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Applebee's Services makes sure that even far-flung suburbs can have a neighborhood bar. The company operates the largest casual-dining chain with about 2,000 of its signature Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar locations across the US and in almost 20 other countries. Its eateries are primarily freestanding units and sport interiors festooned with local memorabilia to give each location an indigenous feel. The menu features beef, chicken, and pork items, as well as burgers, pasta, and seafood...

Question #1: What are your two greatest weaknesses and how will they affect you as a Host and Hostess?
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Host and Hostess Interview Questions and Answers
1. What are your two greatest weaknesses and how will they affect you as a Host and Hostess?
2. Have you ever ate at the Applebees?
3. How many orders can you memorize at once?
4. What are your favorite restaurants?
5. What is your favorite dish from Applebees?
6. Are you willing to work overtime, nights, weekends?
7. Tell me about a time that frustrated you at your last restaurant?
8. Tell me about your last serving position.
9. Are you a reliable person? Explain.
10. You have one week to memorize our menu, can you do this?
11. When was the first time you ate at Applebees? What did you think of our restaurant?
12. Tell me about a time when you had terrible customer service at a restaurant. How did it make you feel?
13. What do you know about Applebees?
14. Why do you want a job at Applebees?
15. How long do you foresee yourself working at Applebees?
16. How many hours do you expect a week?
17. Off the top of your head pitch me a good marketing idea that you think would help increase business. For example the 2 for $20 entree deal.
18. How well can you get along with others?
19. Why do you think your a suitable candidate for this position?
20. Why do you wanna work at applebees?what are your strong points? what will you be able to bring to the team?
21. How do you deal with customer complaints?
22. What do you feel about our brand reputation?