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Top Aldi Assistant Manager Interview Questions

Question 1 of 3
What are you looking for in terms of career development?
User-Submitted Answers
I would like to get to know Aldi's internal procedures and progress to Store manager.
I would like one day to make it to store manager.
I a am looking to advance as far as I can within Aldi as I seem them as a grreat employer with a bright future in the UK
To progress to Store manager after gaining enough experience.
Question 2 of 3
Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
Question 3 of 3
What unique experience or qualifications separate you from other candidates for the Assistant Manager position?
User-Submitted Answers
I am very hard working and willing to learn. I also believe my analytical skills and ability to spot market trends and action them in my stroes have proven to increase turn over whilst reducing costs and waste.
Through positions I have held in food manufacturers, restaurants, hotels and a retailers head office I have gained valuable experience in working in high pressure, stressful environments.

About Aldi

Aldi is a leading global discount supermarket chain with over 9,000 stores in over 18 countries, and an estimated turnover of more than ?50bn. Based in Germany, the chain was founded by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946 when they took over their mother's store in Essen which had been in operation since 1913; it is one of the world's largest privately owned companies.

The earliest roots of the company trace back to 1913, when the mother of Karl and Theo Albrecht opened a small store in a suburb of Essen. Their father was employed as a miner and later as a baker?s assistant. Karl Albrecht was born in 1920, Theo Albrecht in 1922. Theo Albrecht completed an apprenticeship in his mother?s store, while Karl Albrecht worked in a delicatessen. Karl Albrecht took over a food shop formerly run by F. W. Judt who already advertised that they were the "cheapest food source". Karl Albrecht served in the German Army during World War II. In 1946, the brothers took over their mother?s business and soon opened another retail outlet nearby. By 1950, the Albrecht brothers owned 13 stores in the Ruhr Valley.

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