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Top 25 Receptionist Interview Questions
1. Do you mind working late hours during busy seasons at our office?
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List of Receptionist Interview Questions
  1. Do you mind working late hours during busy seasons at our office?
  2. Tell me what working habits you have that set you apart from everyone else?
  3. What in the past demonstrates your ability to handle this position?
  4. How well have you gotten along with coworkers in the past?
  5. Why are you the best fit for this job?
  6. How do you prioritize when you have three phone calls on hold, and a customer waiting in front of your desk?
  7. What are you trying to accomplish when answering the phone?
  8. Give me three reasons why you would be the best fit for the job?
  9. What office skills do you currently possess?
  10. Give me an example of when you pleased a customer very much?
  11. After three months on the job, where do you see your performance being?
  12. What did you like most about your previous receptionist position?
  13. Do you enjoy socializing with customers?
  14. A Receptionist is not the most exciting job, how would you make it fun?
  15. Describe a situation when you had an angry customer contact you?
  16. What experiences do you have as a receptionist?
  17. Are you proficient in Microsoft Office?
  18. Have you ever called off work when you really could have went?
  19. Do you tend to give into customer complaints?
  20. Give me an example of when you made a customer really unhappy?
  21. Have you ever been in a stressful situation at work? How did you handle it?
  22. Have you ever been yelled at by a customer before? How did you handle the situation?
  23. At our office, the receptionist job is more than just handling phone calls, what have you done outside of that job description at your other receptionist position?
  24. Tell me about your last job. How does it relate to working for my office as a receptionist?
  25. Would you consider yourself a friendly person?
  26. What is the most important task about being a receptionist?
  27. How long are you looking to stay at this position if you were hired?
  28. Why should you become this office's receptionist?
  29. How did your typical greeting go at your last position?
  30. If you are given multiple tasks at one particular point during the day, while the phone is ringing off the hook, how would you handle your tasks while still answering phone calls?
  31. Did you miss any days at work last year?
  32. Are you an organized person? Give me an example that demonstrates this.
Contributing Author
Ryan Brown
Receptionist Information
August 18th, 2017

A Receptionist is an office worker in charge of handling phone calls and customer walk-ins. They greet clients and guests and arrange appointments. They typically work in a lobby setting or near an entrance to the building. Receptionists tasks and duties will depend on the facility. For a more specialized receptionist interview, search Medical Receptionist or Real-Estate Receptionist.

A receptionist will be responsible for the following duties; answering phone calls, greeting clients, keeping an office schedule, data entry, bookkeeping (depending on office size), organize the office, and other administrative duties. If your receptionist role is a medical practice, you will need to understand certain medical terms, medical scheduling procedures, and insurance terminology.

A job interview for a receptionist should be easy if one practices for the interview. Prepare by understanding the business. Know how your experience relates to that business and their needs of a receptionist. Almost all employers are looking for receptionists with an upbeat, positive attitude. Being able to multitask and handle stressful situations is a major plus. Have a professional and confident attitude for your job interview, and remember all job interviews are conversations. You want to make sure the office or facility you are interviewing for is just as good of a fit for yourself as it is the office.

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