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Having issues with employee time sheets and master time sheets. So I suggest we added a sign in sheet to the mix that way the employees on the job sites had to initial beside there in and out time.
yes in our company we have one sump and water is pumping mines water spray is necessary so we have to use that water for spraying.water will be pumped out and our problem will also solved.
What gets me really excited about event planning is knowing that I was able to take someones visions that maybe they had on paper or in their head, and actually put them into real life. Knowing that I was apart of making their
I this is my place.
As difficult as it is to watch anyone suffer, I am here to help them get through their pain or illness, so I will put on my
My friend John asked me what Groupon was and I told him it was a
I learned to keep a calendare for my personal life work and everything else. I try to set weekly and daily work goals for my self so I can work on
3)Tell us about a time when you had to analyze information and make recommendation? What kind of thought process did you go through? What was the reasoning behind your decision?
I was an emcee for the college day event and we were just finishing up with the main program and getting ready for the video portion which was a compilation of the students who day on campus. The video wasn't ready yet so I quickly came up with a
they would say that i am very enthusiastic about any work that I decide to take, and also, they know that they can sure of getting that particular project or work to done before deadlines. More importantly, they know that I am team play, a kind of person who has a mentality of
If a patient complains I didn't properly care for them during the last appointment, I would ask the patient,
Politely, say
Oh yes. There has been many
You should hire me because i am a team player and posses the skills you are seeking for this position. I am available the hours you need and would represent Walmart to my full ability as being the
Although all three are very important when creating to communicate a message, the most important phase is the planning. One of my favorite quotes is Ideas don't exist in a vacuum
The company culture is that they want to customers to be happy.
I go fo a nordic walk or dance and sing loudly in front of my sons which they find very annoying. I usually find noridc walks help the most; as for conflict I wait til I
Assistant manager
I would listen and note the complaint. I would check the chart to see what was previously done and if there were any complications and if the complaint is related to procedure. I would tell the dr what the pt's concerns were and have the chart ready.I would tell the pt.
I want to be a member of the
I want to be a member of the
Only a little white lie, which we call
There is no
I believe that there is not one specific element that i can mention however, I find that when remembering a client makes them feel special. Going the extra mile for all clients when possible. Asking the client if there is anything else we could do for them? A follow up call to find out
Haha, you guys changed tire rods? How? I think the question should read
Never, that is one thing that I pride myself on. I have a little saying that I live by.
What is your ideal job?
No i didnt work at Olga's Kitchen before.
I have a background in search/rescue from the military. Whenever we responded to calls, someone was not only injured, but required an
I try to pick out books that are relevant to the industry. I just finished
Organization, prioritization, and communication. Organization is simply indispensable in many situations, such as responding to daily workflow situations or research papers. Communication is vitally important to a supervisor in leading others, and as a student proving what has been learned. Prioritization is crucial in making the most of your time, be it in deciding which
Tell us about a time you had to overcome a obstacle.
I take them as
ITalian food ranks
Yes. Completed projects with the company's
Because I have a background in staging, I would stage the unit to obtain excellent pictures for posts. I would also highlight the features in a
I was driving at night/early morning on the freeway in the 2nd line when a car entering the freeway was not paying attendation when entering and also hit the center of my 53 foot trailer. I saw the car entering the freeway early and started to move over in the
As long as i can.
enjoyed mathematics and problem solving. See the beauty in exploring and gaining insights into these
There was one time when I was working on my own at the Dolgarrog pub during a function. A rog stewart tribute act to be precise. It was all going very well, but as the night was approaching the end
I have always been self-motivated to achieve my best and to complete work to the best of my ability. I have always believed in the mantra that,
I begin my day by preparing a
In my current paralegal position at [another law firm], I have a number of responsibilities, including, among others, preparing and filing documents with secretaries of states offices, filing UCC statements and terminations, preparing documents for execution, communicating with clients regarding documents, and maintaining corporate records. There is no
I hunt my sharing with forums like LinkedIn to know from th experienced in thisd area of learn any tutorials for this point like Mr.Brian from Microsoft Corporation who guided me for learning C
Why do you want to work here?
What is your weakness?
A far pointer is a pointer which includes segment number. In a segmented architecture computer, far pointers are used to address the entire 1mb memory which is available under Dos.Most programmers today (as of 2009) never use far pointers. Instead, most programmers always use 32 bit
In my spare time, i read alot of books, currently im reading a book called
Why do youw want to work for lowe's.
Difference between d damas and damas.
Public safety, but keep in mind every situation and every person is dynamic and needs and wants change.
Who was the CEO of Eco Lab from 1970-1980?
Innovative known for severak medical first, ranked
Try to not
I would smile and flatter with words like,
I wouldnt deal with them I would say
When I was working as a cashier at Ross in high school, I had a woman ask to return a candle, because, and I quote
Because I have one of the most important element that an auditor needs to always equip with, which is
I love wearing Old Navy clothes because of the simplicity of it. I can look back two or even more years from now and be like
What's complex to some isn't necessarily complex to me. I remember not so long ago people explaining
I always handle a problem with a customer how I would handle a problem with myself. I think to myself,
There was one girl who had forged a check from her mom's checkbook. I noticed something was wrong becuase the check was written out to
I would rate myself highly tolerant. At McDonalds my employee would not meet my standards on a daily basis. Although this can be tiring, I've learned the best way to deal with it with an attitude of 'how should I handle this situation to promote the best outcome possible so I can see improvement, but not exasperate my coworker.
I ask them to discuss the matter again. I might say
The last book that I read was titled
I worked with a young woman called Natalie at a PR agency and she was inspirational. She never tired and had the thick skin and sense of humour required to be successful in PR. She was a fantastic colleague to be around and in a crisis reminded me it was
Completing matric with
I wish I learned how to balance out life and work earlier. I have learned to
Few people are skilled in the art of biting off ear hairs. I spent 11 years at the
Oh I love the ones that come in and want me to suggest a drink for them. Young girls love shots, premium drink shots that don't taste like alcohol. Washington Apples, Purple Hooters, Red Headed Slut's are always my favorite shots to introduce to young, inexperienced drinkers. Introduce the term
I love to take a
There was a lot of pressure to excel at the Arts Marketing I did for the TVP, everyone was put against each other to be the
There are no
Asking and trying you best to solveing and
IEP stands for
The sense of comraderie and accomplishment. I have made many good friends with volunteers because we have
You guys really want to create an experience, not just a good cup of coffee, and that's made evident in all aspects of what you do. The slogan
This is NOT an illegal question under Title VII guidelines. The question is NOT asking about the details of a family, or anything else personal. Part of the job description must specify that the job requires time away from home for extended period of time and if so, this question simply asks if you have any reason why you cannot be effective at your job. A simple
I had some free time on hand during my scheduled work day (about 15 minutes or so) before my lunch break. In my section we have a red-tailed boa that usually doesn't get much sunshine it needs, so I decided to bring it out side to get some
Sanuk in Thai means
I feel the best way to deal with shoplifters is not to make a giant scene out of it, but instead to either notify a manager or walk up to them and politely say something such as,
Yes. Because my supervisor was a reactor and I am a thinker and deliberator he thought I had
I like to help people.
I heard her talking about a resident in the break room and I told her that it was not appropiate to do that.
Im honest dependable and trustworthy.
By making sure the staff is edcuted to all the residents needs.
I stay on task I finish each job im trustworthy and stay focused.
I love PLC programming and want to work as control and instrumentation Engineer.
Changed a policy on approaching a customer in shorter time than company wanted.
When I was working with a medical monitor that needed a better LED solution, I was able to consult with a vendor who introduced me to a new product line that may be the solution to our lighting problem. I was able to select samples, test them, and this was the lighting that was used in the final product.
Planning a huge Centennial Birthday for the entire city and buliding a set and stage in a empty room for a successful show.
Every time you start a new project in the lab, you face a new challenge and have to be innovative. During my post doc I have always been left free and independent in choosing which problems to study, of course in the field of interest of the lab and discussing with boss and colleagues. In therms of practical problem I can proudly say I was the first person to employ a robot for assembling realt time pcr reactions in the lab, I believe a signifivant improvement to save time and also avoid human error.
When I was in high school, my class group had a presentation that we had to present using powerpoint and it would not load off the email. So I came up with the idea that we just try to present it without the powerpoint.
The trash in the backroom had
There was a mix up in dentures at our lab and a patient had received the wrong denture. It took several hours and 5 employees to find the correct denture and have it shipped to the patient. I came up with the idea of making a template of denture when it arrived at the lab and it would be fitted before being shipped. This worked out perfectly.
After some important phone messages were not given to the doctor I suggested that all incoming calls would be logged in a book so everyone could view the days messages. After that there were no missed messages.
I felt that I should educate myself about more about the different certain area in egypt, since I was in alex. I took a tour of all the different departments. I later used this information, as part of a speech I made. at a fundraising gala.
I cannot think of any such example right now becuase mostly the deciosns about any challenge that is faced during the course is dealt with mutual concensus and every one has the equal chance of putting forward his views<br />
innovative solution can be a way to improve jobs and cost effective machine like using 5 in 1 printer (scanner, photocopier, fax, printer, photo image).
easy question, the difference we see between an old man and an young man, and the difference between an tata nano car and the new benz E- class, and the difference between a poor and rich, because our eyes learn more than our minds , so by seeing a problem being developed and by seeing the same problem being solved , we can learn to face it, and we would implement a solution so innovative
i dont remember a time when i have done this but i am eager to put my ideas to good use.
In BARR I had came up with a solution to hold different workshops to introduce the freshman to the business school.
i do not have an example
new process to improve stuff
In dental hygiene school, for a group project, many other students made powerpoint presentations. I lead my group in designing a Jeapordy game to challenge the class and get them involved.
Its the time when i was working on a project which was my companies innovation for calculation and updation of leads which was done by me with every possible option that uplifts the chance of a better innovation.
Its the time when i was working on a project which was my companies innovation for calculation and updation of leads which was done by me with every possible option that uplifts the chance of a better innovation.
Its the time when i was working on a project which was my companies innovation for calculation and updation of leads which was done by me with every possible option that uplifts the chance of a better innovation.
Its the time when i was working on a project which was my companies innovation for calculation and updation of leads which was done by me with every possible option that uplifts the chance of a better innovation.
Its the time when i was working on a project which was my companies innovation for calculation and updation of leads which was done by me with every possible option that uplifts the chance of a better innovation.
We had a challenge this past fall when Hurrican Igor closed the college for one week. This threw the class work behind quite a way. I had the students read the chapter contents on their time and gave end of chapter quizzes to ensure the material had been covered .
when i was in 10th i was unable to give results in xamz.. the one who came first was booling me and thats wen i challenged him for the next xamz result and i stood first...
when i was in 10th i was unable to give results in xamz.. the one who came first was booling me and thats wen i challenged him for the next xamz result and i stood first...
when i was in 10th i was unable to give results in xamz.. the one who came first was booling me and thats wen i challenged him for the next xamz result and i stood first...
helping with a new training manual
sigsigma cost effectivness<br />
swift charges and statement fees.
At a recent event - the entertainment act was going to get delayed by 30mins and the crowd was getting restless. I went up on stage and announced that before we bring on the entertainment act we have 30mins of open mic - and got the audience to participate in coming up and doing stand up comedy acts, singing and having a really good time. The open mic idea became a huge hit and instead of 30mins went on for an hour and the audience had fun.
Yes, when I was migrating the process and the training for the same was going on, so there I came across few process improvements wherein I noticed that this task can be handled more quickly... So I shared the same with the client and my team as well..
My first organization was losing business from an international client, i was 3 months into the job but with my IT background i suggested that i could present a solution. I still remember my GM simply asked if i could do it, i said yes. and he handed the project over to me. Within 3 days time, we presented an innovative leadership profile and a software that created the profiles in no time. The new profile was much appreciated by the CEO, as he was coaching top management with these profiles, it aided him a lot offering personal insight in new ways.
i am an innovative thinker, i done my project creatively. more over i am a fresher. i will solve the problems in a creative manner and best bench marking will be made to give up good results
designed a referal protocol for mediacl wards to refer patients with raised trop t to cardiac services as they were being missed out of the system
When I had fist started a bookkeeping position, I found they were still doing most of their balancing and tracking manually. I presented the idea of making up spreadsheets with formulas to my manager to cut down the time and costs it took to complete the bookkeeping.
When customers make purchases they take about a minute to gather up their check books, and purses. If they have bags of merchandise in front of them this also adds to the time they are preventing you from helping the next person. I put in place a procedure that would help us increase check out speed by placing purchased items to the right of the counter towards the door instead of right in front of the customer. That way they will no stand infront of the register while they collect their items, whic enable us to help the next person and keep lines short.
In class we had to do group projects and there were a few classmates that don't take on their share. We decided the best way to go about it is to assign specific tasks to each member of the group that way the entire group wouldn't get penelized
I feel that the use of live animals is absolutely necessary for surgery practice among other things. I believe that one of the best ways to learn is by doing hand-on work. By using a live animal for surgery, students are getting to practice on the
At Barber Foods the New Product Development team has a new product- a Grillable chicken burger- to introduce. We had the challenge to a. get shelf space by convincing upper management in Sam's Club/ WM to buy the product and b. to get the store managers behind the product and c. to get the customer to buy the product. But the real challenge was to set the product apart from other successful chicken patties on the market already. We had to convey the difference in a meaningful way to the store managers at the annual Sam's Club meeting so they would feature our product over hundreds of other product choices.<br /><br />I came up with the idea to grill the product at the show- We purchased a George Foreman grill that would be safe for us to operate in the booth. The smell of the grilling burgers drew a huge crowd for the two days of the show and we had many managers approaching us outside the hall to ask us about the product and rave about it. We successfully created 'buzz' over a seemingly 'me to' product and ended up getting it on the shelf.
not met with such situation
every day to improve the profits to the company
I challenge my company to invest in networking rother than advertising manually or using magazines or cold calling.
when i'm in university ,i found we got trouble in promoting our finance organization to the new student,
In high school as a part of the Associated Student Body we were required to be enrolled in the Leadership class, we planned events and learned about the qualities that leaders were supposed to have. Before one of the Homecoming dance we ran out of a certain color poster paper. While everyone else was trying to find places that sold it online, or thinking of starting over with a color that we still had I went in the back room and found a paint that was similar to the color that we needed and used it to paint white paper so that we wouldn't have to spend more money or waste time starting all over.
Our community needed a new water system, I created a newsletter to inform the property owners of the process for forming a non-profit and then a water district, along with ideas for obtaining funding and gaining the property owners support to complete a huge undertaking. It was so successful that we were able to complete the project.
AED Service coordinator and membership increased by over 50%. We recruited freshman members to come up with ideas for service projects they would enjoy.
Coming up with new ways to bring in clients. color sales, advertising.
Masters in plumbing and gas fiffing, Journeymans in plumbing and gas fitting, Oil burner and
When striping floors its very slippery and I didn't want to fall so I used doodle pads and put them on my shoes with elastics
Actually it was just a spelling bee game that i introduced in class with the aim of making the time teacherz werent around positively and fortunately 75percent of the class got addicted to it and later thanked because most of them benefited alot as in they improved their spelling abilities.
My teacher moaned about the bubble gum stuck underneath the bunks, so I suggested that we got all the poor people to chew it off. Win win situation - the teacher is happy and the hungry fed
I would not consider this to be challanging the company.every 6 months the counter has a promotion.before and during this promotion I would suggest gift packages we could make to give to customers and other promotional activities we could have.
I am a fresher.
At Ohia we had a communication problem. Therefore I implemented an online discussion group which was available only to myself and the RA staff. I dramatically helped the communication problem.
in college between 2006 and 2010(part time) i noted that my company had a challenge in offering training; that it was still using old methods such as white boards and tutor, I proposed and was permitted to undertake a college project for an online web based application suitable for ur intranet, I coded it so well and now after college, I'm still negotiating with the company for implemetation.
IIn the most of the company they want to achive a big target . Even one of the employ they can be achieve a better job they satisfy that particular field ,they a hard work and confident for any work they will<br />acive the goal .Every time they can spend their company it will earn much mor profit .So i wil hard work for each and evey situvation .
As technology advances so does the products at Sprint. The problem we were facing with this is when our customers left one of our competitor's many were overwhelmed with how advanced most of our devices were compared to the other providers. Customers would purchase the devices and return them later because they felt it was way more than what they needed which was actually not the case most times but they just didn't know how to use the device. I suggested to my supervisor that we hold a Q&A and demonstration session on the weekend from 8am-12pm. This gave the customer the opportunity to explore all of the options of their new device. After each session many customers found new ways to help manage their schedule, finances and productivity. Sprint has a similar program today in almost all of the stores now.
A labelling system that is more permanent and one that is systematic.
when no one seems has the solution for it
USB certification was not getting through. So I modified some HW on board and it started passing the eye diagram test.
last project on banking domain
Recently we had a shortage of staff and each partner on duty felt that they were doing the work of three people. Since our policy was to assign one person to each station. I suggested that we rotate so that one person does not stay in his or her post for the entire shift.
As I am multiskilled I can handle three diff LOB's whenever required.
Yes. It's a history or outstanding customer service and I want to carry that legacy into the future.
This one time at band camp, the band master was sick. So I took over and got everyone play the flute.
Sure, at some point once earned.
Good place to work.
My two greatest strengths would be my compassionate nature and my ability to multi-task efficiently. I believe that I can see all sides to a situation and can truly put myself in just about anyone's shoes. It helps me provide effective care because I understand what is going to work a particular patient. My ability to multi-task is served, thank goodness, by my memory skills. I do keep a lot in my head. When asked in the past,
Because of the great atmosphere,amazing customer service,and style of clothing. Gives me that
When I was a child, my aunt's standard poodle bared its teeth and growled at me, and my friend's German shepherd did the same thing. Both were big dogs and I was little, so it was scary. Eventually, I learned how to be the
I have done very well with my reviews, I repeatedly get
The pros to being a dental hygienist is getting to work on people everyday. i require human interaction, talking to them, helping them with their oral health needs. I also love working with my hands, so using my hands to clean teeth and restore gingival health is a big pro.
Making a great difference in people's lives and providing hope of living a
My education has focused on not only the learning the fundamentals, but also on the practical application of the information learned within those classes. For example, I played a lead role in a class project where we gathered and analyzed best practice data from this industry. Let me tell you more about the results . . .
The career of an Admissions counselor certainly is not lucrative, but it does have to things that are probably more attractive to me than money--an that's the interaction with people and a chance to be an immediate influence in a person's life. Through the direct communication of a prospective student i am able to
As a Cm we have to always provide the best services to our clients and the employers. I developed a portfolio that would assist us and the employers for when we would do presentations.
The reason i would like to work for yall is because i need more income.
The North Luzon East Expressway (NLEE) Project was confronted early on with a leasehold ROW issue. Ausphil had to find a way to resolution and this involved a drawn out conceptualization, design and methodology for a
What would you do if the computer doesn't turn on?
Are you good with computers (can you fix them)
If someone needed help choosing a gift, what would you do?
I'd like to think so. I show up whenever I'm expected to and do the best job I can, it's my personal motto to
I know it's
Sometimes work has its ebb and flow. How do you usually keep busy during quiet or
Customers Come 1st, Customer service Is
I enjoy working with students - all children are special and all children have needs. I love tapping into my creative side of me to find just the right way to
how would you find a problem, what would you do to fix the problem and what is the outcome?
Yes, i've shopped at foot action plenty of times, the last time i came here was april 2, 2012. When i finally told myself
That would have been the NASCAR presentation I did in 1999. The company I was working for had changed hands at about the same time that NASCAR was putting their entertainment software license up for renewal. My new management was very skeptical of our NASCAR relationship and we had serious competition from both EA and America On-Line that wanted our license. I was essentially presenting not just to NASCAR but also to management sitting on
It would not affect my mood in any way, because it is my job and the patients are my
Event planning starts with Guest Service, and I attained great guest service skills while working at the Disneyland Resort. I learned to
I am a musician, and so bartending is really kind of my
Yes, obviously in certain environments, etiquette for how to handle such a situation might differ slightly. However, as a general rule, if someone has not decided, and the bar is very busy, I would say
I think that it's important to set goals as to what you would like the children to get out of a certain unit. Say in this instance it's the idea of
Tell me of a time you had an issue arise between two employees.
Detail-orientated. I am not a stategist, however can see the big picture and where things lead to. I tend to enjoy making a moment happen flawlessly, anticipating needs, and really
I would say so. I believe in the
How would you handle a situation if you have to assist 4 customers at the same time?
I would say that the most important thing I have learned from school is time management. Juggling [
Why do you want to work for lowes.
What is Your name?
Respectful of other person, try to keep own emotions in check, reframe things from
I typically have high energy as I'm very hard working, motivated and engaged. I do find mornings tricky if, say, I'm starting at 7am, but I mitigate this with coffee...have to watch that I am not
Conflict - if with a co-worker I like to confront them in a non-confrontational way. frame it in
With schedule changes comes assignment changes so I have learned to go with the flow. It may mean giving up lunch or a break but I know that my patients are my
It's unfortunate, however, I've come to a point in my career path there where there isn't a
With clients or people, I have over 30 years.
You pay more attention to the needs and wants of the local readers and customers. You provide a more
I want to be in a position that will maximize my abilities and lead by example. I want coworkers to look at me and say
I stay focused clearly by reminding myself what i want the outcome to be. When it comes to business i live by the motto
I've never had a job, but in school i definetly knew when it was time to get things done. I always knew the right time to talk with friends and laugh and i knew how to separate that from my work and to work on my goals. I have a saying to keep me motivated and its
MY greatest strength is definately the
The toughest problem I faced was graduating college without having a full time job. I overcame it by working three part time jobs to keep my
I was giving a presentation and I forgot one slide of information, and was thinking of saying
It is a
I will ask about the career path of the interviewer in the concern and his challenging experience.
J2EE, PHP, JavaScript, .Net, Share Point, Lotus Notes Domino, C
Hypermiling is the act of driving a vehicle using techniques that maximize fuel economy. Those who practice these techniques are referred to as
When do you anticipate making your decision concerning this position.
Because the towns that I cover are stereotypical
No personal disagreements. There was one director who was very aggressive and
I have never sold
I love Chipotle's motto of
Booling test on meat detect.
Hotel service dpt MT pogram questions.
I would say,
My parents had about 120 cows, a few of which were
When I was younger, I volunteered for a few years as a
They would describe me as being very hard working and compassionate. I also always seem to gain a reputation as being
Wherever I go I seem to gain a reputation as being
Well,I would say that the most important thing I have learned from school is time management. Juggling [
I was driving at night on the freeway on the
Is hibbit sports open on sunday of 12-9-12.
What do you mean by
Name your three greatest strengths.
This question is structured incorrectly. It should say something like
Helping the team achieve the
How did it feel when you first picked up a bat?
Actually, the question is:
yes, and my answer is
Immediately say
I enjoy talking to the customer and finding out exactly what they are looking for. I like the challenge of meeting the customer's needs, making useful suggestions and making sure the customer leaves satisfied.
Can you work well as a team member?
I have no idea what to say for weakness because I don''t want to make myself look bad
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Why do you want to work here?
I've always known that I wanted to work in medicine. I remember playing
- Take the average for the year- [Average - monthly value]^2 for all points- sqrt( SUM of previous item /
Italian is in my
Why do you want to work for Lowe's?
Name a time when you had an upset customer. What did you do for the customer and what was the result?
bus is approx 40'x10'x8'=3200 sq ft. golf ball approx 1
I have observed about 10 practices, ranging from the single doctor genereal dentist practice to the multispeciality/ multidentists practice where everything is
Be fair, stay calm in a crisis use every oppertunity you have to
Why do you want to work for Bergners?
The highlight of my academic years was the semester that I decided to take a break from my pre req classes and study abroad in Costa Rica. People would ask why I was doing that and not only do I love to travel and experience new things, I wanted to learn spanish even though
I think an Care employee should be extremely dialed with their EMT skills whether they are on an IFT shift or on a 911 call. The public that Care serves deserves nothing but the best and most capable EMTs coming to their aid in their time of need. I also believe a Care employee should be very polite and courteous to both the public and fellow employees, and treat every patient not as a customer or another
I see lowes is a very team oriented business and i love that. I also see that lowes strives to be the very best in customer service, organizing teams to make sure every customer is helped and doesnt feel lost in the store. I also enjoy that lowes will put an employee where they feel comfortable with the job that they are doing, giving them the best chance possible to succeed.
Why do i want to work at lowes?
Why do you want to work for trader joe's?
if i saw someone stealing, i would say
Aldo is named after it's founder. The companies specializes in giving customers top quality, but fashionable shoes. They want their associates to be
Though we all hope to be able to
No. I am a thorough worker as well as punctual. My last manager said he
The potential shoplifter wound up buying items and her friend wound up actually putting something in her bag. We had to make sure she knew that we were aware of the situation by asking her questions such as,
Explain how you would be asset to interstate bakeries.
I asked an associate to cut a piece of wood 24 inches, just as he was about to cut the wood I discovered my notes said 26 inches. I proceeded to tell him that I had made a mistake and that the correct one was 26. He looked at me and said
Suggestive selling (offering a sigunature drink apon greeting), alochol upgrade (offering a top shelf),knowlage on daily specials(very
I think that I bring more to the table and am actually driven to make a difference. I like to work. I know what you're thinking,
I was
I like to get to work early to scope out the scene and see where we are at and what I can anticipate. I like to say hello to people and be sure I am preparred to get going. I try to anticipate all I can and set up as much as possible. I clean as I go when I can and usually keep a running list of
I had a customer call once that came to us with their pet. The client then took his pet to another veterinarian after seeing us for another opinion. He was very upset because he claimed we
My work with advertising publications and marketing programs goes back all the way to the beginning of my college career. During that time, I also took on advertising and marketing responsibilities in my jobs and volunteer work, adding extra tasks onto my existing
Working for Adidas will give me that opportunity to work for a globally renounced action sport retailer. With the growth rate and ideas of
I met with an immensely skeptical customer, who strongly believed that changing her beauty routine and trying new products would seriously affect her skin. So, in order to open her up to try something new and better, I began to tell her about
An angry client approached the counter explaining that his laptop computer would not boot into windows. Upon examining the unit and powering it on I noticed no physical damage was present and that the unit had a failing hard drive due to the message on the screen stating
Yes. Fair Housing Laws are clear. Remember... What's good or allowed for one household, must be allowed for all. Be prepared to
Well oviously UPMC, I mean it's the number 1 hospital in Pgh and PA, and
Well, there is my mentee from last school year, as a part of an organization I'm in - asian leadership program - ALP. At the time, because I was new to this
Apologizing shows weakness which gives the customer a better chance of not tipping you. Ask,
In my last semester of college I had completed a course titled
Anyone in my family would tell you, I am known as
I know that Wet Seal Inc. Originated in 1962, and was titled
Having recently graduated I believe I have more training and experience than most techs coming out of school. I completed a 6 month vascular rotation in addition to the abdomen/OB/gyn rotation that most new techs do not have. I am ready to
My colleagues would describe me as the
At CLM, we would occasionally be overbooked with too many loads that we weren't allowed to refuse or reschedule, so we'd end up with several trucks waiting to be loaded, and no pallets in inventory to load them with. The loading would go very slowly, and we'd end up having to pay the carriers detention fees. After the first time this happened, I knew what to look for to know if that situation was likely to happen again, and I would inform the boss that our logistics coordinator was trying to put too many loads on us. The LC usually wouldn't listen to me, so the boss would have to call him up and handle it. He usually wasn't happy about it, so I'd phrase it as,
For me, it's saying
I have worked as a barista in a coffee shop, which taught me how to create coffee drinks, tend to a little convenient store, and learn how the overall business is run. I was an admissions representative for Iowa State where would give tours to potential iSU students and explain to them the benefits of our school and what we had to offer. And then I was also the student mascot!
I know everyone has a degree, but where as other will come from either a criminal justice or a social work background I believe I have a fair balance of the two, having a degree and internship in criminal justice and a working the last 2 years in non-profit that caters to low-income families. Also, I am not looking at this job as something I'm going to do
No and
The toughest problem I ever had to face was knowing that my career at Comair Airlines was going to end sooner than I expected. I took an early retirement package, having the sinking feeling that if I waited, I would go down with the proverbial
To develop and to growth in my career as well as a person to have a great relationship with my colleagues and
Being knowledgable of our products allowed me to assist our customers better. In addition, the fact that I was able to successfully multitask made me the
Because im a professional. I'm not out getting drunk at the local bar having an epiphany about a future career tending. I know what it takes and have mastered it quite well. Let's face it, a bartender is not just a
Almost never, I rarely even take a vacation and have to have walking pnemonia before I would ever miss a shift. During pool leagues, if my bar's pool team has made it to the championship game and it's being played away, I'll ask in advance if the daytime bartender will work an extra hour and a half or so for me so I can support my team as well as do a little public relations (PR work) to show that the bar that I work for has employees that are very team spirited. It always looked good when I ran the Monday and Tuesday night pool leagues to be ever so gracious when hosting a tournament. After 2 years the other teams nominated me and the bar I worked at as
My experience in college not only prepared me for my career, it prepared me for life outside of my career. I gained skills that cannot be taught. Through interactions with fellow students, professors, internship supervisors, and coworkers, as well as other college staff, I earned a
The report, entitled
Communication article with patients. Understanding they are nervous and need to
In which he delivered one of the most brilliant lines ever uttered on national television. And I don't want to get in nobody's business. Sailing south. Cooper's hawks are in the Washington area year-round, Spain Rodriguez, Vaughan,He swears he won't.
I was constantly being sexually harassed by several female guests. I felt the need to provide these
Just use fake names and TOR browser is must, rest or recuperation, annually and the current Congress cannot effectively constrain future actions. ? prosecutors said have suffered mightily. In addition, including sea water, But I moved on to a nearby village where I had seen soldiers carrying sandbags. ?
Particularly for young people.
I learned a lot about myself during my four years in college. I faced challenges that I never thought I would come across and in turn, I have become more confident. I gained skills that cannot be taught. Through interactions with fellow students, professors, internship supervisors, and coworkers, as well as other college staff, I earned a
I have gone the extra mile in serving their needs and being a friendly representative of my company. A simple
Current events,The White House is paying special attention to the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate foreign will the residual weapons be secured? At this point, Shin :
I Learned C
In my current field of real estate I am constantly presenting listing presentations. But my most significant presentation had to be when I worked for Spear, Leeds and Kellogg and I have finally secured an appointment with a municipality after 2 years of trying. I was attempting to get on their
But wanna input on few general things, The website style is perfect, the content is very good.
We planned a fun, low cost wine tasting event and guitar performance by one of our Crew players. We promoted it through every channel but it did not pick up the steam we wanted. When we evaluated the project, we realized that the price point was set too high and the player was not high profile enough. It was a good learning experience and as they say,
Realizing that I've yet to acheive my
O.K. I had this heat exchange unit at one of the Nova sites, it was eating the DJ gaskets on a weekly basis. Obvious to frequently. Spoke to the engineering department about the specific conditions in the exchange(pressure, ambient temp. Fluid/gas temp.) Suggested a 5/8
My experience in high school has not only prepared me for my career, it prepared me for life outside of my career. I gained skills that cannot be taught. Through interactions with fellow students, counselors, principals as well as other high school staff, I earned a
I haven't had a specific experience where I can think of myself as
Found out why the paper was folded exactly 10.5
At the first impression, I look at the company's market position and the reputation it has been able to build for itself. I like to analyse business strategies, and am often pleased if I find them to be professional, efficient and fair. Secondly, I look to the working environment. Is there a healthy business culture and is creativity encouraged? I enjoy companies that diverge from the
Because it is such a rewarding experience to know you have helped someone and also to know you made their day better. As I am a
Not always, At times I realized my time was not to
I've put my self in charge of the
I had to implement an ERP system for a July 1
18 yes when I had to care for my husband.
Im honest and dependable.
I would tell the head nurse.
They are assigned different nurses.
Endure to the end.
I think its because nurses get to burned out.
I did if I was able.
I did if I was available.
Leadership is taking control of a situation when its necessary and having the experience to do your job without hesitation. One time I was was at a church activity and I felt the teens were getting out of hand and they would not listen so I should of had them sit down and explain the rules over again to them.
I think its because there is too much work for each nurse they get burned out and they need to rest more.
Certified nurse assistant book.
Endure to the the end.
Be patient and wait for them to get there.
Take a deep breath stay calm and professional.
I stay calm and do the task happily.
When they was happy and smiled and visited with there family.
I would talk to them in a calm voice and ask them how can I help you or I would find a activity for them to do.
I would relay all information to the next shift.
No I will probably will stay with this level because I love working more closely with the residents.
Yes I would like to get my cna.
I would simply state o im sorry I will do better next time.
None thats why u have to make sure you have the experience and knowledge to handle different situation.
Stay until she arrives.
Ask them how are you today and ask them if I can help them to the restroom.
I think about the situation and think before I speak.
I understand that this can be common and I just finish helping the resident because I want them to be safe and comfortable.
Knowing I could save lives!
When we had to process over 1,000 students and we did not have the man power to do it, I volunteered to work extra hours.
Detail oriented, kind and loving.
The last book I read for fun was Twilight.
Landing a job interview with Valencia is an achievement. This is my first interview since I got laid off.
I like to help people and being a former teacher my desire to help students has brought me here.
I'm the right person for this position. I will drive revenue for this hotel and help to build it into the
Not all offenders want help to change.
Transition offenders back into the community to become productive citizens.
Ive written detailed reports including court reports, case documentation and detailed social histories and completed forms.
Not all offenders will accept help.
Reduce. Recedivism rate among offenders.
Thank you for share!
I was trained to practice therapeutic communication basic health care standard precautions , safety precautions assessments of patients, patients rights.
Yes I have provided direct care with mental patients in: administer medication, lead groups 1:1
My training consist of an 18 month program with hands on experiences.
I rate my patience tolerance a 8 on a scale of 1 to 10
On a scale of 1 to 10 my patience level is a 8 in my pass I worked with the elderly who suffer from a variety of illness which cause an imparement of judgement.
Thank you for share!
Catch a Healthy Habit.
I work tremendously with other people. One quality that is surely needed when being a Bookie.
Low hot water presure.
Yes, I can. I believe I would work well with others. I am friendly and out-going and I enjoy working with other people and being part of a team!
To build my experience.
I would still work and then come home and start working on my paper. Both are important to me.
I think my high school teachers would say that I was a hard working student. Always present, asking questions and participating in discussions.
I would apologize and ask her if she would like a new loaf.
The MX-5 Miata roadster is like a favorite pair of worn jeans; everything just feels right.
Two BA and 1 MS and a 6 month internship.
Taking a deep breath and prioritizing the situation.
People who are always loyal,honest and help me to achieve my goals in life.
To encourage as many children as possible to be involved and take part in the activities whilst having a good time, making new friends.
I have many experiences with kids. I currently coach children at basketball in an after school sports club. I have also coached hockey previously. Furthermore, when I was in my last year of school I assisted children in primary classes.
I would love to be a camp counselor because I think this would be an amazing experience. I really enjoy working with children and encouraging young people to get involved in activities and sports. I think my enthusiasm would help to make me a great counselor, along with my open and happy approachable nature.
I served about 40 kids at a summer camp everydayand basically they would all come up and I had to tally up the foods that I served and the food that were left over.
Yeah a few times.
I would calmly think through all aspects of the situation one step at a time. If for some reason I could not deal with the situation myself then I would seek the help of someone of higher authority than myself.
I think I would handle this well. A job which I love means that I would fully commit to it and thus live at it quite happily. Relocation is not a problem for me. I am happy to move to keep my prospects open.
I have 11 days a voluntree work with diferent hygienists and therapist. I observed them working, however I have previously coached on a voluntrary basis both hockey and trampolining.
Talking too fast when I am passionate about a subject or when I get nervous.
To obtain more satisfying positions.
On a daily basis at T and B we worked together. When changing over a product I needed everyone in the game plan: the operator, material handlers, QA. Maintenance had to be in the loop too. We all needed to communicate and work together to make it happen smoothly.
One of my greatest strengths is being able to perform at a professional manner in an emergency situation. For example I have experience working in an environment where everyday is different.
On one occasion in a previous job I discovered an intermittent defect in a product. It ran on multiple shifts inclding mine. No one really wanted to hear that bad news, but I had to discuss it with my supervisor. We reluctantly agreed to put the product on hold and inspect it 100%.
Systematically and graphically dispalying data.
That I have not reached my full potential.
Every job has its unique challenges. At International Paper I worked in the folding carton plant where long rotating shifts and heavy overtime was routine. Next, at Midwest Poly, I learned to blend materials and operate extruders. There I also learned to drive a fork truck. Then came the opportunity to work at Lamson and Sessions. After a year as operator I moved up to leadman. It was very challenging with lots to learn. I did product changeovers, set up plastic pipe extrusion lines, troubleshooting, constantly monitored quality.
I enjoy folk art woodcrafting, and some time ago made and sold elaborate birdhouses. I am also fond of gardening. And, I do read a lot of books, mostly nonfiction. But often I like to just go for long walks or bike rides.
To me paramedic is a life time career.
Sit back think ask questions with the team and follow thru.
High school collage 4 years.
Scoring the second highest GPA in college.
Heat exchanger design.
Dedication and integrity.
I am hard worker.
I have great memory so a few.
No, We have never had that issue.
I would have someone come clean up the spill and let the customer grab a new jar.
To the best of my abilities. Being efficient and polite with each customer.
I want to switch my employment into the medical field because my major is in medical. I also love the position you have available.
No, This is the only company I have applied for.
I would count out the change first which would be 49 cents than I would count out the 76 dollars and hand it to the customer.
I plan on in 5 years being graduated and in a medical career. I plan on owning my own home and sending my daughter to private school.
I would hear the customer out showing concern. Once the customer was calmed down I would help him get to the right cashier and get his returned done.
I have cash handling experience from working in fast-food, hotels, and restaurants.
Providing exceptional customer service is our most important task. I would stop what I was doing to attend to the customer and start by actively listening to customer to determine what the appreate course of action and what a good resolution would be.
I have only called in once.
Listen, stress the need for respect from both parties, develops an action plan to hopefully get both parties involved, notate and report to management.
Yes, I responsible for a drawer at work with the same policy.
Yes, but I called ahead to let my employer know.
Listen, stress the need for respect from both parties, develops an action plan to hopefully get both parties involved, notate and report to management.
Yes, working at the front desk I received large payments for guests stays.
No, I have never been convicted of any crime.
The company is one of the top in the business and is know for taking very good care of their employees.
I have 10 years of cash handling and customer service.
My relationship with management was always polite and professional.
Attitude listening and execution.
I feel very comfortable checking IDs. Not only is it my job it is also the law.
Providing exceptional customer service is our most important task. I would stop what I was doing to attend to the customer and start by actively listening to customer to determine what the appreate course of action and what a good resolution would be.
No, I believe that to be unprofessional.
Yes, I understand your guidelines may differ from my past employers but as an employee here I have no issue following them.
Strongly say no and inform them that I would be the first to contact management if any theft were to occur.
Yes, I understand your guidelines may differ from my past employers but as an employee here I have no issue following them.
Possibly advancing to a region position with my sights on a corporate VP position afterward.
Attitude is altitude. I have had a great deal of selling experience and am comfortable training other for success. I feel that with that combined with excellent time management capabilities and attention to attaining goals I could continue the prosperity and growth that Home Depot has positioned itself since 1978.
At times working for Residential life at southern university as a RA I was giving busy work at times within the main office, and sometimes when traffic slows down, ill be put in charge of filing records in old file drawers, and this task someties will be enough work for days due to the mass amount of student records we deal with in a day. The only way I was able to complete these task, was me thinking of an award at the end of every work schedule and some times doing this task help bypass time.
Yes, one of my main goals in life is to help others as much as possible. One of my coworkers told me that sodas were needed in one location, and I knew it would be much easier to transport the drinks if two people did it so I offered him some help.
As one starts with any new Company, it is important to keep in mind that only hard work and dilligence will pay off at the end. For me, with personal drive to always exceed and excel in any new challenge, my aim is to progress as quick as possible, with reward following these achievements. I aim to learn all operational and business managment strategies in the shortest amount of time, ensuring prompt
Last Thursday I was assigned a group project where we had to write a five-paragraph essay on the railroad industry. My job was to research the topic and help write the paper.
I believe that rules are there for a purpose and even though there are many rules that lengthen the time needed to accomplish what the goal may be they are important and need to be given adequate consideration. My example would be correcting other employees paperwork. It sometimes was a very long process but I did feel so much better when it was done because itpf the errors had gone past then the hours it would take to correct would have been even longer. I definitely understood the reason.
I learn new things everyday and that I should seek out new opportunities to improve my retail/walking skills.
The can do attitude, respecting the customer you are working for and the employees you are working with combined with motivation to do the right thing to get the job done.
Started with classes in high school and has been an aspect if not the focus I have had in every job since then. That would be almost thirty years worth.
They are always an opportunity for improvement and a chance to better my customer service skills. I welcome them.
Some of the courses I took in college were to cover the lack of business skillsiI needed to advance. Spelling.
I value the skill of listening.
It is something I am very comfortable with, I have done it all my life and with this position I feel the chances for personal growth and giving perfect customer service are excellent motivation.
I dont want to repeat my self, but besides traveling far to better myself, but the riskiest decision ive made was actually leaving a well paid position in detroit to move to houston to further my education while living pay check to pay check as a security gaurd and not working in my field at all.
I am not sure what the rest of the applicants strengths are but in this position you need someone who has motivation that is contagious. I feel that with that , good people skills combined with excellent time management I will be very successful in that position.
The most significant accomplishments ive achieved so far in my life is very broad, starting with being able to make my family proud of the faith I have in myself to take on challenges when ever I need to, such as stepping out my comfort zone of being a statistics of Detroit, and actually applying for scholarships, taveling over a thousand miles by myself to attend a university in which ive graduated from in may 2012. Another significant accomplishment ive concured is continuing my education to gain my MBA before the age of 26. Not only have I gain experience in my field but ive gain managment level skils,
Yes, I have accompanied many new agents on ride along and stress the importance of the selling process as a series of defined steps.
It was sponcering a training session for the district. I was responsible for the presentations for relationalship selling.
I feel that HD is truly concerned with respect for other people, in regards to its customers and employees. I find it exciting to contribute to that environment.
In the next 5 years I see myself continuing to serve Medsafe customers in a continued growth environment ,where I could be playing a leadership role mentoring and assisting my colleagues, I see myself as a leader withing this company, continuing to add value to the company making my degree in business worth something and a career I could look back on int 10 years and be able to see my growth and accomplishments achieved during my time served.
I love the quality of the brand . It has so many attractions from shoes to accesories. I love the customer service its workers provides.
As long as they are willing to keep me !
I honestly am. I love to smile.
I love talking about fashion. I like seeing different styles and learning about new ones. I like to be trendy.
I love aldos ! I love the customer service I recieve here and I would love to be a part of the team.
Open ! full time if available.
I brought a pair of heels for the spring time, they were ,my favorite color lavander.
This is a company started around the 1970s and is a canadian company. Spring shoes is affiliated.
Company brand name and its work life balance.
Make sure I communicate effectively and efficiently to all employees regarding any changes towards their jobs.
While lifeguarding I needed to approach surfboard riders to move outside our swimming flags. The surfers got very aggravated and aggressive towards us. I needed to stay professional and not argue back. I warned the surfers twice and after continue breach of the rules we contacted the Police as the surfers were getting very aggressive towards us. A swimmer was struck by a surfboard and they wanted to make a formal complaint against the surfer. We logged the incident precisely as the document was for police.
I needed to fill out an incident report for work which needed to have the precise details of the incident as well as all the contact details of all persons involved, which was handed to the police for further action. Therefore all details needed to be accurate, so I made sure I got all the facts and information from all parties involved before completing the form.
Almost every day at T and B there would be some urgency to changeover speed. So effective prioritization and completion was expected. But we were responsible for multiple production lines and trouble could happen at more than one line. So it was often important to assess the issues, deal with them, and maintain the primary goal.
I will be target oriented and I always work for the organisation.
When its time to describe that am I willing to be a pilot I would say that I have to become a pilot because my past my future my present related to past so become a pilot is my still aim passion and dream !!!!!!!
By doing hard work using my skills or by achieving target on time.
Yes iam always okay during in flight hours and being away from my family!
To give best and ever passionate flying experience to people.
Project management.
Everyday I work with customers in my job now and my inline job.
Because I understand the importance of helping a customer and getting them the answers they need.
I apologize and fix it.
At least the next 4 years.
Absolutely, I never let anyone down when I have an obligation. I go to school and work, and I love to work so it is a very high priority to me.
I worked at a small bar back home that I loved and worked at for 5 years, I had to leave because I moved to Columbus. It was a very family oriented place.
I love the restaurant in general. The food is great, the people are nice and growing up in a southern atmosphere it has always been my dream job.
Sirloin steak cooked Medium with grilled shrimp, side salad and buttered corn.
Hand cut steaks, Ice Cold beer and fun, friendly enviroment.
Pat too much attention to the details.
Hard worker, never complains, easy to get along with.
I currently service the Draeger Apollo Anesthesia machines here at Riley. Even with the proper training, the attention to detail you must have is immense. I double check my work, and follow the procedure to the letter. This makes sure the machine is running correctly, and minimizes the potential for patient harm.
Well I enjoy reading,hiking,and spending time with my new born sister.
Yes I love the food I actually was here a few days ago and tried Dave double cheeseburger,it was amazing.
We would do Home energy audits and I would test the customers heating equipment.
I bring a lot of experience and skillset to the table and would prove to be a valuable asset to the company.
I designed and implemented the spare parts storage and inventory management system at Riley Hospital for Children.
I am able to quickly identify a problem, decide what approach needs to be taken, and ensure the problem is resolved efficiently and completely.
My role was to improve the income from our clients.
Recommendation,development, financialsituation.
I did business analysis, business systems analysis and project coordination task with documenting 6 project deliverable and coordinated the SDLC through the project PLAC and satisfactorily completed the project as per business requirements.
Run the test in production environment, as parallel run and asked business and technical team to observe the privacy issues while working from remote location; because which otherwise not possible to upload the system on next day.
Because I am ambitions, loyal and very positive person.
Good project leader, with positive and cooperative with team, and creating conducive environment for working group together; and keeping all at the same page for arriving at better resolutions for satisfactorily completing the project.
Yes, I am doing my PMP, and certification for quality management SIX sigma, Lean and ITIL
At the time of finalizing the project work plan and work break down structure packages.
Asked technical team for proceeding for applying change request, and implement the fixes; which was business likely to send confirmation; because otherwise 3party vendor contract support time limit was ending in the month.Technical team had started overtime for completing the task in time, but business due to budget constrains could not provide sanction in time. It was my responsibility to get the task done, and hence I took responsibility for paying from my contingency project budget, and done all tasks.
Yes, my first mentor at the very first job I had. He was indeed an expert in the filed he loved, who during his career always stayed true to his passion.
I see myself as a future expert in my field, very likely in a team leading role.
I plan to use all my knowledge and still to make this company not only easier but faster.
Love working with a team, but can also work well using my own initiative.... If I see a thing that needs doing, I will just do it, not leave it for someone else.
When I promise something, you might as well write it in stone because for a promise is a promise kept.
Hard-working,honest and concientious and a good team player.Builds good customer rapport, cheerful, and willing to rise to a callenge, and use initiative.
My philosophy towards work is that I can show my ability, my skills and responsibility, and also my interests to and it brings me the correspondin g result of what I have done.
I am by nature a quick worker, and to get several tasks done within various strict time limits is key to efficiency...I am used to pressure, and physical work as well as using my experience and common-sense to get a job done.. I also enjoy the customer service side,I have worked on tills before, and am quick and friendly to my customers.
The industry that this job relates to is what most interests me. I feel the experience that I will gain from learning about different aspects of the company will help me in the future.
I have encouraged young people who started as weekend casual staff to progress by sharing ways to get a job done quickly and efficiently, rather than struggle without the skills/knowhow of how to be quick as well as work to a high standard.
My last job was in catering, that demands a consistent and high level of teamwork and communication.... Have been a catering assistant as well as a chef manager.
Because I like the way it is run, and feel it values customers and staff.
Very important, I will work as hard as I need to to get this job.
Actions speak louder than words. Setting, planning and achieving goals.
I think that with my strong customer service and management experience that this will be an environment that I am both comfortable and well suited for.
Favorite item is definitely the bread sticks but as far as dishes go, I would have to say the Fettuccine Alfredo.
Various. No favorites in particular.
That it is an Italian Restaurant that focuses highly on customer service and high quality products.
Treat people as individuals, listen carefully, put myself in their shoes, empathy.
Working for the census meant organising my own schedules and completing my quota independently.
Deciding what career path I wanted to follow after school.
Yes I am from a farming background so work on the family farm in my spare time.
Enthusiasm, friendliness, flexibility and good organisational skills.
That I can lead very large groups of people. That I can mold, train, mentor and coach those I work with from the individual to the large group.
Deciding which house to rent for university. This was difficult because there were lots of factors to be considered.
During an assessment at university. I got them to repeat what I had told them to ensure they had understood.
Millions.It would be hard to get an exact count as they have multiple platforms they sell on.1. Amazon inventoried, Amazon fulfilled merchandise, (fullfillment centers have thousands of bins holding multiple asins)2. Partner Count merchandise, belongs to Partner, is housed and fulfilled from Amazon FC (ex: Toys R Us)3. Marketplace sellers merchandise4. Amazon managed websites with product filled by vender.5. Amazon Auctions merchandise.
Face to face customer service experience, listening, answering questions, giving advice.
I previously worked for a seasonal cashier for Target but throughout working there I got the opportunity to cross train as a costumer service employee and after seeing how good I delt with different costumers and how I managed to handle different senarias they offered me to cross train with Starbucks as well.
I dont know much about Mr. Jobs. I know he was the co founder of Apple. He was a great inventor and entrepreneur.
I would seek more formal education in technology.
8. Well educated but always room to learn more.
I make a list of what I need to get done everyday and complete that list based on what needs to be done as soon as possible and what is more important.
I went to school for one year I got diploma.
I would choose my tall riding boots to represent myself because they go with almost everything, they can be worn in almost any weather and they are comfortable and cute. I am a friendly person that can get along with almost anyone just like the shoes that can be worn with almost everything.
I learnd ear pearcing in one day second day started.
For a long time I am looking for a part-time job that will tailor-fit my available schedule and that can be done in the comfort of my own house. And since I have a basic tutorial skills through my kids, I think this job suits me very well.
Two options but they have same importance its very hard to pick one.
I have a degree in psychology with a minor in sociology.
No, actually I prefer to work with a diverse clients.
No I have not. However, if I encounter a situation like this I would calmly ask the person what has them so upset, and is there any way I can help you.
Getting a part-time job. Since I had to manage my time very well given my current full time job and having 2 kids.
I would be working hard and follow company rule and regulations.
When negotiating price with a client.
Past co-workers would call me quiet but hardworking, friendly and a helpful hand.
Simple quick and specific.
I am willing to work nights and weekends.
Being a college student, I see myself working in the summer. I would love to be able to come home during long breaks and be able to come back to work though of course!
My family and friends have always pointed out that I have permanent a smile on my face no matter the situation. I would agree and say Yes :)
I would say yes I am a reliable person. I will always show up early and ready to work. In helping a customer I will do as much as I can to help them find what they are looking for.
Positive, team player ,flexible.
Stay calm listen him patiently,find out his concern solve it.
Report to the manager.
DSW has an uplifting, positive and welcoming environment and everyone is always so helpful when I walk in. I want to be able to do the same for other customers and make their experience in DSW a helpful and successful one.
Positive attitude, pleasqnt personality, team player,flexiblw.
My Ralph Lauren tall riding boots from DSW. They match with almost everything I own and I can wear them in most weather.
During black Friday Starbucks got very busy we had 3 employees working a shift which included myself, we had about 6 rows of unmade drinks and things started getting hectic but we managed to work as a team and left our costumers very satisfied.
Intraction with people and take chalenges.
DSW is my main store to get shoes at, and I also have a a few Toms brand shoes from Zumiez.
Hsving quite a few years of exp. In constructioon industry, have product knowledge, pleasant personality amd positive attitide outsatnd me.
Just started doing it establishing a target for delivery, and mini-targets for completion.
I mostly take the lead, but as I said before, wearing multiple hats is the key. Positive, positive, positive.
Just dive into it. Reach for someone who does know about it, if available and read all info I could get my hands on.
Technical knowledge, ability to listen, be cool when adversity comes, and be fair with employees.
Making a wedding cake,being very calm and patient.
First and foremost, a strong leader. A leader that inspires his employees built on trust, hard work, and honesty. Secondly, an individual that can wear multiple hats at the same time with a clear understanding his or her personal/professional goals including the companies goals and expectations. Along with the that is having the ability to express those same goals and expectations to his or her employees so that it makes sense. Once the re pore and trust is built, the supervisor will have a much easier time conveying those goals and expectations. Lastly, being a people person. Nobody wants a leader who leads from their office.
I like travelling and experiencing different cultures.
Usually, I will go for sports and do a little bit exercise to relax myself.
While working in a restuarant, most of the regular customer knew me after a while.
Non co-operative team member. I handled this situation by talking to him and his problems. It worked.
We have to be team player and most important good listner.
Graduated,score in GRE and found a job for myself all in one month.
How to configure bandwidth for access points through multiplexer.
Doing a good job on my work and earning satisfaction from the customer.
What motivates me to work hard is my mother, she works so hard everyday and does not complain.
I've always had the belief that if you're going to do anything you should always give 100% and do your best. I could be digging ditches and everyday I wake up with the mentality to be the best ditch digger possible. I hold myself to a high standard and I feel like by working hard you can motivate those around you to work hard as well.
Pleasing customers and providing a comfortable workplace for employees.
The feeling of accomplishment and worthiness once I know I have given 100% effort into completing a job.
The satisfaction to achieve great results.
Respect, learning, adding value, discovery,
Success motivates me to work hard. I've always been naturally competitive, and there's no better feeling than working hard to be the best at something and actually succeeding.
Success motivates me to work hard. There's no better feeling than when you know you've put a lot of effort into something and you come out on top.
A strong personal satisfaction from helping people.
Working hard and doing my very best to achieve the desired end result. I may feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when working independently, but when I work with others the idea that a group of people can work so well as a team to achieve the same goal - no matter what that may be - is the primary reward.
My family.. I need to earn/save money for them to go back in the Philippines.
For better design and better solution! making comfortable space to people and place is my main goal.
Opportunities to lead organizations through high value changes which deliver tangible benefits to both employees and the company.
For me, it is the satisfaction that I get at the end of my work. I love what I do and if I do it well, I feel exhilarated. There are no two ways about it - that hardwork is the way to achieve anything in life. Seeing the trust my parents have that trust in me - is the biggest motivation. The sweet result.
Striving for a successful outcome of my endeavours.
Reaching and building new targets motivates me to work harder and also feedback because its always helpful to know what you can improve on.
In search of answers which I am unaware of.
The drive to succeed and knowing that at the end of the day hard work pays off.
1. I am motivated by deadlines and work well with a clear timeline in place. Meeting a deadline helps me feel like I have accomplished a goal and keeps me more motivated to continue to exceed expectations. At a previous job, I was planning an event and made myself a schedule for each task to make sure we had plenty of time to check all details.
I like working with my hands. I get satisfaction out of seeing results.
I want to get the job done. The feeling of satisfaction after completing a project or solving a bug makes it all worth it. I live for that.
I enjoy thinking of the end result, and the feeling of fulfillment to continue on with work even when it is not easy.
‘I am motivated by meeting set targets within deadlines, as it gives me a sense of accomplishment and it's something that I can look back on and say "I achieved that"
I am motivated to work hard because I find that feeling of success when you know you tried your hardest.
The feeling of success and pride in what I have accomplished.
Working hard is what makes a company succeed. It is also what makes me succeed, gives me a feeling of accomplishment and helps me to advance in my career.
Good job enviroment and a great team motivates me to work hard.
I am motivated to work because of the passion I have for the company.
The expectation that I have on myself motivates me to work hard at any position I have. Being able to help a client, and giving my all, and being able to execute an opportunity. Doing the right thing, and a job that I have passion for motivates me to work hard.
The fact that I've been in situations in which i've wanted to grow, and learn, but circumstances were so in conducive to me doing those things. In the space that im in w/ opps like this program, my passion and my drive can just pour unrelentlesslhy into my work.
For an interview for sales associate job.
What motivates me to do hard work is creating an exceptional experience for people. I want to be the driving force behind the experience people will remember for the rest of their lives.