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Teacher Interview Questions And Answers

Shane is an English Teacher at the High School level where he teaches English 9 Honors, English 11, Yearbook/Journalism, and AP Seminar.

What The Interviewing Process For A Teacher Looks Like

Though all interviewing processes are different, there are some things you can expect walking into a potential job. You should dress professionally. Look the part and then act like it. Preparing ahead of time matters, as well. Process through how you will answer potential questions that come your way. Lastly, research the school you are interviewing for. Get an idea of the culture, so you can show you are truly interested in the job.

Typical Teacher Interview Questions

Behavioral Interview Questions

  1. Describe a recent interaction with a challenging student and the parents.

  2. How would the typical student describe you?

  3. How would you report a delicate issue to your superior?

  4. When were you most challenged by a student?

  5. Explain a time you misled students accidentally. How did you resolve the problem?

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Situational Interview Questions

  1. What was a time you failed and how did you handle it?

  2. Share a time when you worked with someone who you didn't work well with.

  3. How would you handle being asked to start a task that you have no experience in?

  4. Speak about a high-pressure experience. What got you through?

  5. Describe a time when you made a quality impression on someone.

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Leadership Interview Questions

  1. How do you model listening in your classroom?

  2. What is the best way to solidify relationships with your peers?

  3. How do you maximize the strengths of people around you?

  4. What are the best ways to engage in a school community?

  5. What are learning areas that you can model as a leader?

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High School Teacher Interview Questions

  1. What interests you most when it comes to teaching at the High School level?

  2. Have you ever taught a class with special needs students, or students with a disability? If so, how did you adjust your teaching style or curriculum?

  3. You have been hired as the newest member of our teaching team. How would you first introduce yourself to a group of parents, students, and teachers from our school?

  4. We were initially looking for someone with 5 years' experience in a similar role. Considering you have just 2 years' experience, would you be willing to accept this position at a lower salary?

  5. How would you handle a student being disruptive in the classroom?

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Middle School Teacher Interview Questions

  1. Why are you a good fit for this job and our school district?

  2. Why did you choose to become a middle school teacher?

  3. What was the most useful college course you have taken?

  4. What is the last book you read? When did you read it?

  5. Have you ever been a substitute teacher? Describe that experience.

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Elementary Teacher Interview Questions

  1. Are you a team player?

  2. Are you a positive and energetic person?

  3. What is the toughest problem you've had to face? And how did you overcome it?

  4. How will you instruct students with varying abilities?

  5. How do you feel when a student fails?

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Teacher Community Answers


    What is the right way to teach English?


    Every teacher has a unique way of teaching English. For me, I want to inspire students through good prose, fun writing assignments, and ways to use English for the rest of their lives.


    It really does depend on the individual. Continue to vary the things you do with English. In turn, you will see the majority of your students love your class.


    Tell me about a time when you planned a great lesson , but everything went wrong. What did you do?


    When it comes to being a teacher, you always hope things will turn out well. But, there are times when the perfect lesson falls short. I always try to evaluate myself. If I have multiples of the same class, I change and rework for better results in future classes.


    Continue to work the lesson and do not be afraid to try something different in the other classes, if the first couple lessons fall short. Sometimes, moving on with something new changes everything.


    What have been some successful teaching methods used in your English classes?


    In my class, one of the best teaching methods has been using a mock trial to connect with "To Kill A Mockingbird." It is truly the best part of the year for many of my students.


    Continue to compare and contrast real court life to the case involving Mr. Finch as the attorney in the novel. Your students will continue to make connections you may have not even thought of. Keep it up!


    What do you do to handle a challenging student?


    Challenging students can be frustrating. But, one of the most diffusing ways to interact with a troublesome student is taking them out of the classroom and asking if they are alright. This usually sets the frame of mind of the student for a better class moving forward.


    Great way to handle this situation. Rather than making a scene with the student among his or her peers, this is a productive way to show you care.


    Why do students need English in their lives?


    English is a great way to communicate with others. If you want to take in new sides, ideas, and perspectives, English is a fantastic means to share thoughts. There are so many people that speak the language around the world, so there are a ton of ideals to unpack from all corners of the globe.


    Continue to prove this to your students. Show interactions of this playing out around the world. Bring people into your class that can model this.


    What makes an ESL classroom different from a traditional classroom?


    In my classroom, an ESL classroom is different than the norm. I have more visuals all around the classroom. My room should be the teacher as well.


    Yes. I think educators sometimes think that elementary classrooms are the only place that should have visuals. But, this could not be further from the truth.


    What do you do to communicate with ESL students' families?


    I work to over-communicate. If there is a language barrier with the student, the parents might have it even harder. I make sure to have phone calls, in-person conferences, emails, and post announcements on Google Classroom as much as possible. For me, this covers all my bases.


    If you are having difficult interactions due to language barriers, see if you can connect with other ESL teachers and governement resoures to help you out, if you are in a public school.


    How accessible is your curriculum for ESL students?


    For me, it is imperative to have accessible curriculum. Every student is coming into my class with different experiences and language barriers. It is my job to make sure that every student has their own plan towards ultimate success.


    Diversifying learning for each student is so key. Not one student is alike. So, one student might grasp one concept better than another. Be there ready to help the student that is falling short and move onto another student with different challenges.


    Give an example of progress monitoring in your ESL class.


    I prefer handwritten systems that I can also put online. Then, I have multiple rosters in case one gets lost some how. Double coverage will save me.


    This is a smart plan. Sometimes, teachers only have one form of grades and progress, they lose it all, and they are in hot-water. Planning ahead is a great thing hear with extra resources.


    What is your approach to developing an assessment?


    Assessments have to be personal. All my students cannot take the same ones. This way, I get to see individual learning from these personalized assessments.


    Personalized assessments are the way to go. They give you the best feedback, the pros and cons of your class content.


    Share one thing about yourself.


    I really wanted to wow my interviewer, so I choose something that they would remember. You know? Like what sets me a part from other teachers. I said I played the bagpipes and have been for 10 years. That certainly is not something everyone plays.


    Certainly, telling something about yourself that is unique with help the interviewer recall who you are. It is important that you make yourself memroable, in a positive way, before, during, and after the interview.


    What do you like about this school?


    When I walk into an interview, I want to know the ins and outs of the school I am applying for. What are they known for? Why are they in the news? What is the school's legacy? If I can get a grasp of those things, this has impressed.


    Certainly! The more you know about the school you are applying for, the more leg up you will have in the interview process. You care when you share things about the school that the interviewer can be wowed by.


    What keeps you motivated to teach during the day?


    Not everyday is a motivating day to teach. But, if I am having a down-day, then I pull out old student letters from my past. This reminds me where I have been and where I continue to go with the next generation of learners.


    Interviewers certainly would see the real side of you here. The answer is not overbearing, making the interviewer think that you have a lot of issues. Instead, it shows you care, you are human, and you rebound well.

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