I love working with people.
I could definitely do with the job.
I have a job but I am looking to progress and Aldi is a company I would like to work for.
I need a job with aldi so as to build a career in customer services and I will be happy is the customers are happy with my services.
I have a mortgage and car payments, so yes, I do need a job. But I want to work for Aldi because I think it will be a great challenge for me to prove to myself and you that I can overcome any obstacle that is placed in front of me.
I am serious about this job.
I would love to work for aldi.
I would love a job at Aldi as I think it will be a great challenge and rewarding but I also think it would be great to make new friends with the staff.
Both of course I need to earn a salary but I also need to enjoy myself and have challenges to work towards.
I am looking to make this a career not a job.
I both need and want to work at Aldi, I feel that Aldi is the place that will help me progress with my working future and also give me a chance to hopefully progress up the ladder.
A bit of both would like to work in a friendly environment and would like to get back into the work force.
I want to join an expanding, progressive business where I can use my previous experience in customer service and JIT principles.
Need the job to gain experience.
I need a job, but also I need to enjoy it.
No, I would like to take part in a serious role.
To be honest both. I have a family to support, however, I always wanted to work in retail and ALDI is be fare to best opportunity because of the awesome team spirit, the great and friendly environment and the fabulous work conditions for employers.
I do need a job as I have bills to pay for but I would like to work for Aldi as it is a well respected, reputable brand.
I am passionate about working in Retail and Aldi is just great.
I do need a job but want a job were I will feel needed and enjoy working.
We all need to work btu it is important I enjoy my role.
I need a challenge would love to go into retail.
I wouldlike towork at aldi.
I need a job at Aldi and can make a positive contribution.
I am looking for at Aldi that I can turn in to a career.
I need a job at aldi for a career.
I would love to work for Aldi as I need a job and it sounds fun and great to work for them.
I really need a job seriously not for fun .I never work for fun.
I would love to work at Aldi as there is a lot of opportunities.
I really need a job and a career.
I want to work for a fun happy company.
I need a new job, and believe Aldi is a place where I can begin a flourishing career with a directed ladder to climb.
I am currently in 5th year at school working towards my highers. So a job would be suitable for me at this particular moment.
I would love the opportunity to work for Aldi. I believe it would be both, enjoyable but a very discipling experience.
Yes I need a job at aldi.
Yes, I do want a job at Aldi because I want to increase my skills and knowledge which aims to increase my productivity for performance and work more efficiently to provide to the company and as well as open my future career.
Yes I would pretty much love work at aldi.
Looking for part time work as I like to keep busy.
No I would certainly take my position seriously. I would be looking for a career at the company.
Would love a job at Aldi, as I need to have fun at work.
I love challanges, and I believe working with aldo is challanging and rewarding.
I really need this job at aldi, as I am studying and need to support myself.
I want to be part of Aldi I want to grow and make a differences.
Want progression, company with a clearer vision and constant challenge which is why I love retail and wholesale.
I need a job at Aldi as I want to gain new experience and be more mature by making my own money.
I would love to work for Aldi. I enjoy working but wouldn't say I work for fun.
Yes I would love to work for aldi because I heard there are a great company to. Work for with great prospects.
I believe a balance is important. It is important for me to have a job that offers challenges and career progression but, in my experience, a working environment is a more efficient and happier place if an element of fun and camaraderie can be blended with customer service and hard work.
I would love a job at Aldi as it is a forever growing company and offers life skills as well as work place skills.
I finished school last year as well as a traineeship that was contract which I finished in November. So i'm currently unemployed, I decided to apply for a position at Aldi after I talked to a relative who said that Aldi are known for providing excellent training for their employees which interested me quite a bit. So when I saw that this store was hiring I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to potentially gain employment but to gain new skills and work a commendable company.
I like to work and I work hard at any task I am given so yes I need a job at aldi.
I need a dependable job that I will also enjoy.
Both If I answer honestly. In recent years ALDI has grown a lot and this is something great for an employee as it means job stability and the chance for growth within the company.
I need a job that offers progression and a recognition of my skills and experience.
I can say a bit of both. Needing a job yes as I need to provide for my family. But I would not apply for anywhere and everywhere. As I believe if you can enjoy your work you will excel.
I need a career with aldi to support my partner and newborn daughter. With a healthy and happy lifestyle.
I would love the opportunity to work at an established organization like Aldi because of it's rich ethical work culture, value for customer service and employee development, and I know I can add value with my organizational skills and experience.
I need a job at Aldi. It's pay well to enjoy what you are doing. Self satisfaction at the end of your working is the best feeling. Knowing you have satisfied customers and they have enjoyed their shopping experience makes any enduring tasks easy to accept and deal with.
Would love to have a job at Aldi to become part of a great team.
I would love a job at Aldi because I appreciate their work ethos and believe I can contribute to that. I would not be doing it for fun.