Urban and Regional Planners
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1. Why is urban planning important to you?
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it put different types of urban land use in order so that the available land (scarce resource) of space is effectively utilized for both short- to long- term run. it is important to intergrate three pilars of sustainable development which are social, economic and environmental aspect of the area, which means that proper urban planning promote for the urban areas which are socially, economically and environmentally just.
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Urban and Regional consist of several field of studies which give and individual a wide range of knowledge. In addition, it is a field in which you are part of the development of something that will perhaps influence peoples lives hope fully in a positive manner. The end results are exciting sometime unknown.
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It is my passion since i was a child, and my ambition is to make a great building to people livi in it.
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It is my passion since i was a child, and my ambition is to make a great building to people livi in it.
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Urban planning is a great combiniation of harmonous living of community citizens, but as well as strategizing the focus of the city to where it wants to be in the future.
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I want to promote equity by designing universal spaces that are safe and healthy.
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Its is part of modern development and as an engineer its compulsory to deal and make project success full and eco-friendly.
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Urban Planning is all about creating healthy and livable communities.
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2. Tell me about a project you studied in college that impressed you the most.
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carried out a study on the cost benefit anaysis on the public projects in order to deternime the feasibilty of publicly funded projects and the impacts such projects usually have on the communities. The project was very interesting to undertake yet challenging
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3. What is most important to you, something quick and flashy, or something that is timeless?
4. Tell me about your portfolio. What do you like about it? What would you change?
5. What do you believe makes a happy community?
6. What would you begin to change about our community if you were given full access for planning today.
7. What projects have you worked on in the past?
8. What cities have you studied that impressed you the most?
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Baroda city, the city deais with the all aspect coveriong socially econamically all the aspects.
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9. Where do you get your inspiration from?
10. Have you studied a poorly planned city project? Tell me about it and what went wrong.
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Urban and Regional Planners
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Urban and regional planners develop long- and short-term plans for the use of land and the growth and revitalization of urban, suburban, and rural communities and the region in which they are located. They help local officials alleviate social, economic, and environmental problems by recommending locations for roads, schools, and other infrastructure and suggesting zoning regulations for private property—work that requires forecasting the future needs of the population. Because local governments employ the majority of urban and regional planners, they often are referred to as community or city planners.

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Education Requirements

Urban and regional planners usually need a master’s degree from an accredited planning program to qualify for professional positions.

Work Environment

Most other planners worked for state and federal governments; real estate developers; nonprofit organizations; and consulting firms. Planners work throughout the country in all sizes of municipality, but most work in large metropolitan areas.