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Meet Rachelle
Rachelle Enns is an interview coach and job search expert. Her background includes Director of Permanent Search for a Canadian recruitment firm and VP of Client Management for a US-based recruitment firm.

Rachelle works with candidates worldwide, training them to perform their best in employment, medical, and post-secondary admission interviews.

Since 2016, Rachelle has been an active contributor to MockQuestions, writing thousands of interview questions and example answers and providing 1:1 interview coaching.

Read more about Rachelle Enns on LinkedIn.
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Anonymous Answer
"If I am successful in obtaining this position, I tend to make the difference immediately. I believe my strong level of education, as well as my managerial experience, will add value to the company. I also have a strong work ethic which you will realize immediately."
Rachelle's Reply
"I plan to add value to your company by doing (A) and (B) in the first 90 days. My education in financial audits, as well as my experience in managing a team of 5 junior auditors, will be valuable to your company. My work ethic is solid, I never miss a deadline, and I am available to coach new trainees to work in the same manner."
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