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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?
The interviewer wants to hear that you are not a rule breaker, and you support the rules the company has put into place. Start off by telling the interviewer that you follow all of the company rules and are supportive of the leadership decisions the company makes regarding rules. After all, there had to be some logic to their professional decision! Next, think of an outside the box rule your company had that you simply would have made a different decision about. A sound example might be that company rule that says no insulated lunch boxes/totes can be put into the fridge because it takes up too much space. You might tell the interviewer, "If I could change one decision the leadership team made regarding a rule, I would not have implemented the rule that says employees cannot put a lunch tote/lunch box in the fridge for space reasons because it makes it so much harder to find your own food in the fridge at lunch time resulting in a line at the refrigerator and less time to spend outside enjoying the sunshine." This shows the interviewer that you respect decisions even when you recognize you would make different decisions sometimes.
Answer examples
"If I could change one decision the leadership team made regarding a rule, I would not have implemented the rule that says employees cannot put a lunch tote/lunch box in the fridge for space reasons because it makes it so much harder to find your own food in the fridge at lunch time resulting in a line at the refrigerator and less time to spend outside enjoying the sunshine."

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User-Submitted Answers

Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?
I never really disliked any rules at my current job, I felt like they were all their for a good reason, mostly for safety of the staff and public.
When I worked at KFC there was no real break sceheme, people would just leave at will and there was no real rule complying to help us.
I havnt really disliked any thing about the rules of my last job rules are to be followed and thats what I do.
Non compliance with apprenticeship.
Managers had found a loophole that allowed them to tamper with payplan and the people actually making the company money were being penalized.
I follow all rules and policy.
I always followed company rules and policy.
Required to stay until the store manager said, often requiring 14-15 hour shifts.
Never rules are there for a reason.
I disliked that I was working at a call center and had to wear uniform.
I never had a problem with the company rules. I did what ever I suppose to do.
Company rules are not to like or dislike. They are in place for a reason.
There was never a time when I particulary disliked our companies rules. We had to be clean, keep up maintenance and efficient, I understand that these are neccessary for the running of the store and it is why I was getting paid.
I dint like losing my break time if l was on a call but sometimes you have to do it to make sure the client is happy.
I did not like not being paid any holiday pay by employer I worked for in construction compay I never missed any days worked long hours .
A process I was working on was creating a bottle neck in the production area. I suggested a smarter way of working but was ignored because a small cost was involved to improve the process and needed three signatures to authorise the spend. One of the signatures was on holiday for a few weeks. This delay could have caused an accident. Eventually the spend was authorised and the process was improved to my suggestion.
We have recently taken on lots of new accounts from other offices and all have there own policies and procedures and I would like to interline them into one to make operations easier and smoother but this is difficult as the customers have there own procedures they would like to stick to and we are unable to change them straight away but overtime it maybe a possibility but for now lots of prompt sheets and having information at hand does help.
I always obey rules within the company I work for.
I follow directions. Rules generally are not to be liked or disliked, just followed.
I believe companys have all there rules in place for a reason.
When a staff had a crisis, a sick child, and upper management said they were fired.
Never, rules are in place for health and safety reasons.
I like working for company but if there is no jobs there is no work to be done do not like the unstableness.
Limited trading time at market and extra charge for being on holiday.
When someone got a final warning for not wearing gloves.
In Spain the bar owner preferred to hire young girls than men because they looked better behind the bar.
Manager dress code. I believe that managers should look professional so that they are set apart from employees.
I can honestly say I have never found any rules have been to my disliking - they are put in place more often to protect the employee.
I use to work at burger king. It was how dm was when she came to town. She didnt care about anything in to resturarant and just let everyone do whatever they wanted and it didnt run good.
There has never been a time when I disliked the rules. I would always comply with them and never saw them as a problem.
When they did not treat the customer correctly, eg, 3 minutes per call.
I did not like in beautician job in salon.
When you have to work to a policy and the clothes do not match.
Not done, always respect rules.
That you must finish your work before you close for the day when I had to rush to the post office to post an important document before it closed. I stayd back to finish my work and ended up not being able to post that mail.
I never disliked my old companys rules they are set in place for a reason.
No reward or any sort of recogisation for hard working employee, not even employee of the month or anything to motivate.
No jewellery allowed for health & safety.
I have alway worke within the rules of ny compoany and never had any disputes.
When my hours were reduced.
Did not dislike rules, rules are needed to run company.
I cannot recall such a time, I believe that rules are there for a reason and most places are understanding to the customer and employees circumstances.
In my last job, I disliked how we were not able to keep tips that we had earned. I told HO that this was the reason behind low morale, and I would like to change that, as having a low staff morale, reflect badly on us, through bad customer satisfaction.
They put a new rule there is no shift over time available we need to spend our time daily to tally the cash.
I never dislike anything, the rules were there for a good reason, for staff and public safty.
I believe that rules are there for a reason.
Inconsistent rules, no water in stock rooms, rules kept changing and then changing back.
I never disliked company rules I am very versatile so I just adjust and make the best of the new situation.
I did not have any problems with the rules within my previous job as I understood the rules were there for a reason and I did not show any conflict towards them.
Never liked the fact that we had 15 min break and had to walk 5 mins to canteen and 5 mins back.
There wasnt any rules that I disagreed with it was a well run company.
Can't remember a time, when a rule was unjust at all, always very could reasoning behind rules. Safety etc.
I have yet to experience any dislike for a company .
Sales strategy by the new commercial director, issued sales stats for instore customers mon-thurs, expected sales increase fri-sun with no strtegy in place to push sales.
Generally I respect and trust rules. I believe they are in place to benefit the majority and for fairness and equality. Most of the time a company rule/policy may need challenging if the company needs to move with the times or the big picture needs to be explained, therefore acceptance of the rule.
Not being able to go for breaks when you want, but you get use to it.
I don't rules are put in place for a reason.
The rule that I disliked was my boss just giving more attention and listen to the girls only.
To be honest I never dislike any rules. I believe rules are made to follow.
There was really no rules, everyone was expected to get the job done in a timely manner. We received donations daily... You had to be on top of your job or some employees would get overwhelmed.
I understand the importance of rules to protect customer's and staff.
I dislike company rules, when my empathy is bigger in the situation, and I am not able to do more for the customers as I would like. However I understand, that everybody has to use and accept the company rules.
Rules are there for a reason and are there to protect customers and employees. I always stick to the rules of any company I work for. If I ever felt I had any issues then I would certainly discuss those with my line manager.
There wasn't a time found company rules to be fair.
Rules are there for everyone, employee and customers alike.
Your never going too like every rule, you just have too abide by them.
In my last job I was in rockabil fish factory and on my first day they put me on the de finning machine but the gloves they had given me were too big and they only had one size.
There has never been a time that I have disliked a company rule they are put in place for a reason.
I thought that stopping working stock at 2pm to recover was not always practical as in a busy retail environment things sometime change and there may be more stock that needs to go out. There needs to be flexibility on some rules at certain times.
I have never disliked any rules really, I respected my company and all of the rules. But never was there a rule I really disliked.
Managing personal data - particularly as some ofthe individuals were vulnerable. I sought support from my line manager who was able too put in place a more appropriate system which he was able to stand over as a project co-ord.
The rules we have are necessary and good. I truly cannot think of any I disliked.
More so it would be when certain rules of other businesses affected how I did my job.
I was working in an assisted living home. Some of the company rules did not have our clients best interest in mind however they had the companies best interest in mind. I disagreed with the set rule and asked if it could be amended to benefit the company as well as the clients. It was amended to put the clients best interest as a priority and still protected the company. A win win situation.
At McDonald's, children above 8 couldn't have a balloon which I thought was unfair.
I honestly can't say I've worked in an organization that I didn't like the rules, I pride myself on learning and understanding the company rules, procedures and processes in the first few weeks, and with this knowledge i'm able to adapt to the culture and the needs of the organization.
I wouldn't say I dislike the the company rules it was just the company couldn't keep up with my pay.
There was a company rule that was implemented when the store owner hired a new general manager. The rule involved a different process of assembling a product that I was not used to. I quickly adapted to the new rule and began teaching it to new employees.