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What field of medicine interests you most?
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Medical School Interview Questions and Answers
1. What field of medicine interests you most?
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I have a strong interest in surgery. I can see myself succeeding as a general surgeon. But I could also see myself in many other fields as well.
2. How could you affect the health care system?
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I can contribute an excited and dedicated physician to the medical field. I believe that my genuine passion for medicine combined with my willingness to work hard will allow me to become an excellent physician not only in treating disease but building trusting relationships with my patients.
3. Is there a good deal of drug use at your school? Have you taken drugs?
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Yes, there is a good deal of drug use at my school. No, I have never taken drugs in my life, and I never will.
4. Tell us your opinion of this medical school's curriculum.
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I love the patient interaction from starting in the first year of medical school. I also like how difference aspects of medicine are incorporated into the systems-based curriculum.
I like the team and problem based learning and appreciate the pairings of student with advisor. I also like the integration of basic knowledge with clinical practice and education.
5. What do you do in your spare time?
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I do brazilian jiu jitsu, read, watch movies.
6. How do you feel about working with indigent patients?
7. Which family member has influenced your life so far and why?
8. What do you think is wrong with the current health care system in the US?
9. What steps have you taken to acquaint yourself with what a physician does?
10. What have you done that shows initiative? What did you gain from that experience? How were you most/least satisfied with that endeavor?
11. What do you do in your spare time?
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I like to stay active. I swim, run, lift weights. I also play intramural sports.
in my spare time im usually read interesting books, play piano. Or sometimes im walking around the park just want relax. Do some Maths/ English exercise.
Does reading on your spare time help you in school?
During my spare time in the weekend, I like to go to a badminton club and compete against my friends. This helps me keep fit and it helps me become a more confident person. I also enjoy reading at the library. I find it hard to read at home as I am surrounded by a noisy environment. Therefore, in order for me to concentrate while reading, I tend to go to the library and read peacefully
12. How are you a match for our medical school?
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I believe in your mission of exceptional patient care while incorporating all aspects of medicine in the learning process. I believe your school matches my theory of medicine as a healing by involving many different aspects of care.
I fullfill all the criterias needed by this college..Thats why I'm match for this medical school
13. What are your strengths?
14. What are the negative aspects of being a doctor?
15. If you want to help people, why not social work?
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Whilst social work is indeed a gratifying line of work I believe its more important for me to play to my strengths and pursue something that I think I would be better at. Medicine presents such an avenue as it allows me to combine my passion for helping people with my profound interest in science and anatomy.
Tell me about yourself.
Patient-doctor relationship is unique because doctor has full responsibility for patient's physical well-being. bond exists that is not possible in social work.
One of the reasons I am drawn to medicine is its intimate relation to science. Science is an area I am passionate about and will excel in, and I believe that it is through my knowledge of science and medicine that I will be able to help the most people in the best ways.
16. What will you do if you aren't accepted to medical school?
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If I am not accepted into medical school, I will further my education outside of school and re-apply the following semester. I do not give up on things that I truly want to do.
I will review my application to see where I can improve and talk with medical schools admissions so that I may be a stronger applicant for the next cycle. After I graduate with my masters in medical sciences, I will find a job where I will be able to apply my medical knowledge.
17. What is the single most exciting event in your life to date?
18. What impact do you want to have on the medical profession?
Best Answer
Best care provider for the uninsured.
19. What are your hobbies?
20. What makes you special?
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for me what makes me special is that i was born very independent not relying much to those people surrounding me and also i can make my own decision in life.
21. Where else are you applying?
22. What do you think about American primary health care delivery (i.e., status quo, total private systems, national health insurance)?
23. What field of medicine interests you most?
24. Tell me about yourself.
25. How do you view abortion?
Best Answer
I see it as a regretable but necessary medical practice. Often times the womas health could be at risk. Additionally, even if the woman is healthy, she may not be able to properly care for the child. I would go over the options with the patient, encourage against it, but in the end would perform it.
Life starts at conception. Therefore, any action taken against a human life, be it fetus, child or adult, is murder. I would advise my patient to think about it for a couple of weeks or a month. As physicians, we are consultants, we cannot decide for our patients. If after my advice and thinking about it, the patient still wants an abortion, I would refer her to another doctor who could better care for her needs.